ECSO 08-25-21


According to the Emanuel County Sheriff’s Office…

August 16

Deputies were dispatched to Canoochee Garfield Rd. in reference to a residential alarm. Motion was advised to be control and phone line tamper. All doors and windows were checked and found to be secure as well.

Deputies responded to Norristown Covena Rd. to a domestic. When they arrived, complainant stated her step-daughter/offender went inside the residence and started acting crazy, cussing and raising sand, stating that c/p is not taking care of her father/victim. C/p and victim both stated they wanted offender to leave because of the way she was acting. Deputy advised c/p that they could not make her leave but would see if she would be willing to leave for the night so there would not be any more problems. Deputy also advised c/p and victim that if they did not wasn’t offender living there anymore, they would need to do an eviction. Victim stated offender has had a drug problem in the past and is possibly back on them again. Deputy then walked around to the back yard to speak with offender and her son/witness and they both stated that they think c/p is not taking care of victim and that she is possibly overdosing him with medications. Offender stated she was not trying to cause any problems, that she was just speaking her mind to c/p about what was going on. Deputy advised offender about what her father stated and he wanted her to leaven and she stated that she would willfully leave because he asked her to.

August 17

Deputy assisted deputy from Johnson Co. serve an arrest warrant on Roy Woods Rd. Offender was taken into custody without incident and transported to Johnson Co. Jail.

Deputy responded to St. Galilee Rd. and spoke with complainant who stated her landlord had cut off her lights. C/p showed deputy a piece of paper that looked to be a fake eviction notice and stated they had found the paper the day before and gone to Magistrate Court to see if it was real. Deputy informed c/p thee correct way she would be informed of an eviction and informed her the piece of paper was not valid. The paper had c/p’s name on it who was stated to be the known tenant and other c/p was his girlfriend. Deputy informed c/p that the landlord could not cut of her electricity but the matter was civil and she needed to return to the court house to solve the issue. C/p stated they could not even put the power in their name even though she had been paying it because there was no legitimate lease agreement to prove the residency. C/p stated they had fallen slightly behind on the bills due to emergency medical expenses but intended to continue paying the landlord. Deputy informed her to speak with Magistrate Court and possibly attempt to work something out with offender. C/p also stated that offender ran into her vehicle a month prior and stated he would work something out to get it fixed and he had done nothing about fixing it. She stated other c/p saw the collision and it was caught on security cameras and stated the whole back bumper had been torn off and it had been tied back into place but it was not properly fixed. Deputy informed her she also needed to talk to Magistrate Court over that matter due to their only being a verbal agreement.

August 18

Deputy met with complainant who stated offender went in close proximity to her residence to disarm her alarm system on her residence with a remote that controls the alarm. C/p stated offender was served a TPO on 8/17 and she believes he took the remote when he finished moving his belongings from the residence while law enforcement was on scene. C/p stated she receives an email notification every time the alarm is armed and disarmed. C/p also stated she does not believe the ECSO is taking her case seriously and that the reason she was in the Probate Office was to obtain a concealed carry license and further stated that when it came down to it, that’s it either going to be her or him.

Deputies assisted GSP with a single vehicle rollover on US 1 Bypass & US Hwy 80 W. involving a log truck.

Deputy was running stationary radar on S. Main St. by SHS and observed a vehicle drive right through a traffic light that was red. Deputy got behind the vehicle and initiated a traffic stop and made contact with the driver, who advised that she didn’t have a license. Offender was taken into custody and transported to the county jail without incident.

Deputies were dispatche3d to Petunia Rd. in reference to a tree down in the roadway. Upon arrival, a large tree was observed blocking travel of the road. County Road Dept. was notified and responded to clear the roadway.

Deputy responded to the intersection of Hwy 80 and Bypass in reference to a dog in the roadway. Upon arrival, deputy made contact with a couple from FL that almost hit the dog and pulled over. The dog was not harmed and had a harness on with no tag or identifier. Deputy made contact with Animal Control and the dog was released to them.

Deputies, along with EMS, were dispatched to N. 2nd St. in reference to a domestic dispute.

Deputy responded to EMC and took a report for a dog bite. Complainant advised that her own dogs were fighting and she tried to separate them and one of them bit her on the left forearm causing injury. C/p advised both dogs are up-to-date on vaccines.

