Be yourself: nobody can do it better


From the time we exit from our mother’s womb we try to be something we were not intended to be. This causes so much unhappiness because our interest lies outside what our society calls us to be. As no fingerprints or snowflakes are the same, no individual person is alike. When I started the first grade most boys were headed to the woods with their rifles to practice their hunting skills. But I had no earthly idea where my love of poetry or singing came from, but I always had the lead solo in our school plays. I sang my heart out! Year after year, I was the boy’s song leader for the 4-H club.

We lived in a country community, and it was frowned upon for a boy to sing and recite poetry, so I’m sure I heard the word sissy a few times, but I continued to be what God intended me to be. And when a little girl showed continual interest and wanted to play baseball in her brother’s little league, she was labeled as a ‘tom boy’. Baby dolls held no interest for her. To be different from the accepted role of boy or girl in our society carries a negative point of view that the youngsters don’t deserve. It would be a dreary world if everything in this world would be black and white without any ‘color’ outside the accepted. When we realize every human being was created from a God spark in our mother’s womb, then we’ll realize that our creator already had a specific plan for our individual life.

My point in writing this article is to encourage you to be yourself. Nobody can do it as well as you! There will never, ever be another you – warts, blemishes, and all! Kind you might be considered a ‘loser’ in society’s eyes, but who cares? You are God’s perfect creation, and nothing will ever change that! You may say “I have no power; I can’t change the world.” But you can. You can change that frown on your face into a sincere smile. You can plant a tree for future generations to enjoy and you can be sure that all your hopes and dreams from your head and into your heart are where they belong. Visit the depressed, lonely, and sick and by all means, pattern your life after the ten commandments. If you truly love one another, you will fulfill them all.


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