Burke speaks to the Fall Line Chapter


The Fall Line Chapter held its monthly meeting on Tuesday, March 8, at 7 p.m. at the chamber of commerce. With Vice President Ed Jordan presiding, there were 10 members in attendance. Vice President Jordan asked Ken Lindsey to open with a prayer and to lead the pledge of allegiance to the U.S. Flag and a pledge to the SAR. Dual member Dess D. Smith IIII then introduced the night’s featured speaker, Compatriot Steve Burke, who presented a program was on the Sharpshooter's Shooter.

Burke began by telling all about the period rifles that he brought for demonstration. The Matchlock 50 cal. musket (1600's), had a burning piece of rope that would fall onto the powder when the trigger was pulled. The flintlock eventually replaced it. The flintlock (1700's) had a much better ignition system, and they came in rifled 50 Cal. barrels, 69 Cal. and 75 Cal. smooth bore muskets that could mount a bayonet for hand-to-hand fighting. In 1842, the percussion cap was invented to replace the flint on the rifle and smooth bore muskets. The fourth weapon that Burke showed was the sniper percussion cap smooth bore Whitworth 45 Cal. musket.

Vice President Jordan then mentioned to the chapter about the DAR Chapter wanting the Fall Line Chapter to assist them on December 17 with the Wreaths Across America project. The DAR Chapter wants to lay wreaths on every veteran's grave that is buried in the Old Sandersville Cemetery. Dual member Smith asked Wiregrass Chapter Chairman John Tapley to tell the chapter about his plans for Swainsboro’s Wreaths Across America set for December 17. The meeting was then closed by Ken Lindsey with a prayer and followed by the SAR processional.