August 19

Deputy responded to Moss Trail in reference to a theft report involving a porch light. Deputy met with complainant who advised someone climbed the service pole that her security light is on and took the bulb out. Upon closer examination, deputy observed the light bulb to still be affixed inside the lighting fixture, and c/p was advised to have the bulb replaced.

Deputy responded to Nunez Park in reference to caller advising that a small car had been sitting at the park since around lunch time and wanted someone to check it out. Upon arrival, deputy met with offender who was reclined in the front driver seat. Driver advised that he is homeless and was waiting for his aunt to meet him at the location Driver was not doing anything wrong and it is a public place, but deputy advised him that he could not be there past dark.

Deputy responded to Crider Foods in reference to security having a tow truck that did not want to leave the property. Upon arrival, deputy met with security and they advised that the tow truck driver stated he was there to pick-up a vehicle, but security did not have clarence from vehicle owner and couldn’t’ get in touch with him in the plant. Deputy then spoke with the tow truck driver and he advised he was picking up a car for repair and had advised the vehicle owner of him going and was told where to pick it up. Deputy advised him that until he got the owner to meet him at the security gate, he was not allowed onto the premises. Tow truck driver then parked across the street and tried reaching the owner via phone.

Deputies responded to Harrington St. in reference to complainant advising her neighbor’s dogs were trying to attack her dogs. Upon arrival, c/p stated her neighbor’s dogs keep getting out and going into her yard and fighting with her dogs through her fence. Deputy then made contact with the neighbor and she advised that the dog in question did get away from her 14-year-old daughter and they observed the dog run across the street into the neighbor’s yard and ran past her dogs into a wooded area adjacent to the neighbor’s. Another complainant stated that this has not been the first time the neighbor called deputies on her dogs and stated that in a incident prior to this one, c/p threatened to shoot anything or anyone that went onto her property and made that remark to her 14-year0-old daughter and a report was made. Deputy advised c/p to try and keep the dogs in her yard and if any other problems occur, to notify ECSO.

Deputy received a report from complainant advising that someone was threatening her via snapchat. C/p stated someone took a photo of her home and sent it through a third party to her phone. C/p also advised that the people that are threatening her are actually after her daughter, and one of the persons involved is the daughter’s ex-boyfriend. Deputy advised c/p of the process to seek in resolving this matter further.

Deputies, along with EMS, were dispatched to Magnolia Ln. in reference to offender having suicidal thoughts.

August 20

Deputies were dispatched to the area of Hwy 46 W. in reference to a noise complaint. Complainant advised he was awakened by juveniles being loud near his residence. Deputies traveled the area but did not locate any disturbances near c/p’s residence.

Deputy was traveling Lambs Bridge Rd. when complainant struck the side of a bridge barrier, causing disabling damage to the front passenger side wheel assembly. In the course of the investigation and while not confirmed on scene, mechanical malfunction was suspected by Swainsboro Fire units who responded.

Deputies met with victim on McKenzie Dr. in reference to a theft incident concerning offender. Both parties are known to each other and are said to have been previous spouses prior to incident. Victim stated offender entered her residence and took wo pairs of shoes. While on scene, victim was engaged with offender in a verbal conversation via cell phone. During that time, the communication between both parties was on speaker and could be heard out loud. At one point, deputy spoke with offender from victim’s cell phone and he agreed to meet with another deputy o Center St. for the purposes of returning victim’s property. During that time, deputy went to Center St. and after several minutes if waiting and communicating with offender, it became apparent that offender was not going to arrive. Around 8 a.m. the following morning, deputy was contacted by 911 to meet SPD officer on 7th ST. concerning the aforementioned incident. Upon arrival, officer advised that he made a visual on offender and later recovered both pair of shoes. Property was found and recovered on the ground next to a fence and offender was GOA. Property was returned to victim and advised that charges could be pursued.

Deputies were dispatched to Hwy 80 W. in reference to a disabled tractor trailer blocking the roadway. Deputies traveled to the location but did not observe any vehicle blocking the roadway or any other roadway obstructions.

