ECSO Reports 10-26-2022


According to the Emanuel County Sheriff’s Office…

October 17

Deputy met with complainant at ECSO in reference to a lost tag. C/p stated he was traveling onI-95 when the tag became detached from the truck. C/p is unsure where tag came off, but believes he was still in Georgia when it happened. C/p stated that a report is needed for replacement.

Deputies were dispatched to Findley Cemetery Road in reference to a domestic dispute. Call was advised to have been transferred from Toombs County. Upon arrival, c/p stated offender attacked her, grabbing her throat and choking her. C/p said offender fled into a nearby wooded area and deputies could not find any markings on c/p’s neck or throat. C/p was checked by EMS and transported to Vidalia for complaints of neck pain. Offender was not located.

Deputies responded to Ehrlich Farm Rd/ Hawhammock Church Rd in reference to a Ford truck and car in the roadway with several people trying to fight. Upon arrival no vehicles were found and no further complaints.

Deputies responded to Quick Rd for a domestic dispute. Upon arrival c/p advised that she was arguing with her boyfriend/suspect and he had taken her phone and car keys. Suspect stated that c/p was breaking up with him and he returned her property and she voluntarily left. Both parties were advised of the process to seek thru Magistrate court if they could not be civil on any property.

While responding to Sunset Dr. in reference to an investigation involving narcotics, a vehicle was parked in the roadway blocking one lane of travel. There was a white male driver and a female passenger and deputies activated blue lights behind them. After checking, deputies found both parties licenses to be suspended and consent was given to search the vehicle. Both parties were detained during the search, where they found a zip lock bag containing a lot of smaller clear bags, set of scales, and a clear bag tied in a knot at the top containing a powder substance. This powder was identified as methamphetamine. Both parties were placed under arrest.

Deputies responded to Lambs Bridge Rd in reference to a suspicious person. C/p advised that she saw someone with a flashlight going in and out of the church next door and offender had possibly left on a bicycle towards town. Upon arrival deputies discovered a door that was cracked open to the rear kitchen building. No signs of forced entry or vandalism were found. Deputies then checked the church and all the doors and windows were secure. Deputies then made contact with c/p and she advised that she saw someone in the church, then saw them going by the front of her house with a light. Deputies rode the area but found nothing.

Deputy met with complainant in reference to harassment form offender. C/p stated she has custody of offender’s children and she has been continually harassed by offender to sign custody over to him. C/p was advised of TPO/Stalking Order and referred to EmCo Courts.

October 18

Deputies assisted PD on serving multiple warrants for offender after his vehicle was seen on property on Longview Rd. Offenders mother allowed PD to search the residence for the offender and they discovered an access hole to the attic that has signs to have been opened recently. Offender refused to come down until his legs broke down through two different holes in the ceiling. Offender was arrested.

Offender was located at a residence on Maple Ave and taken into custody for an outstanding warrant. Offender was transported to Emanuel County Jail with no incident.

Deputy was conducting traffic enforcement and saw a vehicle fail to stop at a stop sign. Upon contact officer asked for license, where driver provided him a class MP (motorcycle) license. Driver did not have any other type of license. Passenger of the vehicle had a valid license, but the driver was arrested and vehicle was turned over to the passenger (owner). Driver was transported to Emanuel County Jail.

Deputies responded to Bell St in reference to EMS requesting deputies for an irate person on the scene. During response, EMS went to hospital and did not need assistance anymore. Minutes later c/p called and stated that the offender had threatened him and needed law enforcement. Upon arrival both parties were present and c/p wanted offender (step son) removed from the property. Offender voluntarily left the residence without giving and identification, c/p did not know offender’s legal name.

Deputy went to Maple Ave. to serve a warrant on suspect and talked with complainant after suspect was in custody and she stated the suspect has been threatening her and telling her if she called the cops or told deputies that he was in her house, he would kill her.

Inv. was requested to assist GSP on a traffic stop on Maple Ave. that suspected meth and marijuana had been located.

October 19

Deputies responded to Halls Bridge Rd. in reference to a possible overdose of prescription drugs. Deputies met with complainant/offender’s brothe3, who stated offender is a drug addict and had possibly overdosed on Xanax. /p state offender has numerous health issues due to past drug use and is believed to have abused taken all of them in three days that was just filled two days prior. Offender was turned over to EMS for treatment.

