ECSO 3.15.23


According to the Emanuel County Sheriff’s Office…

March 6

Deputies were dispatched to Hwy 80 West in reference to a tractor trailer blocking the roadway. Upon arrival, an unloaded log truck was observed blocking the westbound lane. Driver stated he missed a turn and was attempting to turn around when the truck got stuck in sand on the shoulder of the road. Truck was pulled out by a subject known to the driver, clearing the roadway.

Deputy met with complainant at ECSO about a lost tag. C/p stated his whole bumper with the tag on it was missing.

Deputy initiated a traffic stop on Hwy 23 for a seatbelt violation. Upon approaching the vehicle, an open container of alcohol was observed inside the vehicle and deputy could smell it coming from offender’s breath. Offender advised he drank a beer and was asked to step out of the vehicle and to the rear at which point he was unsteady and propped up on the tailgate. Deputy returned to his unit and asked a trooper to meet him at the location. Upon arrival, offender was turned over to GSP. Offender willingly conducted a sobriety test and GSP advised he was under the legal limit of .07.

Deputy initiated a traffic stop on Hwy 57 West for no insurance and suspended tag. Vehicle was towed and offender was offered a ride back home but stated he would rather walk.

Deputy responded to New Life Rd. in reference to a 911 call that was determined to have been a child playing with a cell phone.

Deputies were dispatched to Hwy 56 North in referenced to a male subject identified by complainant. Subject advised he was headed back to Coffee Co. and was given a courtesy ride to Enmarket.

Deputy met with complainant at ECSO about a letter he received from USSBA advising he was late on a payment for a loan. C/p stated he believes an unknown person has used his information to take out a small business loan because he does not own a Limo business. C/p stated he has been in contact with SBA to assist him in resolving the issue.

Deputy was called by jail staff and given a number to call in reference to a civil matter. Deputy called the number and spoke with complainant who stated she had been living with a friend on Walnut Rd. since November and he has been letting her stay there rent free in exchange for helping with the kids and cleaning up and buying groceries. C/p also stated suspect has been letting her borrow one of his vehicles and an argument occurred and suspect told c/p he wanted her out of this house and wanted his vehicle back. Dept advised c/p that suspect has to have her evicted and she needs to return the vehicle and not drive it without permission. Deputy responded to James Morris Rd. in reference to an alarm call. Residence appeared secured and undisturbed with no contact with the key holder.

Deputy responded to Soring Lake Dr. in reference to reports of juveniles on a dirt bike tearing up the road and riding in the lake. Negative contact was made with the juveniles or the motorcycle. Complainant stated she met the motorcycle on the road and it almost hit her head on, and it was doing donuts in the road and spinning in the road causing damage to the road. C/p later confronted the juveniles when she spotted them tearing up the lake dam behind her residence. C/p stated they appeared to be around 13-15 and one of them lives in Swainsboro but does not know where the other one lives.

March 7

Deputy responded to Williams Rd. and met with complainant concerning a nuisance animal determined to be multiple dogs that killed several chickens and inured a donkey. Dogs were said to have entered onto the property several times prior and killed several chickens and some goats that belong to a neighbor. Deputy made contact with the dogs’ owner and advised of the aforementioned incidents and the nature of the complaint.

Deputy met with complainant at ECSO in reference to a lost license plate assigned to a utility tow trailer.

Deputy responded to Walnut Rd. in reference to someone trespassing. Deputy met with offender who stated she was in the process of moving from the residence and per court order, she had until noon on the 19th to move. Offender stated she is having issues with a daughter-in-law in regards to the property being bought by them. Deputy spoke with complainant who stated offender had rights to be in the residence until the 19th but she did not want them on other property which had been bought. C/p stated offender and her significant other had been riding all over the property and opening gates that were closed. Deputy explained to offender the issue with going on the property and she stated they would be out of the property as soon as possible.

Deputy was called to Braswell Blvd. in reference to a locked vehicle.

Deputies were dispatched to Hwy 56 North to assist EMS with the transport of a patient with mental issues.

March 8

Deputies were dispatched to Maple Ave. in reference to an irate female. Deputies met with complainant who stated her daughter was being irate and acting out. C/p stated her daughter went out on Saturday and when she returned, she has been acting irate like she has been high on drugs. Offender was not responding as far as being able to answer any questions. She could not sit still and kept walking down the street. EMS was also dispatched to check offender out. Deputies tried to make contact with offender’s daughter but had negative contact after multiple attempts. APS was notified.