911 dispatched a call to Mincey St. in reference to a domestic dispute. Upon arrival, deputy spoke with victim and she stated that earlier that night, she and her husband were arguing about money and the rent when her husband grabbed her and put a gun to her head and told her he would kill her. She then stated that she did not call 911 then because she was afraid. When they woke up the following morning, he started arguing with her again and hit her in the face and grabbed her around the throat and started choking her and she then got away from him and he took her 4-year-old son and left the residence, at which time she called 911. Deputy observed a scrape on her nose and chest, and her throat area was red. A look-out was placed on the vehicle offender left in and was located on Margaret Blvd. After doing a welfare check on the child, the child was left with the grandmother and offender was placed under arrest for act of family violence charges.

August 21

Complainant stated after she and offender went to a party at the fairgrounds, they got back home and got into an argument because she wanted to go to the Star Blazer to hangout. C/o then stated offender grabbed her by the neck, but did not want offender to get in trouble or go to jail.

Deputy was working off-duty at Swainsboro Raceway and a track official reported that someone driving a golfcart tried to cross the track after being told not to and when official tried to stop offender, he ran over his foot with the golfcart and went across the track. After checking into the official’s story, it was discovered who the driver of the golfcart was. Deputy went over and spoke with offender and he stated that the race was over and there wasn’t anyone on the track when official told him to stop and he did keep going, but he didn’t run over track official’s foot. The official was very upset and wanted something done after advising him that offender denies running over his foot. Deputy advised that a report could be made and he could press charges if he wanted and he refused to do a report because “they ain’t going to do nothing anyway”. Deputy tried several times to get official to at least do a report, even if he didn’t press charges, but he still refused.

Deputy spoke with complainant by phoned who stated he hit a deer. C/p stated he was driving on Mt. Olivet Church Rd. when a deer ran into the driver’s side of his vehicle. There was damage to the vehicle with no stated injuries. C/p stated he had already left the scene due to the vehicle being drivable.

Deputy responded to WalMart to speak with complainant who stated offender attacked her. She stated she had been quarantined on Mustang Rd. with offender for several days due to Covid but she left the night prior and returned and believed offender had relapsed. C/p stated offender had a drug problem and he was out on bond for drug possession. C/p also stated she resided on Mustang Rd. with offender but lives on Walnut Rd. C/p stated she attempte3d to leave the house but offender would not allow her to so she threw items at him. C/p stated offender grabbed her hair and attempted to stab her with an object, and grabbed her right arm C/p stated she had no injuries besides a sore arm. Deputy informed c/p it would be best to not return to Mustang Rd. but she needs to quarantine at another location if she still has Covid. C/p stated she took a home test that showed negative. Deputy advised her it may be best to stay away from the public until she gets a medically administered test showing she is no longer positive.

Deputy responded to Cowford Bridge Rd. to unlock a vehicle.

August 22

Deputies responded to the cemetery on Hwy 80 E. and spoke with complainant about trespassers. Upon arrival, c/p shoed deputy a vehicle believed to be owned by one of the subjects that was trespassing on his land, fishing in his pond. Deputy ran the vehicle tag and found the owner. C/p and another deputy took Walnut Rd. to the pond and the other deputy informed over the radio he saw subjects and they took off running into the woods. Shortly after, deputy observed three male subjects walking down a path leading close to the pond and when they saw him, they ran back into the woods. The other deputy was able to drive up to the area they had gone back in and pushed out of the woods and they eventually went to the other deputy. Deputy got their IDs and identified them. C/p hade called DNR and they were enroute so subjects were kept in the area until they arrived. Subjects were informed they had been criminally trespassed from the property and to not return.

Complainant stated that while pulling up to the stop sign at the intersection of Bishop Chapel Rd. and Canoochee Rd. after leaving Flatts Lounge, a vehicle rear-ended her vehicle and left the scene.

Complainant stated that while traveling Lambs Bridge Rd., he ran off onto the shoulder of the road and when he tried to get back on the road, the vehicle lost traction causing him to lose control and slide into the ditch on the opposite side of the road. The vehicle was removed from the ditch by c/p’s friend and it sustained moderate damage to the rear bumper but was drivable.

August 23

Complainant stated that he was walking down Hwy 1 S. towards Swainsboro when a vehicle pulled over onto the shoulder of the road and he thought they may give him a ride to town. C/p stated he asked them if they were broken down and they stated yes but when he started walking away, the occupants of the vehicle starting shooting at him so he took off running into the woods and two people chased after him. C/p stated he did not know who the subjects were or why they were shooting at him, and just ran through the woods until he made it to Kenfield Rd. where he knocked on the door asking for help.


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