Elder speaks to Veterans


The Veterans at the Library held their weekly meeting Monday, February 26, at 9 a.m. at Franklin Memorial Library. Following an outstanding breakfast of grits, breakfast casserole, doughnuts, orange juice and coffee, Chairman John Tapley opened a busy meeting which was attended by 47 members and guests. Mr. George Elder of the Emanuel Historic Society gave a presentation on polling percentages and voting procedures. Historically, the percentage of people voting in Emanuel County is very low and hopefully with the upcoming presidential race and other local races, the voter participation will increase. Chairman Tapley brought the group up to date regarding the upcoming Veterans Golf Tournament to be held at the Swainsboro Country Club on Saturday, May 18. The project is building up interest, and the veteran's group is now out selling hole sponsorships. You or your organization or business can purchase one from any of our veterans or from the Franklin Memorial Library. Tapley said that tournament shirts, golf bag towels and the trophy itself have all been ordered. The trophy is shown in the accompanying photo. As always, the Veterans group expresses its thanks to Shari Watt for the wonderful breakfast and for the continuing support of the Franklin Memorial Library.