ECSO Reports 5-11-22


According to the Emanuel County Sheriff’s Office…

May 2

Deputy checked a vehicle running 109 MPH in a 65 MPH zone, at which time he activated his blue lights. The vehicle changed lanes and turned onto Wadley Coleman Lake Rd. and accelerated. Deputy then activated his siren and called 911 dispatch to inform them that he was trying to catch up. Deputy saw the vehicle accelerate harder so he called out a 10-80. The vehicle was in excess of 100 MPH on Wadley Coleman Lake Rd. and attempted to negotiate the curve at Cross and Green Community and lost control, running off the road and striking a stop sign, tearing his rear bumper off. Vehicle then crossed the roadway and continued in the grass and came back onto Cross and Green Rd. Deputy pulled his vehicle in front of the fleeing vehicle to block the escape route and the vehicle pulled up to the patrol vehicle and almost struck it. Due to the reckless driving the driver was doing, deputy chose to stop the chase by shooting out the front driver tire. The driver and passenger both raised their hands and the driver was removed from the vehicle and handcuffed. The passenger was then removed and handcuffed. Deputy called 911 and advised he was 10-95. Deputy transported the driver to the jail and spotted a gun in the roadway on Wadley Coleman Lake Rd. and called for an investigator to go to his location and take custody of the weapon. Upon arriving at the jail, the driver was searched and drugs were found in his crouch area and turned over to Investigator.

Deputy observed a vehicle with a headlight out, at which time he initiated a traffic stop. The driver was informed of why she was being stopped and asked for her license. Deputy then returned to his unit where he verified the driver and vehicle and found the driver was wanted out of Rockdale Co. Deputy exited his vehicle and asked the driver to step out. The driver was detained and advised she had a warrant for her arrest. EmCo Jail was asked to verify the warrant and was informed that they wanted to place a hold. Vehicle was turned over to a licensed driver of offender’s choice and she was taken to EmCo Jail to wait for pick up.

Deputies responded to I16 for a semi-tire on fire. It was later advised that the semi was fully engulfed and EMS was requested. It was found that EMS was not needed due to all persons being out of the vehicle. Fire Dept. arrived and assessed the situation.

Deputy responded to LB Hall Rd. for a suspicious person call. Deputy made contact with complainant who stated that a late 40s – early 50s male rang his door bell and began banging on the door. C/p stated he went to retrieve personal firearm and when he went back, the male was gone. Other residents in the area searched prior to deputy’s arrival and were unable to locate anyone. Deputy informed c/p to call back if subject returned. Deputy searched the area after leaving and was unable to locate the described subject.

Deputies responded to 5th Ave. in Stillmore in reference to a domestic in progress. Upon arrival, complainant advised that she and her boyfriend/offender were arguing at their residence on Nunez Lexsy Rd. and she left and went to her daughter’s residence on 5th Ave. C/p and victim then stated that offender went to the daughter’s residence and continued arguing outside after being told several times to leave. C/p and victim stated offender threatened to burn the house down with her in it if she didn’t come back home. C/p stated that one the offender found out that law enforcement was on the way, he left. C/p also stated she has had several domestic disputes with offender and law enforcement has done nothing. C/p then stated that offender has guns in their home and he is a convicted felon. Deputy went to c/p’s residence and made contact with offender who advised that the two were arguing like normal” and that he did go to the daughter’s house and the argument continued, so he left and went back home.

May 3

Deputy met with complainant on Old Garfield Rd. in reference to a complainant concerning a phone call that was received by c/p. C/p stated he was contacted by a male subject who was reluctant to provide a name or organization but eventually identified himself as Sean Wilson with Location Services. C/p further stated that the called asked if a female subject by the name of Breanna was at the residence, which was unfamiliar to c/p. C/p also sated the caller was adamant about Breanna and stated that he was on the way to c/p’s house to verify she wasn’t there. C/p was concerned due to the fact that the caller knew his address and full name. C/p also stated that the caller addressed him directly by name and insisted to verify his residence.

Deputy met with complainant at ECSO and stated someone took his tag off his trailer.

