Drawing a crowd



Swainsboro is known for many things. It’s the crossroads of the great south with that small town, cinematic feel that you just can’t replicate anywhere else. It has a cultural past that continues to thrive today and has created moments for many famous musicians and writers that probably wouldn’t have ever been famous had they not first made a stop in our sleepy little town. One local, beloved restaurant is embracing this fact about us by sharing its visitors with a small business that recognizes the importance of representing these treasures and how they make our town unique.

Since 1995, the Coleman House Inn has been owned and operated by Connie Thurman who purchased the ‘painted lady’ and created it into an inviting place of true southern comfort for all who have found their way up the steps of its colorful wrapped around porch. Filled with history, purchasable antiques and best of all, a buffet line full of authentic South Georgia cooking, it’s a place that locals hold dear to their hearts and tourists keep coming back too.

Folks from near and far come down to our hometown just to get a taste of what everyone’s been talking about. They leave with their bellies full and an urge to explore a little more. On Friday August 12, a large group of senior citizens from Warner Robins took a bus all the way to Swainsboro, just to relish in the experience that is the Coleman House.

“Our lunch crowd is always extremely busy.” Brandy Henderson with the Coleman House said, “We recently had a group from Warner Robins visit who are from the senior center there. They told us that they always try to do a monthly trip and asked what other things there are to do around here, so we referred them to Main Street Market.”

Like the Coleman House, Main Street Market receives out of town visitors constantly, because it’s a place of good finds, incredible wonder and holds one of the largest, private collections of music memorabilia that was once worn or owned by some of the biggest names in the music industry. Many of whom have once found themselves here in Swainsboro. Every month, the staff at Main Street Market and Music Memories Museum take diligent time and care to look through their guest book and count the number of travelers who have stopped to visit this community jewel.

“Our guest book has been signed by people from all 50 states and from over 20 countries” Michael Bright, manager of the Main Street Market and owner of the Music Memories Museum, explained.

“But every month there’s over 150 or more new visitors who sign that guest book, easily.”

The very popular Main Street Market even had its time in the spotlight recently when it became a highlight on the Savannah News and the Augusta News, a few weeks ago. It’s also listed on RoadsideAmerica.com as a museum who first opened because “Hank Williams Jr had his first appearance here in Swainsboro in 1958 at age eight, with his mother, on the stage of the historic Nancy Auditorium.”

Whether you’re new to town or new to these downtown eats and attractions, take some time to get out of the house and visit them today. We promise you won’t be disappointed!

photo credit - Main Street Market and The Coleman House