UGA Extension has healthy hydration tips for families


University of Georgia Extension and the SNAP-Ed Program are joining forces together this summer to encourage Georgians to get hydrated and healthy by drinking more water.
The hot summer months in Georgia make drinking water important. The Drink Water, Georgia! Campaign promotes drinking water rather than sugary drinks. This campaign provides flavored water recipes and other tips to help Georgians increase their water intake.
Drinking the amount of water recommended by health professionals can be difficult. Emanuel County Extension and UGA SNAP-Ed have some helpful tips to increase your water intake. Plan to drink more water all day! Keep water by your bed and start your day by drinking water when you wake up. Set a timer on your phone or watch to remind you to drink water throughout the day.
Other healthy hydration tips for you and your family include the following:
• Start a friendly competition with family members, friends or co-workers to meet their personal daily water intake goal. Choosing a winner at the end will be lots of fun!

• Carry a reusable water bottle with you wherever you go, especially when you exercise or are out in the hot sun to replace the extra water loss.
• Make it a habit to drink water every time you do daily tasks like brushing your teeth, eating a meal, going to the bathroom, walking to your mailbox, or taking your pills.
• Choose water first, but if you do drink another beverage such as tea or coffee, take a sip of water between sips of tea/coffee.
Many delicious fruits and vegetables have a high-water content. Watermelon is a perfect example and is in season! They are great options to flavor to your water without adding sugar. During the hot Georgia summer, infuse your water with fruit, vegetables and mint. Lemon, limes, oranges, watermelon, cucumbers and strawberries are favorite choices too.
Go to for more tasty water recipes.
For more information about the Drink Water, Georgia! Campaign please contact Emanuel Extension Office at or 478-237-1226 or the University of Georgia SNAP-Ed Program at


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