Twin City turns 100!


January 3 may seem as if any other normal day for most individuals. However, to the city of Twin City, this specific date is more than just the typical day. Each year, January 3 marks another year since two cities incorporated into one, leading to the founding of Twin City. This year, Sunday, January 3, 2021, was a special day in the small town’s history as the city marked its 100th birthday since being founded in January 1921.

Background history:

For those who do not already know, the city of Twin City came about after two cities were merged together. Prior to the merger, Twin City consisted of two towns, Summit and Graymont. Located on the northeast part of current-day Twin City was the historic commercial and residential area of Summit. The southwest portion of the area was dedicated to the historic commercial and residential area of Graymont. Directly between the two towns, south of the intersection of Railroad Avenue and US Highway 80, was where the civic center was established and located in the early 1900s.

The town of Summit began in 1889 with its charter and construction of Rogers and Summit Railroad (later known as the Millen and Southern Railway). In 1898, the small town of Summit was chartered.

The town of Graymont’s establishment occurred in 1896 and was later chartered in the 1900s. Graymont was located just one mile away from Summit and featured its very own depot and post office.

Despite the two towns merging in 1921, both towns maintained separate post offices until 1952, the same year that the railroad tracks were removed from the historic district. Another fun fact about this small town that is known to be “twice as friendly, twice as nice,” is that until the year 2014, Twin City held a unique legacy as being the only town within the state of Georgia to have been merged into existence from two existing cities.

In celebration of its 100 years of existence, a committee was formed and will feature a year-long centennial celebration honoring Twin City’s history. To commemorate the year-long celebration, the committee will host an event each month during the year 2021. Kicking off the list of planned events will be the unveiling of new city limit signs which are anticipated to be displayed within the next couple of weeks. Also, to be featured in upcoming editions of The Blade will be featured residents of the Twin City area who will take us back in time to reflect on Twin City then and now. Be sure to stay tuned in with us for the latest update on the city’s signs, monthly feature, as well as upcoming happenings slated to take place throughout the year in the city of Twin City!


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