ECSO Reports 6-15-2022


According to the Emanuel County Sheriff’s Office…

June 6

Deputy responded to a call on McKenzie Dr. regarding a suspicious person. Deputy made contact with suspect who stated he was staying with complainants for the past two weeks until this incident when they hit him multiple times and kicked him out, and does not know why Suspect was placed in the back of deputy’s patrol unit and drove across the road to the resident where suspect had been staying for further investigation.

Deputy met with complainant at ECSO where she stated her debit card had been used at an ATM in Davenport, FL and Orlando, FL. C/p stated these transactions had video footage of a guy using her card and withdrawing money. C/p stated she went on vacation to FL but only used her debit card one time at a gas pump against her better judgement. At the time the withdrawals happened, c/p was at the Dollar Tree using her card. The bank stated the card would not be duplicated because it has a chip. Suspect made two different withdrawals for $500 each.

Deputy met with complainant at ECSO where she stated an order was placed through her WalMart app for motorcycle headsets and did not place the order. The order totaled $513 and when c/p talked to WalMart, they stated they couldn’t do anything because the order was already completed and was through Marketplace. The order arrived at c/p’s residence a week later in a small envelope containing a blank sheet of paper. The scammer was from Brooklyn, NY.

Deputy met with complainant on Canoochee Rd. in reference to criminal trespass. Both parties share a property line in close proximity to each other. This has been an ongoing issue, as well as comments made by offender to c/p that are harassing and threatening. Offender was GOA.

Deputy met with complainant at ECSO where he stated the dealership sent his original tag to the wrong address and he never received it.

June 7

Deputy was dispatched to Alton Lawson Rd. in reference to a tractor going into his yard and hitting a vehicle. Deputy witnessed the vehicle had been destroyed and pushed up into the woods. Deputy spoke with c/p who stated he had just exited the vehicle and was standing in his yard when the tractor pulled up and rammed his vehicle with hay forks that was on the front-end loader. C/p stated the tractor backed up and rammed his vehicle again, pushing it into the woods and destroying it. C/p identified the offender as the driver of the tractor because he was familiar with offender. C/p stated the offender then backed out of the yard and left. While deputy was on scene, the witness, which is offender’s brother, pulled up and stated offender has mental problems for about 2 weeks, and that he had made it back home and his father was at the house with him. Deputy followed witness to offender’s residence and walked inside where offender’s father was talking to him. Witness stated offender had been having some mental issues so they took his truck from him but didn’t think to take the keys out of the tractors. Witness stated they had been looking for offender and he found out that offender had taken the tractor around 11:52pm. Witness said offender had just got home and parked the tractor under the shelter. Offender was placed under arrest for criminal damage to property 2nd degree and transported to EmCo Jail. Inv. was contacted and headed to the incident location to process the scene. Witness stated they tried to contact offender’s probation officer but was unable to make contact with anyone.

Deputy took a report regarding a truck being damaged in the owner’s yard. Deputy met with complainant who stated his truck began to not run properly and he had to pull over because the motor was overheated and had no oil pressure. C/p stated he inspected the truck and could smell def fluid coming from the gas tank. C/p stated that around 1am the night prior, his dogs started barking as if someone was outside in his yard where his truck was located. C/p stated he could hear cars speeding by during the night but can’t identify them.

Deputy took a report regarding trash being thrown in someone’s yard on Lindsey Rd. Deputy met with complainant who stated her yard was completely clean before the trash was thrown in her yard.

Deputy took a report regarding an unwanted person. Deputy met with complainant on Leman Rd. who stated offender has constantly been in her yard harassing her. C/p showed footage from the cameras around the outside of the house showing offender on her carport trying to open the door and turning the doorknob, as well as the keypad on the door to her home. C/p described offender’s truck and neighbors have regularly seen it in her yard and tire tracks could be seen where he was driving all over her property. C/p has constantly told offender he is not welcome on her property and to leave.

Deputy took a report regarding threats being made over text messages and social media. C/p stated she started receiving the messages on 5/17 and has made multiple attempts to end communication with offender by blocking her but is still receiving threats from different social media accounts. C/p received a message from offender on Snapchat on 6/7 saying she would kill her if she did not leave her man alone and to stop texting him.

Deputy responded to Lewis Rd. in reference to an unwanted person. While enroute, 911 advised deputy that complainant pulled a gun on offender in order to get him to leave but offender refused. Deputy made contact with offender who appeared to be suffering from a medical condition due to his involuntary body movements. Offender advised that he suffered from Parkinson’s Disease, and was sweating profusely from being out in the heat. Offender was transported to EMC for treatment for possible heat exhaustion.

Deputy assisted EMS and SPD with a lift assist for offender. Offender overdosed on suspected heroine and was treated with Narcan and brought back by EMS and transported to EMC for further medical treatment.

911 dispatched a call to go to SPD in reference to a domestic that occurred on Brinson Cemetery Rd. Deputy spoke with victim who had visible signs about the altercation that victim stated her husband caused. Victim stated an argument started over a phone and what was on the phone that belonged to her. Victim stated her husband is very seldom home and when she asked for her phone back, offender refused and told her to take him to town before he kills her. Victim refused to take offender to town and he began beating her in the head and face.

June 8

Deputies assisted Dellwood Fire Dept. and Ga Forestry with a woodland fire. Fire appeared to be arson.

Deputy was dispatched to Family Dollar in reference to a vehicle unlock. Vehicle was unlocked without incident or damages.

