ECI Middle School Honors Day


On Monday, May 13, 2024, middle school students at Emanuel County Institute were honored for their academic excellence. The ceremony began with Lawson Frye welcoming everyone to the event. Jonna Woodward then led the Pledge of Allegiance. Mrs. Elizabeth Kraus, ECI counselor, and Mrs. Sondra Cowart, intervention specialist, aided by ECI teachers awarded highest averages in each academic subject as well as middle school connections classes. Students were also honored for receiving honor and star honor roll for the year, Academic E’s, and other special awards. Mrs. Kraus awarded the top three eighth graders with the Presidential Award, and Mrs. Brooke Frye, ECI assistant principal, made closing remarks to those in attendance. Mary-Ella Walden ended the program and thanked everyone for coming to celebrate the students’ successes.

Sixth Grade Highest Average: Math – Jenna Best, Language Arts – Jenna Best, Science – Jenna Best, Social Studies – Addyson Harrison, Most ELA IXL standards mastered - Clay Smith, Most Math standards mastered - Caprice Handsom

Seventh Grade Highest Averages: Math - Bowen Wars, Language Arts – Cam’ryn Silas, Science – Brodee Cate Johnson, Social Studies – Hane Henry, Most ELA IXL standards mastered - Olivia Pruitt, Most ELA IXL standards mastered - Paiyzli Kellum

Eighth Grade Highest Averages: Math – Jonna Woodward, Language Arts – Lawson Frye, Science – Lawson Frye, Social Studies – Lawson Frye, Algebra 1 - Lawson Frye

Academic Growth Award: 6th grade - Jada Griner, 7th grade - Jobe Whetsell, 8th grade - Mariah Griffis

Outstanding Student Award: 6th grade - Isabella Steptoe, 7th grade - Kyson Trapnell, 8th grade - Jackson Cavanah

Connections – Band: 6th grade - Harper Ware, 7th Grade – Paiyzli Kellum, 8th grade - Leta Kellum; Middle School Physical Education: 6th Grade – Blair Johnson, 7th Grade – Ja’Miya Mack, 8th Grade - Jackson Cavanah; Middle School Weight Training: 7th Grade – Kyson Trapnell, 8th Grade – Braylen Lanier; Math Connections: 6th Grade - Addyson Harrison, 7th Grade – Brodee Cate Johnson, 8th Grade – Mary-Ella Walden; Middle Grade Agriculture: 6th Grade – Nayeli Cruz-Gomez, 7th Grade – Kevin Juarez-Aragon, 8th Grade – MaKaylin Mincey; Career Awareness: 6th Grade - Liam Simmons, 7th Grade - Preston Wiese, 8th grade - Joe Lovett

Young Georgia Authors: 6th Grade – Addyson Harrison, 7th Grade – Camden Hall, 8th Grade – Michael Newton. Camden Hall was also a system winner for Young Georgia Authors.

Nordson Tech Time Challenge Winner: 6th grade - Natilie Chauncey, 7th grade - William Kennedy, 8th grade - Emily Scarboro

DAR Youth Citizenship Medal: Tylaun Baker

Top three AR Readers for each grade: 6th grade - Christian Silas, James Morris, Ansley Frye, 7th grade - Taylor Hannah, Cam’ryn Silas, Tatum Matthews, 8th grade - Ni’Lah Sapp, Lawson Frye, Mariah Griffis

Top Accelerated Reader: Top Middle School Reader - Christian Silas who has read more than 4,959,774 words this year.

Junior Beta New Member Inductees: Tylaun Baker, Jenna Best, Hendley Blackburn, Braylie Brown, Kane Caraway, Brayden Coleman, Bentley Collins, Kayce Davis, Bristol Dorsey, Gabby Foreman, Ansley Frye, Caidence Gordon, Chelsie Grimes, Jada Griner, Taylor Hannah, Addyson Harrison, Isaac Hodges, Blaire Johnson, Dicey Lane, Bruno Lopez Munoz, Ava Matthews, Tatum Matthews, Pearl Meadows, Jason Mendez, Landon Nasworthy, LeShaun Parrish, Bentley Peebles, John Rowland Rehberg, Bryson Rogers, Maggie Rowland, Cesar Salinas, Lane Sherrod, Clay Smith, Tatiana Smith, Anna Snellgrove, Preston Sumner, Lizzie Bell Swygert, Maci Walden, Bowen Ware, Harper Ware, Terrence Weaver

Honor Roll: 6th Grade Honor Roll - Joselyn Brantley, Kane Caraway, Natilie Chauncey, Semariya Clemons, Bentley Collins, Kayce Davis, Gabrielle Foreman, Lah-Ella Griffin, Chelsie Grimes, Caprice Handsom, Pearl Meadows, Landon Nasworthy, Bentley Peebles, Bryson Rogers, Preston Sumner, Amelia Taylor, Maci Walden; 7th Grade Honor Roll - Faith Akridge, Dylan Alford, Shaleigh Burns, Alex Cruz Gomez, Andriyanna Culbreth, Taylor Hannah, Hane Henry, Zackary Johnson, Paiyzli Kellum, William Kennedy, Jack Lee, Jake Marsh, Ava Matthews, Colbie Radford, Garella Santos Avalos, Kyson Trapnell; 8th Grade Honor Roll - Alyssa Burns, Jackson Cavanah, Mason Collins, Dawson Goodman, Mariah Griffis, Hadleigh Henry, Isaac Hodges, Amelia Meadows, Charley Mitchell, Cesar Salinas, Avery Snellgrove

Star Honor Roll: 6th Grade Star Honor Roll - Jenna Best, Hendley Blackburn, Braylie Brown, Brayden Coleman, Bristol Dorsey, Ansley Frye, Addyson Harrison, Blaire Johnson, Dicey Lane, Maggie Rowland, Liam Simmons, Clay Smith, Isabella Steptoe, Harper Ware; 7th Grade Star Honor Roll -

Camden Hall, Brodee Cate Johnson, Kevin Juarez-Aragon, Vaiden Kirkland, Tatum Matthews, Cam’ryn Silas, Bowen Ware; 8th Grade Star Honor Roll - Tylaun Baker, Lawson Frye, Mary-Ella Walden, Jonna Woodward

Academic E Awards: 6th Grade - Jenna Best, Hendley Blackburn, Joselyn Brantley, Braylie Brown, Brayden Coleman, Kayce Davis, Bristol Dorsey, Ansley Frye, Chelsie Grimes, Caprice Handsom, Addyson Harrison, Blaire Johnson, Dicey Lane, Pearl Meadows, Bentley Peebles, Maggie Rowland, Liam Simmons, Clay Smith, Isabella Steptoe, Preston Sumner, Harper Ware; 7th Grade - Dylan Alford, Camden Hall, Taylor Hannah, Hane Henry, Brodee Cate Johnson, Kevin Juarez-Aragon, Vaiden Kirkland, Jack Lee, Ava Matthews, Tatum Matthews, Cam’ryn Silas, Kyson Trapnell, Bowen Ware; 8th Grade - Tylaun Baker, Jackson Cavanah, Lawson Frye, Charley Mitchell, Cesar Salinas, Mary-Ella Walden, Jonna Woodward

Presidential Awards: Lawson Frye, Mary-Ella Walden and Jonna Woodward