Zamudio-Serrano announces bid for public office


DiTanya Zamudio-Serrano has announced she will be running for the seat of Swainsboro City Council District #4.
“I decided to run for office in June 2020 when, right after purchasing our home, I reached out to current councilperson with legitimate concerns over rapid gunfire, stray dogs, hand-to-hand drug deals, trash, loitering, unkept properties and other problems but never received a response. To this day, a response has yet to be received on the matters listed above,” Zamudio-Serrano stated.
Zamudio-Serrano is a 52-years-young native of Baltimore, Maryland, and the wife of Nelson Zamudio. With an extensive education background, she attended Baltimore City Community College from 1987-1990, where she graduated with a degree in criminal justice. She furthered her education by attending Villa Julie from 1990-1992 to become a paralegal. Following her education at Villa Julie, she enrolled in UMBC, majoring in English, from 2005-2006 and later attended Spelman where she majored in sociology/English from 2009-2012.
Work experience
Zamudio-Serrano entered in the workforce in 1987 with the City of Baltimore Police Department and remained a city employee until 1995 when she decided to take two years off to raise her youngest of three children. She returned to work for the same department in 1997 and stayed in this capacity until 2002. While serving the City of Baltimore, Zamudio-Serrano worked the capacities of police cadet, police officer, police detective, and victim/witness program coordinator. While raising three children and serving as a law enforcement officer, Zamudio-Serrano ventured off onto a new path that she still continues to provide services for as a tax professional and insurance broker of her own business, Tax Source Financial Services. In addition to this, she entered into the US Navy Reserves in 2008, serving our country as Master-At-Arms before being medically separated as a disabled veteran. In her spare time, she provides volunteer services with Habitat for Humanity.

Recently, Zamudio-Serrano addressed concerns which prompted her decision to run for council. The first concern being race relations within the City of Swainsboro.
“We need to acknowledge and celebrate the diversity of this town. Often, I sit in my office and am pleasantly surprised at the various cultures that pass by my place of business in downtown Swainsboro. Many locals are business and/or homeowners that are vested in this community too. It is amazing! Yet, there are no Hispanic, Asian, Middle Eastern, African, or Jamaican festivities held in Swainsboro that I’m aware of,” Zamudio-Serrano stated.
Apart from race relations, Zamudio-Serrano sees needs for removal of dilapidated structures, inclusion of healthy food alternatives, and flourishment to be seen within the city of Swainsboro, in which she is hopeful in dedicating herself to assist with said matters as an elected official.
“There are so many things that I would be focused on to help Swainsboro attract and keep homeowners, residents, businesses, and investors,” she further stated.
Zamudio-Serrano admits being no politician, however, she views herself as a great representative.
“There are two types of people, takers and givers. I happen to be the latter. Whether I am elected or not, it will not change my excitement, contribution, or support for the City of Swainsboro. I live and own a business here and I am not going anywhere anytime soon. Becoming a council representative or any other elected official is not a popularity contest; it is about doing the work of the people. It is about subtracting yourself from the equation and adding your constituents and other’s needs into the mix instead. As Ben Monterroso once said, ‘Activist can be principled and highly successful politicians!’ I am confident that I can support my peers and effectively represent the needs of my community” Zamudio-Serrano concluded.
Zamudio-Serrano wants to hear from the locals in which she hopes to serve if elected and is always available to make arrangements to meet in person to entertain discussion. She can also be contacted via Facebook at ditanyazamudioforcitycouncil or her business page at taxsourcefinancial.


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