Zarem speaks to retired educators


At its January 18 meeting, the Emanuel Retired Educators Association welcomed Mike Zarem, Georgia Teacher Retirement System Program Manager. Mr. Zarem provided a TRS update and shared that the retirement system was in very good shape serving 244,841 active members and 145,027 retired members. During the last fiscal year, pensions of Georgia’s retirees boosted the state’s economy by $8.9 billion. Georgia TRS is currently the 23rd largest U.S. public pension plan. Zarem added that there are presently 9431 retirees at least 85 years of age, close to 3000 retirees at least 90 years of age, and 76 retirees who are at least 100 years of age.

The January meeting was held at Swainsboro Elementary School. Principal Valorie Watkins welcomed members and provided a delicious meal graciously served by several SES students. The next EREA meeting is set for Wednesday, February 15, at Twin City Elementary School.


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