ECSO Reports 7-27-22


According to the Emanuel County Sheriff’s Office…

July 18

Deputy met with complainant on Keith Screws Rd. in reference to an unwanted person. Contact was made with offender and he was issued a Criminal Trespass Warning at the request of c/p for all property associated with c/p’s address.

Deputy responded to Hwy 46 East in reference to a domestic dispute. Complainant advised she is renting a home from her aunt/offender and offender went into her home without permission. C/p stated offender got mad because of the condition of the inside of the home and an argument started. C/p advised that she told offender to get out several times and she refused and then advised that offender slapped her in the face as she was trying to walk out the house. C/p then stated that offender followed her outside and was trying to pull on her car door as the c/p was trying to leave. Deputy advised c/p of the eviction process and the process to seek through the courts in resolving the matter. Deputy then made contact with offender who denied any physical contact with c/p and advised that she did go into the house and was upset because of the conditions inside. Deputy then advised offender of the eviction process and advised her to stay away from c/p until they could solve the matter through the courts or civilly.

Deputy met with complainant in reference to a nuisance animal call on John Deer Rd. Animals in question are dogs that have been seen on property scattering trash form house garbage. Dogs are believed to belong to someone on JM Spearman Rd. C/p was advised that an attempt to contact the dog owner would be made.

Deputy responded to Red Roof in reference to a report of illegal dumping. Contact was made with the cashier who stated she confronted an unknown female subject illegally dumping her household garbage in the store trash can. Cashier advised that she told the subject that the public trash site was located on Old Kenfield Rd. and she was not permitted to dump her garbage in the store trash can. The female subject advised the cashier that she did not know where the public trash site was and she would continue to us the store trash can because it was easier for her to use, then threatened to do physical bodily harm to the cashier. Cashier advised that she took a picture of the license plate and produced the said picture. Deputy ran the tag number through GCIC and learned the vehicle came back to Serenity Hospice out of Dublin.

July 19

Deputy responded to Hawhammock Church Rd. in reference to an alarm.

Deputy responded to Canary Ln. in reference to a residential alarm. Everything appeared to be secure.

911 called about several 911 hand-up calls coming from Glenwood Rd. Upon arrival, deputy found several children were present in the home. Deputy talked to the victim who was looking after the children and he said he would take care of the problem.

July 20

Deputies responded to Waller Wood Cir. in reference to a domestic dispute. Upon arrival, complainants had already separated. C/p’s are married and advised they were arguing over finances and the argument was verbal until they pushed each other. Neither party wanted to press charges and were separating for the night until the situation calmed down.

Deputies responded to Egret Pl. in reference to a burglary. Deputy met with complainant who advised she went to her cabin and realized someone had broken in. C/p stated she noticed a window screen laying in the yard and a window had been broken to gain access. C/p also noticed pry marks on the front door. Offenders went through all her drawers and took a boom box and a trail camera. C/p noticed a broken window but had two windows unlocked in the cabin and noticed offenders urinated in her toilet and wasn’t flushed due to the water being turned off because they were away for a while.

Deputy was dispatched to Wendy’s in reference to a vehicle unlock. Vehicle was unlocked without incident or damages.

Complainant stated she had been moving her stuff from the residence on Cowford Bridge Rd. and when she went back to get more stuff, her TV was missing and believes the witness took it. Witness stated she wasn’t going to let c/p get any of her other property because she owed her one and a half months rent. Deputy explained to witness that she could not hold c/p’s property and that she would have to take a civil suit against c/p to get her money.

Deputy was dispatched to Old Swainsboro Rd. in reference to a vehicle unlock. Vehicle was unlocked without incident or damages.

Complainant stated she rents a house on Lindsey Rd. her two brothers stay with her, and they were supposed to split the cost for rent ana utilities. They all got into an argument about paying the bills because the lights got turned off. C/p wanted the two offenders out of the house and was advised of the eviction process.

Deputy was dispatched to Parris Pond Rd. in Twin City in reference to an attempted burglary. Complainant stated someone tried to enter his out building by prying open the door, but was unsuccessful. Nothing was taken at this point but c/p wanted to make a report.

July 21

Deputy was dispatched to Gumlog Rd. in reference to a vehicle unlock. Vehicle was unlocked without incident or damages.

Deputies were dispatched to Quick Rd. in reference to a call of a suspicious vehicle. Vehicle was located on Mt. Shady church Rd. and the driver was subsequently arrested.

Deputies were dispatched to Griffin Ferry Rd. for a single vehicle accident. GSP was requested and arrived for accident investigation. Driver and occupant were transported by EMS to Meadows Regional in Vidalia for injuries. Vehicle was removed by a towing company at owner’s request.

