Age is just a number


I hear so many senior citizens say, “Age is just a number.” And if they are right, just look what a number it has played on us! Walmart has trouble keeping their shelves stocked with arthritis and lumbago medication, along with face creams and youth serums. It is a billion-dollar industry because our culture thinks it is a sin and is deplorable to age gracefully. We must appear to be younger than we are because modern society demands it. How many times do we tell little white lies to our neighbors and friends to make them feel good or better about themselves?

“You don’t look your age!” We say, and “To be honest you don’t look a day over 45!” But in truth they won’t see 65 again on a good day. Dolly Parton has vested Botox and every procedure to acquire a specific look and dress in order to appear younger than she actually is. But she never needed that garb or any outside help. She is just as beautiful inside and out just the way she is. It has been proven that beauty and good looks will open doors to you but if you have no inward beauty or sincere charm you won’t be there very long. Life is like a tootsie pop; it gets better towards the end where the sweet chocolate is. Remember don’t dwell on the past or future because the past is over and done with and the future is somewhere over the next hill. Enjoy the ‘now’ with all your imperfections, because when you get to be a certain advanced age, you will be forgiven. Just let society think you didn’t know any better because old age is a forgetful number.