ECSO: 11.15.23


According to the Emanuel County Sheriff’s Office…

November 6

Deputy responded to Waldon Way in reference to a domestic dispute. Complainant stated she and offender got into an argument over money that was stolen.

ECSO received a call in reference to damage to property. Complainant stated offender was renting a home from him on Norwood Ave. and offender damaged the flooring and carpet throughout the home and damaged the cabinets. C/p stated the damage totals $6,500.

Deputy responded to Miller Dr. in reference to damaged property. Complainant advised he discovered his motorcycle had been pushed over as it was parked under the carport. C/p suspects his sister may have been the offender and is going to watch his surveillance camera.

November 7

Deputy took a report regarding threats made. Complainant stated he and his wife were leaving court and were both threatened by offender.

Deputy responded to Bird Flanders Rd. in reference to a theft report.

Deputy responded to Mitzi Ln. in reference to a welfare check on a subject that had been physically assaulted. Victim stated he was fired from his workplace earlier in the evening and his boss was going to his residence to retrieve victim’s work truck. Victim stated the foreman stepped out of the vehicle and walked over to the work truck and victim’s wife stated to the foreman that he’s the reason victim got fired, and the foreman stepped towards victim’s wife and pointed his finger at her and cussed her so victim stepped in between them and the foreman struck victim with a closed fist and they wound up wrestling on the ground.

November 8

Offender presented himself to ECSO Investigators for an investigative interview. At the conclusion of the interview, offender was placed under arrest and transported to EmCo Jail.

Deputies were dispatched to I16 in reference to a two-vehicle accident involving two tractor trailers. GSP was requested for accident investigation.

Deputy assisted a broke down motorist on Hwy 56 South.

Deputy was dispatched to Oak Grove Church Rd. in reference to a report of damage to property.

Deputy responded to Waldon Way in reference to a theft.

November 10

Deputy observed a vehicle traveling on Hwy 56 East cross the yellow lines and failed to maintain the lane of travel. Deputy conducted a traffic stop to determine of the driver was under the influence. During the course of the traffic stop, it was determined that the driver was safe enough to operate the vehicle and the passenger was verified to have an active arrest warrant through ECSO. During the search of the arrest, suspect was found to be in possession of multiple items believed to be controlled substances. Two items were crystal-like substances believed to be meth, another powder/rock substance believed to be cocaine and a bag of unknown pills. Suspect was transported to EmCo Jail.

November 11

Deputy responded to James Morris Rd. in reference to a burglary alarm. All doors and windows were secured with no signs of forced entry.

Deputies received a report in reference to someone making threats with a gun. Complainant advised that several hunters were hunting off the roadway near Pendleton Springs Rd. and Railroad Tracks. C/p stated he reached out to DNR in reference to the violations and advised he observed a truck sitting in the middle of the roadway as he tried getting around it and a male subject started cussing at him. C/p advised he turned around and headed back home when the offender started chasing him and offender held a shotgun out the window yelling. C/p advised offender hunts on the property and has been trespassing on his and other landowner’s properties.

November 12

Deputies received a call from complainant that his wife was trying to purchase tickets from Facebook from a friend and an unknown person messaged them on messenger stating they were from Palestine and had her IP address and were going to bomb her house in 24 hours. C/p advised no money was requested and it was possible the friend had been hacked.

Deputies responded to Pendleton Springs Rd. in reference to a hunter running complainant off the road. DNR was already on scene dealing with other complaints from several neighbors. C/p advised offender has been asked several times not to run his hunting dogs on his property and to stop hunting from the roadway. C/p stated he was having battery trouble with his ATV and was driving it down the road when offender started cussing at him and got in his vehicle and started following him then exceeded his speed and zoomed around him, almost causing c/p to go in the ditch. Offender was very hostile and was issued citations from DNR. Deputy then issued a citation for reckless driving and offender refused to sign. Offender was then placed into custody as he tried to resist and his son also tried to intervene and DNR assisted in the arrest. Offender was transported to EmCo Jail.