Deputy was dispatched to Hwy 57 West to meet with complainant in reference to a traffic related incident.

July 22

Deputies, along with Nunez Fire Dept., were dispatched to Nunez-Lexsy Rd. in reference to a fire behind the residence. Fire was observed to be contained in a burn barrel. Contact was made with the homeowner who was aware of the fire and keeping it under control.

Deputies responded to Keith Screws Rd. in reference to offender entering the property. On July 18, offender was told by complainant that he was not welcome on his property and was never to return, and if he ever went back on his property, he would be arrested for trespassing, being witnessed by a deputy. Investigators located offender walking on Keith Screws Rd. a short distance from c/p’s property. At the time deputies located offender, it was obvious he was under the influence of a controlled substance. Offender’s speech was slurring, and as he spoke, he jumped from topic to topic and was not making sense. Offender spoke of past events as if they had just happened. Offender stated he was looking for a gold chain that was taken from him ad was lost on the road somewhere but he could not tell deputies when it was lost. Offender admitted he walked to c/p’s house where he spoke with witness, c/p’s daughter. Offender also admitted he was told by witness to leave the property and that she did not want anything to do with him. Offender’s vehicle was parked appx. 20 yards from where deputies located him. It was partly parked on Keith Screws Rd. and on private property. The land owner advised deputies that offender parked in two different locations, that last being on his land. The land owner watched offender go to c/p’s property. A check on the license plate revealed that it was invalid and the vehicle had no insurance. Offender was placed under arrest for Criminal Trespass and due to his condition, his history of drug abuse, SPD K-9 unit was requested to conduct an open-air search for any indication of contraband. K-9 made a positive alert around the driver’s door and when the K-9 officer told offender, he stated that there had been drugs in the truck but there was nothing left because he used them all. Offender gave Dets. Permission to search the vehicle. A search was made and not contraband was found, and the vehicle was towed. Invs. requested offender be transported to EmCo Det. Ctr. on charges of Criminal Trespass and Impeding the flow of traffic. Deputy attempted to place offender in the rear of his patrol unit at which time he became irate and uncooperative. Assistance was requested and offender was placed in the rear of the patrol unit.

911 dispatched a call to Cowford Bridge Rd. in reference to a burglary. Officers spoke with victim who stated she believes her ex-room mates who still have a key to her house, went in and took items. There was no sign of forced entry to the residence and victim was advised to change the locks.

Complainant stated she and offender work at Crider’s and offender keeps harassing her at work. Offender talks bad about the victim to other workers and keeps going to HR and making complaints about victim. Victim stated HR finds out the complaints are unfounded and her supervisor advised her to make a report about harassment.

Deputy assisted GSP with a call about a suspicious person on Hwy 1 South close to I16. Upon deputy’s arrival, trooper was talking with offender who was acting strange and would not tell his name and did not have an ID on him. Offender kept saying that the trooper was going to shoot him and asked if he could have a beer before he was shot. Offender kept getting down on his knees and laying on the ground, and walked into traffic a couple of times. Deputy took offender into custody and transported him to EmCo Jail and charged him with Disorderly Conduct.

Deputy responded to Kemp Rd. to a call regarding threats being made to an individual. Complainant stated offender sent threatening texts to her daughter stating he was going to go to their residence with a gun. C/p stated she and offender have been having ongoing disputes for a while now. The two have two children together and c/p has custody of both. C/p stated offender was not allowed at her residence out of fear that he will be violent towards all of them.

July 23

Complainant stated he keeps having problems with his neighbor’s dogs going on his property and killing his chickens. C/p had two stray puppies to show up at his house and asked deputy what to do with them and he told him to call Animal Control to see if they could pick them up. C/p also stated the bank foreclosed on the property and someone moved into it and called the bank about them living there.

Victim stated someone stole her chihuahua dog on Bowen Dr. Victim stated someone keeps tearing down her No Trespassing signs, and she heard a car door slam one night in front of her house and that her landlord gave her a number to someone that night know something about her stolen dog. Victim called the number and they cussed her out. Victim stated her son was killed in 2020 in Vidalia and it was still an open case and she’s not sure if her son’s murderer has anything to do with this.

July 24

Deputies were dispatched to Almond Rd. in reference to a stolen ATV.

Deputy took a report regarding an incident with a vehicle. Complainant stated the truck received damage after it was partly submerged and got stuck.

Deputies were dispatched to Oak Island in reference to a suspicious person. Offender was described and stated he left walking towards Longbay Dr. Caller advised the male was seen at the front door bent over as if her was attempting to gain entry to the business. Deputies checked the building and found it secure with not noted signs of tamper or forced entry. Deputies also rode the area but did not make locate any persons walking the area that matched the given description.