Deputies were dispatched to Red Roof in reference to a possible stolen trailer being at the location. Complainant advised the trailer to be pulled by a described vehicle and the driver and company are not authorized to be pulling the trailer and Landstar has been attempting to recover it. Contact was made with the driver/suspect who stated he had been pulling the trailer for an extended period of time and his company did have permission to use it. Suspect further advised of an issue on the initial drop-off location for the trailer, causing him to remain attached to it. Deputy and suspect put complainant and suspect’s employer in contact with each other. It was determined that suspect’s company was to unload the trailer and leave it at the location for Landstar to retrieve it. Trailer was not in NCIC as stolen. Suspect and his employer were advised that the trailer would be reported as stolen if not left for retrieval. 

May 4

Deputy responded to Hwy 56 North in reference to damage to the overhead traffic signal. Contact was made with complainant who advised the traffic light was shot with a shotgun and he found the shell in the roadway. Upon further inspection, there were numerous holes that resulted in damage to the wire. As a result of the shotgun blast, the entire signal and wires need to be replaced.

Deputy met with complainant in the ECSO in reference to someone from The Publisher’s Clearing House calling and telling him that he won money. C/p gave the person his social security number and the guy wanted his bank info, so he gave it to him. After c/p did this, he realized he was probably scammed and canceled his card.

Deputy met with complainant at the ECSO where she stated she received a notice on her bank statement where an old check of hers was used to pay First Franklin. C/p asked First Franklin for help and they wouldn’t help her. The amount was $173.90.

Deputy was dispatched to Hwy 57 East for a domestic dispute. Upon arrival, complainant stated offender keeps returning to his residence after he tells her not to come back and he asked her to leave and she started arguing with him and trying to hit him. Offender was gone upon arrival and c/p didn’t have any marks on him. C/p stated he was finished with her this time and wanted her to stay away from his residence. C /p was informed of the TPO process.

May 5

Deputy was dispatched to Tiger Trail and met with complainant and offender. They were arguing over the vehicle that c/p had been driving and offender was trying to take the car from his wife because they separated. Deputy informed offender that he could not take the car even though it was in his name and that they would have to go to court and let the Judge decide who gets it, but deputy could not determine who can take what due to them still being married and their property is shared. Offender was persistent and had a key to the car and jumped inside it and stated that a SPD officer told him he could get it, then drove off.

Deputy was dispatched to Lewis St. in reference to a physical altercation that took place at the Bradford Inn. Witness stated that while they were there, complainant/victim walked in on a male offender in the bathroom with a needle in his arm, at which time a female offender asked what c//p was doing in there and began to hit her. C/p also stated the male offender pushed her as well because they were mad because she walked in on them doing drugs. Deputy called 911 and requested that SPD assist and make contact with both offenders. SPD made contact with offenders and two individuals had warrants and were placed under arrest. SPD obtained a search warrant and found some controlled substances. The male offender was arrested for possession of controlled substance due to the room being in his name.

Complainant called and wanted a deputy to do a welfare check on victim who is c/p’s mother. Deputy was able to make contact with victim and she was ok.

Deputies were dispatched to Glen Wood Rd. Complainant stated she returned home and noticed her vehicle had been vandalized by an unknown person. The vehicle had multiple deep scratches and four flat tires.

Deputy responded to JM Spearman Rd. in reference to an individual advising she was being blackmailed. C/p advised she began receiving messages from an individual the day prior stating that she needed to do something for offender or offender would expose her sexually explicit videos to Facebook, as offender stated c/p sent the videos to her man. C/p was able to show messages from a random number and offender’s name. C/p advised she did not know the offender. C/p also showed deputy where she received a screen shot of the videos in what appeared to be a Facebook post, however she advised she was not able to locate them on Facebook.

Deputy was dispatched to Kemp Rd. in reference to an unknown subject being seen on a security camera. Upon arrival, deputy spoke with complainant who stated that on three different occasions over the last week, he had seen the unknown person in his yard during daylight hours. C/p stated the person always had a mask on and long sleeves so he was unable to tell the race or gender. Deputy asked to see the video and was unable to retrieve it. There were also no signs of forcible entry on the residence or buildings.

May 6

Deputy responded to SPD and spoke with complainant who stated he owed a man some money and could not pay all of it back, and stated the man had some of his “dope boys” harassing him. Deputy was able to make contact with c/p’s daughter who stated this was not true and she advised he was supposed to be staying on Williams St. but had been living on the streets and sleeping on benches. 

