Commissioner Foskey won’t seek re-election


The Emanuel County Board of Commissioners held its first meeting of the new year on Tuesday, January 16, at 6 p.m. at the John C. Coleman County Office Building. Members present included Commission Chairman Hugh Foskey, Commissioner Timmy Oliver, Commissioner Ricky Thompson, and Commission Vice Chairman Jim Sherrod. Also present were County Administrator Guy Singletary and County Clerk Stacy Scarboro.

Chairman Foskey called the meeting to order and asked Administrator Singletary to offer the Invocation. Following the Pledge of Allegiance, the Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting and opened the floor for any public comments. Hearing none, the agenda moved to approval of minutes from the regular meeting of December 18, 2023, and the workshop meeting of January 9, 2024. The minutes were unanimously approved.

Chairman Foskey then discussed the appointments of committee members for 2024. These committees are vested by the county, and Commissioners serve in an advisory role and in some cases as voting members. The following appointments were made: The Heart of Georgia Regional Commission, Commissioner Sherrod and Oliver; The Joint Development Authority, Commissioner Sherrod; Emanuel County Medical Center, Commissioner Thompson; the Franklin Library, Commissioner Foskey; the Chamber of Commerce, Commissioner Sherrod; Emanuel County Health Board, Commissioner Foskey; Airport Authority, Commissioners Oliver and Thompson; Heart of Georgia Workforce Investment Board, Administrator Singletary; Twin City-Emanuel County Recreation, Commissioners Oliver and Sherrod.

The agenda then moved to Old Business where no action was required.

Under New Business, the Commissioners discussed the calendar of elections upcoming in the 2024 year and the notification of qualifying fees and other preparatory action by the office of registration and elections. The Commissioner voted unanimously to approve the standardized fee structure and deliver that to the office of voter registration and elections.

In the final agenda item, the Commissioners voted to re-appoint Dr. James Ray once again to the Emanuel County Health Department where he has faithfully served for many, many years.

Before adjournment, Commissioner Foskey asked for an opportunity to address an item not on the agenda. The Chairman then informed the group that he would not seek another term and wanted to go ahead and inform every one of his decision not to run again. Commissioner Foskey has served Emanuel County through numerous terms of an extended career in public service. Following this announcement, the meeting was adjourned.