A Halloween Nightmare


Each tick of the clock shattered the silence of the old musty hall. The dark, aged oak-paneled walls held tangled secrets of intrigue, deception, and betrayal. Footsteps grew louder and all at once from nowhere, an icy presence shrouded the room, and the moment of dread and doom was upon them. Grown men and women shriveled up, aghast in terror. Clutching one another, they hid their faces as the rusty door slowly creaked open to reveal the sight of nothing less than pure primal wickedness. Oh, Good Morning, Speaker Pelosi. Was it a dream or just another day in our nation's capitol? Well, it’s almost Halloween, and it’s less than 2 weeks from the mid-term election, so it’s only natural that there may be strange happenings abounding for a while. But let’s lighten the mood a little. Actually its very appropriate that the annual evening of trick or treat comes right around the same time as we pick our political favorites, put them in our Halloween bag and hope they turn out to be the good stuff when we have a chance to unwrap them and see what’s really there. Trick or treat, right? We all know that Halloween evolved from a combination of Celtic customs to ward off evil spirits, pagan celebrations, and a decree from Pope Gregory III in the 8th century to honor all Saints, nameless and otherwise on All Saints Day, November 1st.. All Hallows Eve (October 31st) started out as a night of fasting, prayer and celebration then became the single largest sales day for candy in the Milky Way that we now know as Halloween. So, there it is. You combine a little religion with a little partying, throw in a few unverified legends and there you go. It’s a perfect fit for politics. Costumes became part of Halloween as a way that living souls could hide themselves from unearthly spirits roaming the world who may be looking for them on the 31st. For President Biden, the “Where’s Waldo?” costume might be a good choice since he occasionally likes to play hide and seek with the Secret Service and then forgets where and who he actually is. Another popular and freakishly scary costume this Halloween for any Democrat would be “Mean Mr. Inflation”. The only problem with this costume is that the price automatically increases 8.7 percent each week. AOC will be stylishly spooky this year in her “Green Goblin” outfit which is solar-powered, costs $62,500 and never gets any further than the driveway. But no matter what costume you choose, be sure to stroll past the “Biden Executive Order Cemetery” and take a look at the final resting place of those who are no longer with us. With just a stroke of the pen the keystone Pipeline, the New York Stock Exchange's best year ever, $2.00 a gallon gas, low interest rates and low inflation are all now cancelled and gone. Like so many other fond memories of the best economy this country has had in years they are all there buried in deep economic hibernation. They bring back some pleasant memories, don’t they? But as we gaze into the pauper section of the cemetery we see the saddest sight of all, the earthly remains of your pitiful 401K retirement account. Once proud and productive, it is now just a shadow of happier times. So how does this ghoulish story end. Does the darkness of the Bidenized economy continue to descend over us or do the roaming spirits of retribution rise up and sweep across the "currently, not so fruited" plain to right the wrongs. The simple answer, my friends, is within the simple question that will be posed to us as we open the door on Halloween night and open the ballot on Nov. 8th. So, which is it my friends, ..... Trick or Treat ???