Deputy observed a vehicle traveling 72 MPH on Hwy 56, at which time he made a traffic stop. Deputy made contact with the driver and asked for her license. Upon running the license, it was discovered she was wanted by EmCo for bad checks. Suspect was transported to EmCo Jail. Vehicle was left at the scene per her request, along with a male subject that had no license. 

Deputy was dispatched to Red Oak Rd. in reference to a welfare check. Request was made by complainant who had been unable to make contact with witness. Deputy made contact with witness who advised she was fine and had lost her cell hone the previous day. Contact was made with c/p via cell phone and advised of the findings.

May 7

Deputy responded to Hwy 192 in reference to criminal trespass.

Offender was located on Stingray Rd. and taken into custody for an outstanding warrant and transported to EmCo Jail without incident.

Deputies responded to Canoochee Rd. in reference to assisting with recovering a possible missing item. Complainant advised that her daughter had been at the high school and recreation department the day before and lost her Apple watch. C/p called deputies when she used a tracker for the device on her phone, which was pinging at the location. C/p stated the ringer was shut off and it showed that it was connected to the internet around 11 p.m. the night before at the location. Deputies then made contact with several occupants at the location and they all denied any knowledge about the watch. One of the residences did mention that one of the tenants works at the Rec. Dept. but when they called him, he denied any knowledge. C/p left her contact info with tenants in case the watch was located later. 

Deputies responded to Beaver Creek Rd. in reference to two horses o the roadway. Deputy met with the owners who were in the process of catching them and assisted with traffic control until the horses were able to be secured back on the owner’s property with no incident. 

Deputies responded to Hwy 192 for a suspicious vehicle. Upon arrival, deputy located the vehicle which had a drive-out tag on it and was able to get the VIN. The VIN came back with a transferred tag and no insurance; therefore deputy requested a wrecker. Residents at the location stated they saw the vehicle before but did not know who it belonged to. The vehicle was left unlocked with no keys. 

May 8

Deputies responded to Fairground Rd. in reference to a couple fighting outside. A concerned citizen/caller flagged deputies down and advised the couple went inside a mobile home. Deputies then made contact with offenders and they advised they were arguing and both admitted to shoving each other but no marks were seen and they didn’t want to pursue charges. Male offender gave deputy a name and DOB that came back to a different person. Deputy asked the male offender for his info again and he gave false info again. Male offender was detained until he could be verified and once verified, it was discovered that he had an outstanding warrant from a neighboring county and he them admitted that he gave the wrong name. Male offender was taken into custody and charged for obstructing law enforcement and his warrant. 

Deputy responded to N Main St. for a tractor trailer blocking the roadway. Deputy observed the semi and trailer to be across all lanes ad it was observed that the driver/offender had not picked the landing gear on the trailer, causing the semi to not be able to detach and the trailer stuck. One of the legs of the trailer was bent and could not be moved. When attempting to speak with offender about what his intentions were, he ignored deputy. Deputy informed him that he would be calling a wrecker, and he then spoke and stated a wrecker couldn’t’ help. A bystander was able to pull the semi off the trailer. Deputy again asked offender how he was going to get the trailer out of the roadway and he stated he was trying to get ahold of a welder to fix the leg. Deputy informed offender that since the trailer was still in the roadway that he could not wait for a welder, so a wrecker was called and was able to get the trailer backed out of the roadway and back on to offender’s property.

Deputies responded to Club Rolex in Oak Park in reference to shots being fired. At the time of the incident, appx. 1,000 or more people were in attendance, some of which were in the parking lot and surrounding areas. The parking lot was difficult to enter and navigate due to a high volume of parked vehicles and pedestrian foot traffic. Once a crowd control measure was established, deputies determined that all of the vehicles in question had been damaged by gunfire. The vehicles were parked behind the truck stop and other property with damages was a diesel pump station and a metal building. Upon further investigation, several expended shell casings were discovered that consisted of a 40 cal and 9 mm. Cameras positioned from the truck stop provide an over view to the incident location. Other damages were discovered later in the day and reported to day shift workers. In reference to the vehicle bearing a GA display, contact was made with the owner who stated she loaned the vehicle to a friend and would later discover the damage after it had been returned. One expended 9 mm shell casing was found on the driver side floor board.