ECSO: 8.30.23


According to the Emanuel County Sheriff’s Office…

August 18

Deputies responded to Mustang Rd. in reference to a domestic dispute. Complainant advised she had been arguing with her child’s father and trie3d to leave and offender would not let her. Offender advised the same thing and stated c/p always overreacts and makes the situations bigger than they are and they always work things out and get back together. C/p’s father arrived and both parties wanted to talk through their problems and resolve the incident.

August 20

Deputy responded to a call regarding a tractor trailer that jack knifed. Complainant stated a dragon fly flew in his window and caused him to lose control of the truck. No injuries were reported and the truck was drivable.

August 21

Deputy responded to Sam Overstreet Rd. in reference to a vehicle in the roadway. Deputy found the stranded motorist had run out of gas and was off the roadway.

Deputy responded to ca vehicle that had ran off the roadway on US 1 North. Upon arrival, the driver had already left, and the engine was cold which indicated it had been there for a while. The vehicle appeared to have left the roadway and rolled over.

Deputy met with complainant at ECSO about making a payment on a building that has net been delivered. Deputies made contact with the company who advised the building would be delivered the following day. C/p stated she didn’t want the building anymore and wanted her money back. The company stated they would cancel the building and refund the money and it would take up to 72 hours for the refund.

Victim stated she was traveling on Hwy 57 West when she came up on two vehicles traveling at a slow rate of speed, so she signaled to go around both vehicles and when she attempted to pass the second vehicle, it came over on her and slammed on brakes causing her to slide off the road and hit a sign. Witness called it in and left the scene, so deputy made contact with him, and he gave the same statement as the victim.

Deputies responded to Willie Davis Rd. in reference to a female knocking on someone door. While enroute, deputy made contact with the female on Hwy 56 North. While speaking with the female, she appeared to have an altered mental health status and would not give much info on how she got to where she was or where she lived. After talking with her for several minutes, she gave her name and DOB, and it was determined she had a NJ license and address. She was unable to give an address of where she came from or where she was going and was only able to state she wanted her dog and her parents. She was transported to EMC for evaluation.

Deputy responded to Cowford Bridge Rd. in reference to an elderly female possibly being scammed.

Deputy approached a vehicle traveling at a low rate of speed and observed it cross the line and exit the shoulder of the road, at which time he initiated a traffic stop. The driver informed deputy that he did not speak English and began to communicate through translate on his phone. Deputy asked the driver for his license, and he stated he did not have one. Offender was then asked for his ID or Passport, and he advised he did not have those documents either. Offender was informed he would be going to jail and asked if he had someone to pick up his vehicle and he stated no and began speaking with someone on the phone. Offender was asked to step out of the vehicle and did not comply and continued to speak on the phone. The driver was then asked again to step out of the vehicle, and he complied and continued to speak on the phone. While on the phone, the individual sounded angry. The driver hung up and was placed under arrest and transported to EmCo Jail.

Deputy responded to EMC ER in reference to an incident that occurred on Angela Dr.

Complainant stated he struck debris on. Hwy 46 West with his camper causing disabling damage to the undercarriage. C/p stated one of his holding tanks was damaged, as well as one of the slide outs and fender wells.

August 22

Victim states he got a refund from the IRS but didn’t file. Victim stated he called the SS office to report it and they told him to void the check.

Deputy assisted SPD with a vehicle chase and observed a subject matching the description of the suspect running into the wood line on S. Racetrack St. Deputy exited his vehicle and ran toward the wood line when the suspect ran form the wood line onto the back steps of a residence. Deputy gave command for the suspect to get on the ground and he complied. Offender was arrested on multiple charges and transported to EmCo Jail.

Complainant went to ECSO to file a complaint about offender harassing him and threatening to slander him on the internet. C/p stated he does not want anything to do with offender and wants to be left alone. C/p had a key to offender’s house but did not want to return it in person due to fear of trouble, so he left it with ECSO.

Deputy responded to Pendleton Cutoff Rd. in reference to a domestic.

Deputy initiated a traffic stop on US 1 South.

Investigators were notified by the Sheriff of an incident that occurred with offender inside the jail.

