A report from Davos


“Davos” is an annual gathering of the most elite world leaders, corporate captains, super rich industrialists, and most of the incredibly brilliant stars of the academic universe. It’s held in the strikingly beautiful skiing resort village of Davos, Switzerland, and was first organized as part of the World Economic Forum in 1971 by Klaus Schwab. It is by invitation only, so I tried to call up Uncle Klaus to see if he had any extra tickets lying around, and I even sent him a self-addressed, stamped envelope. Now, I understand this is a really busy time for him, and he hasn’t been able to get those tickets back to me. However, I will go ahead and give my summary of this year’s event which just ended before I could get there. Here is my report on “Davos 2024.”

When it comes to the future of the Earth, some world leaders are a little nervous, some are very nervous, and some got out of there so fast on their private jets that all you heard was “beep, beep” as they scooted away! Sadly, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken couldn’t even get his Air Force 2 jet started and was delayed in scooting. (more problems for Boeing) Over three thousand of the planet’s most beautiful, inspirational, and as Jerry Clower would say “folks from the gritttt Universities of books and learning” attended the week-long event and gave speeches to each other about globalism and populism and many other “isms.” Two hundred and fifty billionaires and millionaires were there. The leaders of the major European countries were there. China had the largest delegation it has had there since 2017. Middle Eastern and Asian leaders were there, but where was Joe? President Biden was a big “no-show,” but Al Gore and John Kerry were there to give an encore performance of their long-running show, “I’m Burning Up.”

Meanwhile back in the United States, most of us were in the middle of a record-setting winter deepfreeze. The Chairman of JP Morgan Chase Bank said Donald Trump was probably going to win the 2024 Election because people were tired of listening to Democrats telling them how good everything was when it wasn’t. President Emmanuel Macron of France agreed with other European leaders that concern about the world economy and climate change has now taken a back seat to worries about “shake-ups” across the world in places like Gaza, Israel, Ukraine, Iran, Yemen, and Syria. He made the astonishing assertion that this is not helpful to the world economic order. Boy, I bet that really had ‘em rolling in the aisles. Those French are sharp! They might even know where Joe wandered off to. By the way, late last week Biden did actually show up at an unannounced ice cream parlor to say he was going to relieve 5 billion dollars in student loan debt. That should put us over the 2 trillion-dollar mark in deficits for this Democratic administration. Way to go, Big Guy.

Well, January is not even over yet, and we’re already down to two candidates in the running to be the Republican nominee for President. The Atlanta Falcons, as of today, are still looking for a coach, and we now have found out that electric cars not only don’t like to get any farther than 350 miles from home, but they also don’t like to get out in cold weather either. So, in the paraphrased words of the famous actress Betty Davis, “fasten your safety belts everybody, 2024 might be a bumpy ride.”