Three and a half years


It only lasted three and a half years, but Christ's message or sermons have withstood the test of time. Great empires have fallen. The Roman and Greek empires have vanished and left only remnants of the amazing architecture. Plato and Socrates theories are no longer valid in our modern society, but the word of God remains relevant in the twenty-first century and there is a deep hunger for spiritual food that only Christ can provide today. It is mind boggling that Christ's sermons on brotherly love lasted only 3 ½ years but are needed today just as desperately they were over two thousand years ago. Christ was born in a common stable but was of a royal blood line destined for greatness. He was born sinless from a virgin mother. His birth had been foretold by prophets’ centuries before and he was ordained by God to die for our sins.

The scriptures tell us very little about his childhood, but we know he was a regular student in the temple, amazing the elders with his knowledge of the scriptures and expressing love for his heavenly Father and mankind. He was preparing for the brief 3 ½ years that would change the world forever. His sermon was simple enough that any child could understand. His message was to ‘love one another’, and if you did then all the ten commandments would be fulfilled, and love would then conquer all your problems. Today we long for spiritual food that only Christ can provide which is evident from Christ's sermon on the mountain.

We have fewer Christian believers in the world today than ever before. We are ignoring the events pointing to the end of times! Folks! Read your bibles, the day of reckoning is upon us! The inspired word of God doesn’t lie, it never fails. Who can you turn to when the world and everything about it turns its back on you because of sin? Man, and his wicked ways have gotten us into this mess, and they can’t lead us out.

Life is a special gift from God. Who gave abortionist the right to take that life away from God? Render all things to God that is God’s, and render all things to man that is man's. A life is not man's to take. Only God can judge the disobedience of his children. He is giving us every opportunity to come back into his fold and flock before it’s too late.