Victim stated two pit bulls attacked seven of his calves on Scarboro Church Rd., valued at $800 each.

Deputy responded to Old Wadley Rd. in reference to trespassing. Complainant advised that he has had people illegally hunting with dogs on his property. C/p stated he has livestock and heard dogs chasing his animals and after shooting a 12-gauge birdshot, he heard the dogs run back towards his neighbor’s property.

Deputy observed a vehicle traveling 75 MPH in a 55 MPH zone, at which time he initiated a traffic stop. The driver informed deputy that he does not have a valid license, the passenger was intoxicated, and he was just driving to give her a ride home. Driver provided an ID card and deputy ran the vehicle through GCIC to find that the tag attached to the vehicle did not belong on the vehicle. Deputy was informed that the passenger was the owner of the tag and she had an active warrant for failure to appear. Deputy returned to the vehicle and asked the driver about the improper tag and he was informed by the passenger that the tag came off her mini cooper and she put it on the vehicle as she had just bought it. Deputy returned to his unit and ran the VIN of the vehicle to find that it no valid insurance or registration. Offender was transported to EmCo jail for driving with suspended license, no insurance, speeding, and improperly transferring a tag.

March 9

Deputy was dispatched to Dollar General in Lyons in reference to an employee making fraudulent transactions. Complainants stated an employee had been making fraudulent transactions since January and there are several videos, as well as printed out transactions, of proof from voided out items that were still bagged up and given away, ton items being returned that were never purchased, and items of higher value being scanned at lower prices. C/p stated the total was roughly around $4,000 or more. C/p stated they spoke with offender and she got upset and asked if she could go smoke a cigarette, and walked out and sped off in her car. C/p provided deputy with a jump drive that consisted of several videos and a copy of one of the many fraudulent receipts. C/p also requested offender to be told that she was no longer allowed on the property. Deputy made contact with offender and asked if she could meet him and stated “for what” and hung up. Deputy tried to call back and she ignored the call.

Deputies were dispatched to Old Savannah Rd. in Adrian in reference to a crash called in by OnStar. Upon arrival, the vehicle was in the wood line off the road with extensive damage. The vehicle came back with no insurance and no tag displayed on the vehicle. The owner of the vehicle came back with suspended license. The vehicle was towed and the wrecker driver was told not to release the vehicle until they contact ECSO.

Deputy met with complainant at E SO in reference to a deposit for $1,880 going into her bank account and doesn’t know why. Someone from Lending Club reached out to c/p and asked for her email address so he could send her documents on how to report this to their company. C/p went to her bank and was advised to close the account and get a police report. C/p stated she has been getting weird phone calls from San Francisco but she never answered them.

March 10

Deputies were dispatched to Grande Creek Rd. in reference to a single vehicle rollover.

Family member stated her two boys went missing from her friend’s house. The boys were playing hid-and-seek when they got lost in the woods and ended up on Old Savannah Rd. at somebody’s house and they took them back home.

Deputy assisted Oak Park and Swainsboro Fire Depts. with a shed fire on Harrington St. Complainant stated she left the house and when she got back, it was on fire. C/p stated she rents from victim and victim uses the shed to store items that belong to him.

Deputy made contact with complainant via phone in reference to a civil issue. Complainant stated he had been evicted and had until report date to remove his belongings and when he arrived to gather the last of his items, he found offender/ex-girlfriend had changed the locks on the residence.

Deputy was advised by victim that she received a text stating her EBT card was currently locked due to $799.99 being used.

March 11

Deputy responded to Hwy 192 in reference to a theft.

Deputy was dispatched to Hwy 80 East in reference to a shoplifter. Complainant showed a video of a white male walking in the store grabbing a case of beer and walking out the door and getting in a vehicle and leaving the store. Deputy recognized the male subject form previous encounters. While deputy was speaking with c/p, offender returned to the store and returned to the vehicle before entering the store, and drove off. Deputy attempted to stop the vehicle but offender drove to a residence on Old Swainsboro Rd. Offender was placed under arrest for shoplifting and driving with suspended license, and transported to EmCo Jail. Offender then began to complain of diabetic issues and was released on citations and transported to Bulloch Co. line and turned over to Statesboro PD for holds they had placed for active warrants.

Deputies were dispatched to Hwy 80 East in reference to a two-vehicle accident with injuries. GSP was requested and responded for accident investigation. One of the injured was flown to Savannah.

Depute3is were dispatched to Hwy 57 West in reference to a suspicious male walking in the area. Deputies traveled the area but did not located anyone matching the description or any other persons walking along the roadway.