Deputies were alerted to a suspicious person call that initially started at an address on Robin Blvd. and would later lead to two addresses on Hwy 80 West. Subject in question was detained and found to be highly intoxicated on narcotics. Subject was described as being paranoid, irate and incoherent and forced his way into the first two abandoned houses and was adamant to the homeowners that someone was trying to kill him and he wanted someone to call 911 but did not want the police involved. The events described by the homeowner were unsettling and fighting in nature due to a complete stranger entering their home uninvited with such strange and unpredictable behaviors. A broken door window with all glass and framework was found busted, caused by the subject attempting forced entry using a yard rake. Subject was taken into custody and transported to EmCo Det. Ctr. For further investigation.

August 23

Deputy met with victim at ECSO for a report of fraudulent activity.

Deputy responded to Hwy 46 East in reference to complainant stating his sister arranged for a vehicle to be transported to him from NC and the transport company sub-contracted the transport through another company. C/p stated his vehicle was delivered and it would not move from the side of the road where it was offloaded. C/p further stated that the driver of the transport truck advised him that while in transit, he suffered two flat tires on the car hauler and had to offload all vehicle so the tires could be changed. C/p believes the driver damaged his vehicle while offloading it and he refused to pay the $1,100 hauling fee due to the damage. The driver stated he was sub-contracted to haul c/p’s vehicle and stated he did not damage it and believes c/p is trying to avoid paying his for his services. The driver had the ignition key to the vehicle and turned it over to the deputy to give to c/p.

Deputies assisted GSP with a single vehicle crash on Hwy 57 East with no injuries reported.

Deputy responded to Overstreet Rd. in reference to a welfare check. Contact was made with the victim who stated he was fine but had been sick.

Deputy met with complainant at ECSO in reference to a report of damage to his vehicle. C/p stated while he was traveling on Hwy 1 South behind a tractor trailer, a rock was thrown from the trailer and struck his windshield, causing a crack/chip. C/p stated he tried to get the driver of the tractor trailer to stop with him but it merged onto I16 East without stopping. The trailer tag was advised to be through Nebraska and appeared to be a food transportation company trailer. Deputy was unable to get any information back on the given trailer tag.

Deputy responded to Rustic Grill in reference to a burglary alarm. Deputy checked all doors and windows with no signs of forced entry and escorted an employee inside and she reset the alarm.

August 24

Deputy responded to GLS Rd. in reference to a domestic dispute. Complainant advised that her boyfriend/offender had been drinking and left in her vehicle about an hour prior to dispatch. C/p advised when offender gets drunk, he gets “handsy” and did not want him to return to her location. C/p was on the phone with offender and he told her he was on his way back with her vehicle.

Deputy met with complainant and witness on I16 in reference to a traffic related accident. The accident occurred when two rear trailer wheels detached from the trailer axles of witness’ vehicle and struck c/p’s vehicle.

Deputy met with complainant at EC SO in reference to a report of TPO violation.

Suspects were taken into custody from Polly Cir. On warrants issued through the EmCo Court System and transported to EmCo Jail.

Investigator was located on Davis Rd. in reference to a suspicious package being received. Victim explained that he was contacted by an employment company via email after he submitted a request for information relating to employment and was told that he would receive one or more packages and he was to relabel them and forward them to the address on the label and he was to receive a check after all the packages were delivered to the employment company. Victim stated he suspected it was a scam and stopped all communication with the company and on this date, he received a package via FedEx and received an email from the company asking about the package. Victim advised all communication with the employment company stopped after he replied stating he was giving the package to ECSO. The package was turned over to ECSO.

Deputy attempted to conduct a traffic stop on Antioch Church Rd.

Deputy spoke with complainant in reference to harassing/threatening text messages.

Investigators were contacted by SPD Detectives in reference to a stalking incident involving city employees. Sheriff’s investigators were requested to investigate due to a conflict of interest.

August 25

Deputies responded to Crider in reference to a two-vehicle accident. Complainant stated offender hit her car while trying to park then moved to another parking space away from her and proceeded into the plant to work. The security officer found offender and took her to speak with deputies and she stated she was aware she hit the car but had nothing to write on to leave a note. Deputies gathered both parties’ information and advised them they could pick it up and take to their insurance companies.

