ECHS to hold annual meeting


Do you know what this picture is of? Many would say a moonshine still, and yes, that would be a good guess; however, it is actually a turpentine still. It works on the same principle of gas evaporating, cooling, and becoming a liquid. The Emanuel County Historic Society has one at the museum along with many more items used in the Naval Stores industry that was preva-lent in this County until the middle 1960s. Naval Stores is the name applied to the entire in-dustry surrounding the longleaf and slash pines that are native to our county. The Pine Tree Festival was founded because of this.

Our Annual Meeting will be held Thursday, April 25th at 7 p.m. at the museum at 161 Muse-um Rd, across from the Jaycee Fairgrounds. Please bring a dish to share in our potluck dinner. There will be a short business meeting to elect officers and directors before the program on Na-val Stores.

For any information, call 478-763-3631. “May The Forest Be With You”.