ECSO 01-06-21


According to the Emanuel County Sheriff’s Office…
December 28
Deputy was dispatched to Summertown Green St. in reference to a dispute.
Deputy met with complainant who stated he was operating a road grader and did not see a low hanging tree causing it to hit the cab window and busted it.
December 29
Deputy responded to Griffin Ferry Rd. in reference to an unwanted person.
Complainant made a report in reference to a childhood friend using her identity.
December 30
Complainant discovered her mailbox was knocked over on Hawhammock Church Rd, as well as several of her neighbor’s mailboxes. Complainant suspects the offender lives down the road.
Deputies responded to New Hope Church Rd. in reference to a domestic disturbance call.
Complainant stated offender was at El Valle drinking with one of their small children in her care. Complainant also stated offender started an argument with him while he was holding the child. Complainant stated offender is not taking care of their children as she should.
Deputy assisted SPD with serving a Felony Warrant out of Bulloch County.
Deputies responded to Augusta Rd. I Garfield in reference to a child custody dispute. Complainant lives on the property with the two children and has full custody. Offender has visitation rights, but was not permitted to see the children on this day. Offender was advised several times to leave the property but refused, and after numerous failed attempts to leave, she was arrested for Disorderly Conduct.
Deputy responded to a McKenzie Dr. residence in reference to a domestic dispute. Upon arrival, deputy made contact with offender who was laying down at the bottom of the porch and stated that nothing had happened and she did not know why he was there. Deputy asked offender her name and she gave false name and DOB. Deputy then made way up the stairs to the back porch and looked inside to find where a fight had ensued. Offender then stated the victim left with a friend after the fight. Deputy then entered the residence along with offender who went straight to the bedroom and woke the victim up. Victim had a gash on his nose and blood on his body, but stated nothing had happened and he was fine. Upon asking offender what happened, she stated he deserved it and she would do it again because he is cheating on her, at which time she was arrested for Simpel Battery.
Complainant was located at Harvey’s parking lot. She was talking with several people when she realized her car was locked. She stated her vehicle unlocked a short time later. Later in the day, complainant reported her wallet with credit cards, a high amount of cash, and cell phone were missing. She later located the missing cell phone at her home.
January 1, 2021
Deputy met with complainant in reference to a child custody dispute. Complainant stated she and other party have a biological child together and all reside with the same household. She further stated that while not legally married, both parties share mutual custody. Complainant expressed concerns over who the child should go with if the event of a break up, and also stated there was no reason to believe the child was in any danger.
Deputy made contact with complainant in reference to offender who was said to have violated a TPO on Christopher Dr. Complainant further stated she received text messages from offender and that he went to her residence. It was determined that complainant notified 911 after offender left the residence.
Deputy responded to a Moss Trail residence in reference to an unattended death.
Deputies were dispatched to Augusta St. in reference to a physical altercation. Victim stated he and offender had been in a relationship, off and on, for appx. 3 years. He stated he arrived at offender’s residence and she struck him in the head with a crowbar, and hit him in the face, as well as stab him in the arm. Victim did appear to have visible injury to the side of his face, but none to his head, and marks on his arm did not appear to be recent.
Deputies were dispatched to I16 in reference to a traffic related incident. Complainant stated he swerved to avoid striking a deer and traveled into the median, turned sideways, and slid back across both lanes.
Deputies were dispatched to Hwy 57 W. in reference to shots being fired. Complainant stated a dark colored truck was seen leaving the area. Deputies caught up with a vehicle matching the description and noticed there were no tag lights on the vehicle and initiated a traffic stop. With evidence in the truck, deputy asked where the firearm was located and was told it was behind the seat. Upon further investigation, it was found that the gun was reported stolen and the driver had suspended license.
Deputy responded to county dump site on Mt. Shady Church Rd. in reference to a caller witnessing offender back up into the fence and leaving the area in a hurry. Deputy got a description of the vehicle and was able to make contact with the driver, who did admit to hitting hit the fence, causing minor damage.
January 2
Deputy responded to Trout Trail in reference to criminal trespass. Complainant stated she noticed a light in the woods on her property and suspected offender may be on her property, as she has had issues with him stalking her. Minutes after deputy left, complainant called again because she discovered several loose screws in her driveways. Deputy found several types of screws and anils on both driveways from the road all the way to her home, but no signs of offender in the area.
Deputies responded to Bethel United Methodist Cemetery in reference to vandalism to a grave site. Upon arrival, the headstone was knocked over and covered in dog feces and trash, and horse manure was placed over the top of the tombstone. The granite was cracked in multiple places and an angel vase was busted.


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