We will not bow



Let us look beyond the severity, the precautions, and the statistics. I believe in being careful and precautions, yet I am not a fanatic. I was never a germophobic like some. Of course, they didn’t have to tell me to wash my hands and how to. I learned that in health class when I was a child in the old country school back when they taught common sense as well as from the good book while they taught man’s knowledge and learning which came from God. When I was a child, smallpox was bad and children died from it. They now talk of old folks dying of this virus. Well, way back in history, there was child killer diseases. They came to the school from the health department and gave us a smallpox shot. It left a tiny scar, still visible to this day. Thank God to remind me that the only thing that will alleviate the fear of this Chinese germ warfare virus is a vaccine. Otherwise, this thing could go on into eternity.

Folks are basically motivated by fear, which is a tactic of Satan. It is not of God. The word says that God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind. Not a spirit, but the spirit of fear, which is of Satan; and power, God’s power and love, His agape love and of a sound mind. Not a mind of voodoo and witchcraft which is led by fear. Also, all of this misinformation and confusion is of Satan. God is not a God of confusion. This thing is partly politically motivated. You can bet your old hound dog on that. Speaking of dogs…

They come up with so much mess now that it may have slipped by you when this thing started, some said that the dogs had it because this country that has went so low morally due to Hellywood (Hollywood) calling their dogs “their children”. One woman told her husband that he looked just like his son, the dog! Lord, help!

So, anyway, as one lady said, this is another sign of the times and a test of our faith as believers, which most failed miserably. I think to that – this is a test of these liberal, socialistic, communistic politicians that are testing us to see just how far they can go with poking socialism, which don’t work down our throats to feed their power hunger. Socialism leads eventually to communism and to destroying the freedom of worship our folks died for. So, to quote a great man from the past, Patrick Henry, “Give me liberty or give me death”! Amen to that!

All this mess going on all at the same time. Trying to take over cities and telling old folks that fought for this country and worked hard to get out of their homes because of these psycho nuts say that it all belongs to them. These terrorist millenniums that think they have an entitlement. They are entitled alright; to sit down, shut up, and follow the rules like we do. This liberal, now socialist, party that has been infiltrated by foreign influence is using all these riots and even this virus to test out the American society as to fast feed us this “new norm,” they call it. All hoarded up in the home shopping, even food online, and being told what to do when to do it and taking our spiritual rights and freedom away if they can while trying to destroy this capitalistic economy. Having power over us and trying to get everyone dependent on the government – even for money. Why work if you get money to not work? Good question.

I recall way back in history, Daniel 3:16-18, when a king tried to make three hard-headed boys bow down and worship their idol gods (they must have been kin to my family on the Toole and Alan side). They say that a diamond is the hardest thing on the planet; no – it is not! It is the heads of my kindred. So, to quote, those great men and we that are holy bold like Apostle Paul, must quote it too. Get on the pot or get off. “Oh, King, we will not bow down to your gods because we serve a God that is able to deliver us, and if He don’t, then we still will not bow down!”

Katie barred the door! Can you good ole’ real American country Christians say amen?


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