Deputy met with complainant who stated she went to Albany on 5/29 and stayed at Kingston Inn and they swiped her card twice for two rooms. C/p stated that ever since the trip, she has been getting fraudulent charges through her bank account. C/p stated $84 was taken out on 6/3 through Photo Enforcement and $177.99 to AT&T.

Complainant stated he was previously employed at Handi-House and worked 8-hour shifts for four days and they are refusing to pay him his owed wages. C/p stated he interviewed and they hired him on the spot and instructed him to go ahead and start work that same day and they would manually keep up with his time. C/p had not been issued a time-card to clock in and out. C/p met with the office representative who stated they don’t have any record of his time worked.

June 9

Deputies were dispatched to Hugh Johnson Circle in reference to a burglary report.

Deputies patrolling the area of Hwy 80 East discovered a vehicle blacked out. Upon making contact, offender was trying to leave and was stopped and identified. Offender advised she was only throwing some items away and had various bags in her back seat. Deputies noticed a wooden chair next to the trash can that offender was parked in front of and several items on the outside. Deputies will advise Code Enforcement of the incident to look further into it.

Deputy responded to Sumner Rd. in Adrian regarding threats made by offender. Complainant stated offender threatened to go to his house and fight him over a dispute regarding c/p’s daughter. C/p stated his daughter has been homeless for about a month and he was letting her stay at his house and informed offender that he was not welcome on his property and that he could pick his daughter up somewhere other than his house. Another c/p stated about two months ago, offender was in the yard with a pistol in the air and threatened to kill him. Other c/p stated that his daughter and offender have threatened to take their own lives.

Deputy responded to Womack Rd. in reference to a nuisance animal call reported through ECSO. The animal was described as a large domestic farm hog. The animal was reported to have caused damage to private property that included damage to a chicken coop. The animal was determined to belong to a person on Mt. Olivet Church Rd. Contact was attempted with owner but no contact was made.

Deputy responded to Ed Youmans Rd. regarding stolen property. Complainant stated she noticed that the welder in the house was gone and after speaking with her husband, she determined it had been stolen. There were no signs of forced entry into the house.

Items were reported missing from a carport on Wadley-Coleman Lake Rd. No signs of disturbance were discovered on scene.

June 10

Deputies responded to Kenneth Dr. in reference to a domestic dispute over a firearm. Upon arrival, offender advised that he was moving out and the complainant would not give him his firearm. Both parties were arguing over the firearm that was bought as a gift for c/p, but was never registered in her name, and also over an iPhone and apple watch. C/p then gave the firearm to offender and both parties were advised of the process to seek in resolving the other. Offender then left the residence and c/p then stated that offender hit her in the side of the head prior to deputy’s arrival. Deputies did not see any visible marks and she denied EMS.

911 dispatched a call to Old Metter Rd. in reference to a theft. Deputy spoke with victim who stated someone went her locked cabinet and took $4000 in cash she had in individual envelopes, 2 jars of change worth about $200, assorted jewelry of rings, necklaces, pearls, and a bracelet, all 18K, and diamonds in individual boxes. Victim stated she believes her nephew had taken the items because he knew where the key was hidden. Inv. was notified and arrived on scene and spoke with victim. After leaving the scene, suspects mother called 911 and stated she found some of the jewelry in the trash can and took the them to the victim to ask if they belonged to her, at which point she stated they did. Inv. and deputy went back to victim’s house to confirm if the items found were hers and she stated that they were. Inv. and deputy went to suspect’s house and talked with the mother and suspect, at which point the suspect admitted to taking the items. Juvenile complaint was done and turned over to DJJ.

June 11

Deputies were dispatched to Lambs Bridge Rd. in reference to a broken-down vehicle. Deputy observed the vehicle unoccupied and both offenders were standing across the street. One offender stated the vehicle cut off and would not start. When asked if either offender was driving, they both stated no. Deputy then observed an open been can still cold to the touch sitting on a cooler in the flatbed. Deputy then asked offenders if they drank any alcoholic beverages. Both smelled like alcohol and both appeared intoxicated. Deputies then observed and retrieved 9 empty beer cans, the same kind that was on the cooler, with condensation on them and still cold to the touch on the ground where offenders were standing. Both offenders were arrested for public drunk and littering and transported to EmCo Jail.

Deputies, along with EMS, responded to Summit Ave. in reference to an elderly male found unresponsive. Scene was turned over to the Coroner. Cause of death was determined to be natural causes.

Deputy took a report regarding threats made by a caller to obtain money. Complainant stated he received a call from an individual who stated she was from Statesboro and stated that unless she got $150 on a prepaid card, it would not be good for him. C/p stated he does not know an individual by that name and stated that last year, his identity was stolen and used to obtain a credit card in Miami-Dade, FL.

Deputy took a report regarding someone trespassing on Nunez-Lexsy Rd. Complainant stated an unknown male went onto her property and knocked on her camper door C/p stated her and her in-laws have been having issues between one another and that the man was sent over to harass her.

Deputy responded to a motorcycle on fire next to the gas pumps in Twin City. When deputy arrived, the fire had been extinguished and the motorcycle was moved away from the pumps. Victim stated that after the motorcycle had been filled up, her husband tried to start it but it stalled out and when he attempted to restart it, it caught on fire immediately. Victim stated her husband ran inside to inform the attendant to shut off the pumps and grabbed a fire extinguisher and ran out to put it out. Victim’s leg was burned in the process and EMS was dispatched but it was determined that transport was not necessary. No major injuries were reported.