BOC holds meeting of the year with many new changes


The Emanuel County Board of Commissioners convened for their regularly scheduled monthly meeting on Tuesday, January 17, at 6:00 p.m., at the John C. Coleman Hotel in Downtown Swainsboro. Alongside Chairman Jim Sherrod, Commissioners present for the meeting were, Vice Chairman Hugh Foskey, Desse Davis, and newest Commissioner, Timmy Oliver.

Before the commencement of the evenings meeting, Chairman Jim Sherrod shared these kind, heartfelt words in honor of beloved county Commissioner, Keith Thompson, who sadly passed away on January 15, after battling an extended illness.

“I want to take a moment and pay tribute to our friend and commissioner, Keith Thompson. Keith left us Sunday night and went home to his good lord and savior. Keith meant so much to so many. He was loved and loved dearly by a lot of people. He served this County as Commissioner of District II since 1999. His leadership and friendship will always be held tightly in our hearts. We rejoice knowing he fought a good fight and is now pain free, rejoicing in Heaven. Our deepest sympathy, thoughts, and prayers go out to his wife, Lynn, son Kal, and the rest of his family.”

Following Chairman Sherrod’s sincere tribute, a moment of silence was held by all for Commissioner Thompson as well as a prayer which was led by Commissioner Desse Davis.

The kindness and love that Commissioner Thompson embodied will always be remembered by all. He was a light and we are thankful to have experienced it. The-Blade Staff sends the Thompson family and our County Commissioners, our deepest condolences.

The first meeting of the year was called to order by Chairman Jim Sherrod who welcomed guests and media. Commissioner Desse Davis presented the invocation and Vice Chairman Commissioner Hugh Foskey led the pledge of allegiance.

The first order of business for the 2023 year was the election of a new Chairman. Chairman Sherrod nominated Vice-Chairman Hugh Foskey to represent the Emanuel County Board of Commissioners for a 2-year term. Commissioner Davis seconded that vote with all other votes passing. Congratulations Chairman Foskey! Immediately after receiving this title, Chairman Foskey shared these words:

“I would like to thank the Board for their confidence in me and I’d like to thank Jim Sherrod for doing an excellent job the last two years. Hopefully I can keep the ball rolling.”

Chairman Foskey then requested a nomination for Vice-Chairman. Commissioner Oliver nominated Commissioner Sherrod to serve as Vice-Chairman for a two-year term. Commissioner Davis seconded that nomination and the vote passed 4-0. Congratulations Vice-Chairman Sherrod!

Minutes from the regular Commissioners meeting that was held on December 19, 2022, and the special called Workshop Meeting that was held on January 12, were presented for review by Chairman Hugh Foskey. Commissioner Davis motioned for the approval of minutes as presented and was seconded by Commissioner Sherrod with all remaining Commissioners voting accordingly.

Immediately following the approval of the minutes, an announcement was made by Chairman Foskey regarding the 2023 Committee Appointments. The annual appointments for this year are as follows: Heart of Georgia; Jim Sherrod and L.G. Singletary, Joint Development Authority; Jim Sherrod, Joint Recreation Authority; Timmy Oliver and Jim Sherrod, Emanuel Medical Center; Jim Sherrod, Franklin Library; Hugh Foskey, Chamber of Commerce; Jim Sherrod, Health Board; Hugh Foskey, Airport; Timmy Oliver and Desse Davis, Workforce Investment Board; L.G. Singletary, Twin City-Emanuel County Rec.; Timmy Oliver and Jim Sherrod

Before going into the meetings New Business segment, Commissioner Foskey recognized and welcomed newest Commissioner, Timmy Oliver, to the Board.

New Business

· County Administrator Guy Singletary led a discussion on the purchase of a Grapple Truck that will be used at our county’s waste sites and after storms to clean up debris. County Administrator Singletary presented a quote for a one-year-old vehicle at a price of $165,000, that’s available immediately. The second option, Singletary presented Commissioners with, is a new unit that is available for the price of $220,000 with a six-month turnaround. Vice-Chairman Sherrod motioned to approve the purchase of the one-year-old Grapple Truck at the price of $165,000. Commissioner Davis seconded. The vote passed 4-0.

· County Administrator Guy Singletary held a discussion on the replacement purchase of a Sidearm Mower that caught fire while maintaining the brush on our county dirt roads. Because the original Sidearm Mower was a total loss, the insurance company provided the County with a reimbursement check for $130,000. County Administrator Singletary presented Commissioners with the lowest quote that he had received from any of the companies he had contacted. The company with the lowest bid was Mower-Max with a price of $223,000. The cost will be offset by the insurance check for $130,000. Chairman Foskey motioned for the approval of the purchase of the Sidearm Mower. Commissioner Davis motioned for the purchase and Commissioner Oliver seconded. The vote passed 4-0.

With no further comments or discussion, the meeting was adjourned.