East Georgia State College honors employees at Appreciation and Recognition Program


Each year at East Georgia State College’s (EGSC) fall workshop, faculty and staff come together to meet about the upcoming academic year. During the workshop, the annual EGSC Employee Appreciation and Recognition Program is held.

During this year’s workshop in August, outstanding faculty and staff were acknowledged. Employees achieving service milestones were presented awards for their dedication and years of service. In addition, STAR Staff Awards and Distinguished Faculty Awards were presented to faculty and staff who have gone above and beyond for students.

The first awards given out, the Service Milestone Awards, were for years of service. The award recipients have 325 years of combined service to EGSC.

For 25 years of service, Alan Brasher and Sandra Sharman were recognized. Larry Braddy and Paul Cerpovicz received awards for 20 years of service. For 15 years of service, Courtney Joiner, Carmine Palumbo, Jessica Todd, Ashley Woods, Tracy Woods, and Fang Xie were recognized. Armond Boudreaux, Antre’ Drummer, Sherrie Helms, Deborah Kittrell-Mikell, Candace Lynn, Luke Martin, Victor Poole, Chelsea Price, BJ Scott, Ruth Underwood, and Erin Youmans were all recognized for their 10 years of service to EGSC. For five years of service, Laura Chambers, Susan Howell, Lynette Saulsberry, Deborah Vess, Catressa Wilson, Hadrian Wolff, and Sara Young were recognized.

The next awards presented at the event were the awards for STAR Staff of the Year and Distinguished Faculty Awards. The recipients of these awards were chosen by the head of their department.

In the STAR Staff of the Year category, seven full-time staff members were recognized. In the President’s Unit at EGSC, Trey Drawdy in the Police Department and Katelyn Moore in Information Technology received the awards. For the Academic Affairs Unit, Meghan Crews in Library Services and Tayla Brown in Retention Services were recognized, and Cynthia Reese in the Office of Student Conduct received the award for the Student Affairs unit. Meshia Williams in the Business Office and Tom Parillo in Plant Operations were recognized from the Business Affairs unit at the College.

The Distinguished Faculty of the Year Awards for the School of Liberal Arts, Mathematics and Natural Sciences were awarded to John Gleissner, Yelena White, Jeffery Howell, and Julie Strickland.

EGSC’s success as an institution is strengthened by its dedicated faculty and staff who are focused on helping every student achieve a college degree. EGSC would like to thank the faculty and staff for their hard work each year.