Twins to remember


When my weekly Blade arrives, I always check the obituaries. Often, I see a name that brings back many memories. I recognized the picture of ninety-one-year-old Melvin McDaniel before reading about him. He was one of the twins who were so identical that you could not tell them apart. We just named them as “One of the twins.” They fit into the large family of my forever friend from first grade, Annette. When I had dinner with her family, I was overwhelmed to see both twins, Melvin and Melton, older brother Billy, two younger brothers, Johnny, and Jimmy. I had also never seen such a mountain of hot, home-made biscuits. These disappeared and were replace several times. Aside from being notable as “the twins”, along with their older brother, Billy, they were in the small graduation class of 1951---the last class to graduate from SHS in only eleven grades. They were not the only twins at SHS during this time. Charley and Wray Grimes were identical. Mary and Ann Bargeron were twins buy not identical and quite different. Also, unidentical twins, Anita and Olita Sconyers were quite opposites. The fifties were a time of twins. Write to Shirley at