Council has “Lite” meeting for September


The regular meeting of the Swainsboro City Council was moved to Tuesday, September 5, 2023, at 6 p.m. at City Hall. All members were present except for Councilperson Davis who arrived late. Minutes of the previous meeting were presented. Discussion ensued dealing with confusion and an item in error involving votes of Councilperson Collins and Parker regarding the subject of the recreation department. Councilperson Sconyers made a motion to approve the minutes as revised. Motion passed 5-0. (Davis not present at this point.)

Under Old Business, Mrs Giselle White-Perry addressed council again regarding the Robin Road drainage issue. Mrs. White-Perry inquired about results of committee meetings to investigate individual problems of property owners. She was advised that the committee had not met since the last meeting and there was no committee report. CP Quaterman advised that there would be a committee meeting before the next council meeting. Mrs. White-Perry reiterated her desire to see council assess the nature of the problem with the help of an environmental engineer. CP Sconyers offered that the property is in a flood zone and not the City’s obligation to address. Other remedies were discussed. City Attorney Levis advised that the possibility of the problems originating from adjacent privately owned property required careful investigation prior to any action.

Under New Business, council heard from Vicky Livingston regarding the City’s plans for Harmon Park. Ms Livingston spoke of the value of the park to the citizens of Swainsboro and the repairs and renovations that would perpetuate its attraction and benefit to the community. She inquired about the use of excess funds to purchase new benches and repair unsafe concrete tables and swings. Adm. Middlebrooks stated it would be taken under advisement.

The council considered transference between departments of a Police vehicle, with a motion by CP Sconyers and a 5 –0 vote in favor. The council heard the results of the review of the 2022 Audit by a Statesboro firm. CP Parker inquired about the similarity of the audit with a forensic audit. The representative instructed that a forensic audit would only address a specific subject or event.

In final action, the council amended the agenda four times to add or correct various actions that were not included on the original agenda. There was no action under the consent agenda and no activity under committee reports.