Two hundred years


Congratulations and Happy Birthday to the City of Swainsboro, my forever hometown as we celebrate 200 years. A huge thank you to The Forest-Blade for making sure that I received a copy of this cherished anniversary journal. I have read every word many times and found memories of people and places from my eighty-eight years part of the two hundred. This will only be a few---more will come. I saw the picture of Mr. R.A. Flanders, President of the Central Bank, whom I called “Big Daddy.” His granddaughter, Beverly, was in a wheelchair from results of polio. She welcomed the company of six-year-old Shirley. After closing the bank, her “Big Daddy” came by and always brought ice cream which I shared. I think I thought that was his name, so he was my “Big Daddy” for the rest of his life. After reading Sothern novelists, I learned that “Big Daddy“ was a Southern name for “Grandfather.” Later, he moved across the street from my home on Church Street. I continued to visit him on his front porch, and he was my “Big Daddy for the rest of his life. Beverly was rehabilitated from polio handicaps and became a talented and well-known artist.