Deputies responded to Oak Grove Church Rd. in reference to a comment being made. Complainant stated that while walking to the mailbox, he heard offender stated that he was going to pull out his gun and start shooting.

Deputy spoke with complainant in reference to a report of fraudulent activity.

Contact was made with offender on Hwy 80 where an active warrant was served on him. Offender was transported to EmCo Jail.

Deputy responded to TCPD in reference to a report of an incident that occurred in EmCo. Complainant/victim stated she was robbed at a convenient store at the Bulloch Co./Emanuel Co. line. She stated she was talking to offender on a dating app and they have been texting back and forth for a while and decided to finally meet up and hangout so she packed some belongings so she could stay the night with offender. C/p stated offender went to her residence in Statesboro and drove back towards Twin City and prior to getting into Twin City, offender pulled into the gas station and asked her to go inside to get him something to drink and offender backed out of the parking lot and left victim inside the store. Victim stated she called offender to confront him about leaving her and he stated, “good luck getting back home” and hung up. Victim stated her belongings were still in offender’s vehicle, including her debit card and Cashapp card. Victim stated her Cashapp card had $112 on it but only had $18. Victim stated she was told that offender was seen at the Bulldog store in Twin City attempting to sell her iPad. TCPD advised she would stop by the store and review video footage.

August 26

Deputies responded to Ollie Youmans Rd. in reference to an irate female who had destroyed property. Complainant stated the female was in the house with his wife and EMS arrived and made contact with offender and she declined assistance. Offender explained that she was feeling vibrations and she was afraid of metal and that a EMP was going to explode was inside her. C/p took deputies to a trailer that offender had been staying in on his property and offender had taken furniture and appliances and strowed them all over the trailer. While speaking with c/p, offender failed to comply with deputies’ orders, at which time she was placed under arrest and transported to EmCo Jail.

Deputies responded to PSSI in reference to a stolen gun. Complainant stated while he was at work, someone went into his vehicle and stole his 9mm pistol.

Deputies responded to Hwy 56 North in reference to a dispute. Deputies encountered offender who was very angry, and complainant stated she was tired of offender accusing her of things. Deputies spoke with offender who stated c/p started yelling at him. Offender stated he told c/p that he knew she was cheating on him and that’s when she hit him in the head and called the law.

Deputies responded to Prosperity Dr. in reference to fraud. Complainant stated a lady from Sandersville contacted him wanting to know where her puppy was and after questioning her, he learned the lady saw an ad on Facebook from his account and had sent money to his Cashapp. C/p stated he told the lady his account had been hacked because he didn’t have any puppies, nor did she send money to his account.

August 27

Deputy responded to Powell Dr. in reference to an ATV accident. Deputy found victim laying on the ground complaining of pain in the center of his back radiating to his chest. Victim explained he attempted to push his friend up a hill with his ATV when it overturned on him and landed on his chest. EMS arrived and transported victim.

Deputy responded to Old Blundale Rd. in reference to trespassing.

August 28

Deputies responded to Leman Rd. in reference to a trespasser who attempted to burn down a building. Complainant stated she went to check damage to a door from a previous incident and she noticed someone had attempted to light the shed on fire. Deputy observed a burnt spot on the entrance door with several other burnt items on top of a metal stand. C/p and victim stated offender had been observed walking on the property after she had been told not to the night prior. Both stated offender has a grudge on victim due to her husband being on the run. C/p stated an unknown individual had been seen running from victim’s camper in the early morning hours the night prior.

Deputy responded to August Rd. in reference to a burglary that occurred. Complainants stated two males entered the church and broke into the pastor’s office and took appx. $2,500 cash. C/p’s stated suspects could be seen entering the back door and one was holding a shovel that was used to try to open the office door, then they walked into the kitchen and grabbed two knives to assist with breaking into the office. Once they made entry, one male walked in then right back out as if he knew exactly what he was looking for. C/p believes one of the males to be someone form the program that recently left on bad terms. On-call Investigator was notified.