Bennett to be City of Swainsboro’s next Mayor

Runoff election set for Nov. 30 to determine Swainsboro City Council District 1 Representative


Tuesday, November 2, marked Election Day 2021. This year, the list of candidates seeking appointment to public offices was a bit shorter than last year’s and included voting for two cities, Swainsboro and Stillmore, as well as county voting opportunity for ESPLOST. For the November 2021 election, The Blade went live for the event and featured Whitley Clifton, Russell Gates and Chis Durden as hosts for the live stream event which can be viewed online by visiting

Election results are as follows:


ESLOST votes deemed a huge yes for Emanuel County, with 1,755 citizens voting yes and 407 citizens voting no.


For the city of Stillmore, City Council Incumbent Kimberly A. Bowman won citizens’ votes over candidate Colleen Slater Duckworth. Bowman received 44 votes and Duckworth received 31 votes. Susan Mincey, Stillmore City Council Incumbent, also won the election with 49 votes compared to opponent Patti Purcell’s 16 votes.

Swainsboro Mayor

Running for the office of Swainsboro Mayor were candidates Greg Bennett and Shayna Boston. Bennett was announced the winner of the mayoral race and received 868 votes compared to campaign opponent Boston’s 520 votes. He will assume the roles of current mayor and predecessor of 16 years, Mayor Charles Schwabe.

City Council Districts

For Swainsboro City Council, Gregory Quarterman and Bobbie Collins both ran unopposed. Quarterman will represent District 6 and received 85 votes and City Council Incumbent Collins will resume the roles of her same chair in District 4. She received 155 votes.

Swainsboro City Council District 3 will be represented by City Council Incumbent Johnny Ray Stafford. He received 156 votes compared to campaign opponent K.E. McNeal’s 105 votes.

Lastly, for the City of Swainsboro District 1, Sue Bragg received 103 votes, D.J. Davis received 108 votes and Luis A. Machado received 26 votes.

A runoff election will be held for candidates Bragg and Davis. Election date for the District 1 runoff will be November 30. On this day, residents of Swainsboro will determine who will take the vacant seat for District 1 that was last occupied by Ricky Stevens.

All winning candidates will assume their new or current roles in January 2022. Stay tuned in with us for more details!