Deputy observed a vehicle traveling 73 MPH in a 55 MPH zone, at which time he initiated a traffic stop. The driver informed deputy that his license was in the trunk so deputy asked for his name and DOB. Upon running the vehicle, everything came back in order but offender’s info returned no driver found. Deputy made a second approach on the vehicle and asked the driver to retrieve his license from the trunk as FL was returning that he did not have a valid license. The driver exited the vehicle and upon reaching the trunk, he stepped to the side and stated “I’m going to be honest with you, my license is suspended”. Deputy asked for his ID and found that his license is suspended for failure to pay four traffic citations. Driver asked deputy if he would not arrest him in front of his kids and deputy advised that he would allow his wife and kids to drive away from the scene before he placed him in the patrol unit.

Deputy was called to Hwy 56 East in reference to a Lowe’s truck hitting a power pole. Complainant stated the driver stopped and c/p’s daughter attempted to talk to him but he would not speak and drove off.

Deputies responded to Hunnicutt Circle in reference to an unwanted person. Upon making contact with suspect, he was advised of the call and asked to leave the property.

Deputy met with complainant on Hwy 192 in reference to an unwanted person. TCPD answered previous calls concerning both parties. Complainant stated her daughter and boyfriend would not leave her alone. While on scene, contact was made with other parties and advised to stay away from the residence.

March 12

Deputy observed a vehicle traveling 81 MPH in a 55 MPH zone, at which time he initiated a traffic stop. Deputy asked the driver for his license and he gave him an international license but no passport to go with it. Deputy advised offender that those licenses are no good and asked him to step out of the vehicle. Offender became argumentative and was placed under arrest and transported to EmCo Jail. Once at the jail, offender would not cooperate and told deputy he is racist and refused to sign the citations.

Deputies responded to South Old Reidsville Rd. in reference to several cows in the road. Owner was located and cows were relocated form the road.

Deputy responded to Hwy 1 North in reference to a goat in the road.

Deputy was dispatched to Hwy 46 East in reference to complainant stating an unknown person used two of her EBT cards for $350.

Deputy was called to Hwy 80 East in reference to offender being on scene and complainant wanting him gone. C/p stated offender rented a trailer form her but would not pay so he was evicted and went back and visited another tenant on the property. C/p stated offender has no business on the property.

Deputy observed a vehicle with an inoperable headlight, at which time he initiated a traffic stop. Deputy asked offender for her license and she stated she left them in Dublin, but gave an ID card. Offender’s license came back as being suspended as of September 2018. Offender was transported to EmCo Jail.

Deputy was dispatched to Hwy 297 East in reference to a wreck less driver. Deputy did not observe the vehicle but while sitting there, a motorist pulled up and stated someone knocked the crossing arm down going onto I16. Deputy then called 911 and informed them to let DOT know about it. He then heard sirens and observed the described vehicle going up the ramp on Hwy 297 with a Treutlen Co. deputy behind it. The vehicle pulled over and deputy was advised that was the vehicle that he got the call on, and the one that knocked the crossing arm down. The vehicle had extensive damage and was smoking. Treutlen Co. deputy got the driver out and he was extremely intoxicated. Trooper arrived and took over the DUI. Offender was then transported to EmCo Jail.

Deputy was dispatched to Subway in Oak Park in reference to two females going inside stating a male was holding them hostage. 911 advised the male was outside in a vehicle and the females were hiding in the bathroom. Deputy approached the vehicle and got the male subject out of the vehicle and placed him in the rear of his patrol unit. Deputy then walked inside and spoke with the two females who stated they picked the male subject up in Atlanta at a bus station and was taking him back to FL. Adult victim and offender are boyfriend and girlfriend but stated when they picked him up, everything was fine. Offender took a nap and when he woke up, he started cussing and yelling. Adult victim stated she told offender she wasn’t going to put up with it and he needed to get out of the car at the next exit. Victim stated she pulled into Subway and told him to get out and he wouldn’t so she went inside and called 911. Deputy spoke with both females who stated they were not harmed or threatened and were not being held hostage, offender just wouldn’t get out of the car. Deputy then advised offender he was free to go but he would have to find a ride to FL and he advised he had a friend he could call to pick him up.

Deputies were dispatched to East Norris St. in reference to a domestic dispute. Upon arrival, offender had left the area. Deputy spoke with complainant who stated her brother became verbally abusive towards her but nothing physical occurred.


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