Donaldson to seek another term as Mayor


Twin City Mayor Matt Donaldson has announced he will be seeking another term as the Mayor of Twin City. Donaldson was elected Mayor of Twin City in 2019 and began his term in 2020. Donaldson previously served on the City Commission of Twin City from 2016-2019, with most of that time serving as Mayor Pro Tem.

Donaldson said, “I am proud to announce that I will be seeking another term as the Mayor of Twin City. During my 8 years in office, Twin City has come a long way, and there is more work to be done. I am ready and willing to continue serving the great people of Twin City.”

During Donaldson’s time as Mayor (2020-2023), Twin City has been awarded over $2 million dollars of funding. Of that funding, over $1.5 million of that funding has been through grants. That funding has or will fund the purchase of public works equipment, water line infrastructure improvements, police department vehicles, fire department equipment, a new fire department truck, a large road resurfacing project, recreation improvements, and a water meter replacement project.

Further, Donaldson has worked with US Senator Raphael Warnock’s office to apply for a further $12 million in direct federal grant appropriations – with $11.2 million for a complete sewer system rehabilitation and $800,000 for a sidewalk extension project to connect to Emanuel County Institute. The funding has been submitted in the next federal budget.

All these improvements have not come at the cost of the Twin City taxpayer. When Donaldson took office as Mayor, the city property tax millage rate was 7.213. The 2022 millage rate was 6.619. This is a 9% reduction in city property taxes in 4 years. In 2022, the city used excess Water & Sewer funds to prepay a loan by 2 years to the Georgia Environmental Finance Authority. This saved thousands of dollars in interest. Also, the city reserve balance has increased 95% since 2019.

Donaldson closed with, “I am proud of the work we have done in Twin City. Twin City is on the move, and we are working every day to make our city even better. I love Twin City. I live and work there every day, and it’s my greatest honor to lead the people of Twin City.”