Offender attempted to conceal 15 pills in an unmarked pill bottle inside his pants after entering EmCo Jail. Pills were identified as Alprazolam, a schedule 4 controlled substance.

October 20

Complainant stated he hit a deer on Bus. 1 South, causing extensive damage.

Complainant stated he hit a deer on Hwy 1 South, causing extensive damage to his vehicle.

October 21

Deputies were dispatched to Marlynn Dr. in reference to an unwanted person. C/p advised offender was told to be home at 11 p.m. and did not return at that time and when he arrived during the night/morning, he began knocking on doors and windows of the residence. C/p stated when the door was answered, offender would run off. Offender was not located at the time of the complaint.

Complainant stated on the previous night, she and victim believe that suspect was on victim’s property and beat her dog so bad that they were having to take him to the vet. C/p stated offender has been told several times to stay off the property but continues to go on it. C/p stated they believe he frequently goes on the property at night and has taken their dog on a previous occasion.

Deputies were dispatched to Dellwood Main St. dumpster site in reference to a male subject holding a rake, not allowing people to dump trash. Deputy made contact with offender who was observed to be under the influence of narcotics, stating he had used the previous day. Offender consented to a search of his person and belongings which yielded no illegal substances or paraphernalia. Offender was advised to avoid further conflict with residents of the area. Offender was instructed to leave the dumpsite, which he did.

ECSO got a call about a car in the ditch on Canoochee Rd. Upon arrival, deputy checked the car and didn’t find anyone around at first. Deputy called out several times but didn’t get any response. Swainsboro FD arrived and deputy and firefighter started to look more to see if they could find the driver and the firefighter saw something on the bridge so they went to look and found the driver sitting on the railing with her feet dangling over the water. Deputies were able to get subject off the bridge and patted her down to find a pistol, machete, and knife on her person. Deputies and EMS checked the victim out and found nothing wrong with her so she was given her belongings and she left in her car.

Complainant called and advised she received a voicemail from a Sgt. with ECSO, then realized it was a scammer.

October 22

Deputies responded to Grande Creek Rd. in reference to a dispute between brothers. Upon arrival, they were separated and suspect advised that complainant was drunk and fell. Suspect stated c/p fired a shotgun towards him and he was leaving the property and later left with another family member. C/p came out and had a few cuts and scrapes on his head and advised that he was arguing with his brother and wanted him to leave his house. C// stated the brother had been living with him for a few weeks and he did admit to discharging a firearm. Deputy advised of the process to seek through Magistrate Court for charges or eviction.

Deputies were dispatched to Smith Dr. in reference to loud noise. The noise was determined to be music coming from a wedding party. Subjects were asked to turn the music down.

Deputy was dispatched to Jay’s Place for a burglar alarm. No one was home and all doors and windows were secure.

Deputies were dispatched to S&S Collision in reference to a civil issue. Complainant stated he had been working on offender’s vehicle and owes him $2500 and when he told offender, offender went to the location and took the vehicle without paying for the services rendered.

Deputy responded to Club Rolex in reference to loud music. Deputy sat at the Chevron Station across the street with his windows down and did not hear any music or bass. The only time he heard bass was when the front doors were opened. No further complaints were made.

Deputies responded to New St. in Twin City in reference to loud music. Deputies found a small crowd gathered at the residence but did not hear any loud music. About 30 mins. later, another call was received so they responded back to the location and still didn’t hear any music but did make contact with the homeowner and advised her to keep the noise down due to complaints and she advised they were finishing for the night. No more complaints were received.

October 23

JCSO requested assistance with a perimeter search along Hwy 221 South just outside of Kite in reference to an armed suspect involved in a domestic dispute. Suspect was apprehended without incident.

Deputies responded to Herndon Rd. in reference to a vehicle fire. Upon arrival, Swainsboro FD was already on scene and complainant advised he was not injured. C/p stated he was driving and started to see smoke and fire coming from under the hood do he veered off the roadway and hit a pile of dirt in the ditch, causing him to lose control.

Deputy assisted EGSC PD with serving a criminal trespass warning to a resident of Blun Rd.

Deputies were dispatched to Durden Rd. in reference to a 911 hang-up call. 911 advised the caller only gave the address before hanging up with contact being unable to be reestablished. Upon arrival, deputy was unable to make contact with anyone at the residence. Shortly after leaving, the female called back and stated the ale subject was hiding in a storage building behind the residence. Deputies did not respond back due to both parties continually calling 911 and refusing to talk to deputies on scene.