The Second Union Missionary Baptist Association 125th Annual Session


The Second Union Missionary Baptist Association commemorated its 125th Annual Session with three spiritually explosive nights of singing, praises and worship at the Association Center located on 296 Oak Grove Church Road, Swainsboro. The start of the Annual Session begin as members and guests entered the Association Center where they were greeted by the friendly, warm and pleasant smiles of the Badge Committee, Rashida Gilmore and Latonya Whigham, and received their personal enrollment packet which included their name badge, a letter of greetings from Moderator Muriel Bell and Vice-Moderator Melvin Adams, an outline of the three night services, information of the future Conference Call Ministry and the upcoming Community Health Fair to be held on December 17, 2022 at 9 a.m. The Second Union Association Ushers were also dutifully on their posts in greeting and directing everyone each night.

The spiritually grand session began on Tuesday, October 11, with the Youth of the Association carrying out the services of the program. Taniya Williams, Vice-President of the Youth Ministry, was the presider announcing those on program to come forward. Tony Jordan called the service to order by inviting the congregation to freely join in the worship service. The youth choir brought the service to life with their angelic voices of praise and worship which included three soul stirring selections entitled, “Come On and Bless the Lord With Me”, “You Deserve It” and “My Hallelujah Belongs To You”. Gregory Houston led a dynamic devotion in lining hymnal “Father I Stretch My Hands to Thee”. Gwenasia Gardner read the scripture from Romans chapter twelve verse number two, Ty Worthen prayed a prayer and Braylee Ricks made everyone feel welcomed with her warm words of welcome. After the welcome, Moderator Reverend Doctor E. Muriel Bell greeted the congregation with words of inspiration and encouragement. Zjourney Gardner performed an instrumental clarinet rendition of “Go Tell It On the Mountain”. Our special guest, Reverend Derwin Jackson, director and advisor of the BRJ Ministry Experience Daytona and Augusta gave a brief motivational capsule of a program

that’s inspiring youth across the land. Creative Worshiping Arts is a program made of more than 300 youth that builds a platform for youth to show off their gifts and talents to God. Reverend Jackson is making plans to implement a Chapter in the Swainsboro area. After the motivational message, Vice- Moderator Adams presented special presentations of certificates to all who were instrumental in making the Teen Summer Camp a great success as well as giving recognition of the Youth Leaders with tokens of medallions.

After the presentations were given, Gregory Huston gave the offertory appeal and Vice-Moderator Adams prayed the offertory prayer. As the offering was taken up, the Youth Choir sung the selection “This Means War”. After the offering, Moderator Bell introduced the speaker for the evening, Reverend Norman Roberts, Pastor of the Antioch Baptist Church of Wrightsville, Georgia. After the introduction, the Youth Choir sung, “I Came To Tell You What Jesus Said”. Thereafter, Reverend Roberts began his sermon with a prayer, read scripture reading from the book of Acts chapter twenty-eight verses three through six. His subject was entitled, “They Thought I Wasn’t Going To Make It”. After the sermon, Reverend Roberts gave the Invitation to Discipleship as the minister of music, Robert Neal, sung “Let It Rain”.

La Marcus Webb, president of the Second Union Missionary Baptist Association Youth Ministry, expressed his appreciation and thanked the leaders of the Association for their guidance, leadership, activities, and all that they have done for the Youth. Closing remarks were given by Moderator Bell and Vice-Moderator Adams. The Benediction was given by Reverend Norman Roberts. Other ministers in attendance for the night’s service were Reverend Alfred Cason, Reverend Nick Robertson, and Reverend Allan Moss.

The Second night of the 125th Annual Session, Wednesday, October 12, 2022, began with another hallelujah night of praise and worship with Eloise Huston Johnson enthusiastically serving as presider and joyfully calling the service to order. Devotion was led by Mary Parker and Elect Lady Rashunda Bell. They began the devotional service in leading the congregation in singing the hymnal, “What A Friend We Have In Jesus”. Mary Parker prayed the prayer and Elect Lady Rashunda Bell led the congregation in singing “Just One More Time”. After the devotion, Eddie Dean Allen gave a heartfelt welcome. The Second Union Missionary Baptist Association Women’s Choir sung, “Every Praise Is To My God”. Motivational guest speaker for the evening was Syvetta Young. She began her inspiring message with a prayer and her topic was “Exemplifying the Fruit of the Spirit”. Everyone was touch by her words of wisdom.

In remembering and honoring our deceased members of the Association, Delane Washington, presented a Candle Lighting Memorial Ceremony. She began the ceremony by singing “There’s A Leak In This Old Building”, prayed a prayer and then called out the names of the member churches in which then a member from that church lit a candle in honor of their decease member or members. Delane ended the ceremony with the song entitled, “Be Done”.

After the Memorial Ceremony, Vice-Moderator Adams gave the financial appeal. Gertrude Ricks and Viola Johnson oversaw the collecting of the offering. While the offering was being collected, the Women’s Choir sang “Like the Dew In the Morning”. Vice-Moderator Adams prayed the offertory prayer.

Moderator Bell introduced the speaker for the evening, Reverend Samuel A. Cooper, Pastor of the New Moriah AME Church, Swainsboro, Georgia. Before the sermon, the Women’s Choir rendered a selection entitled, “How Great Is Our God”. Reverend Samuel A. Cooper began his sermon with a prayer. He read the book of Genesis chapter twenty-two verse seven and his subject was entitled, “Thank God For The Lamb”. After the sermon, Reverend Cooper gave the Invitation to Discipleship and prayed. The congregation sang “Lord Whatever You Do In the Season”. Closing remarks were made by Vice-Moderator Adams and Delane Washington, President of the Women’s Department. The benediction is given by Reverend Cooper.

The Women of the Association were dressed in white attire adorned with a purple corsage. Additional ministers in attendance for the night’s service were Reverend Alfred Cason, and Reverend Allan Moss.

On Thursday, October 13, 2022, the Deacons and Laymen of the Second Union Missionary Baptist Association carried out the service for the final night of the Annual Session with Deacon John E. Parker presiding and inviting the congregation to join in the service in joyfully singing “Lord I Know You Been So Good”. Deacon Louis Washington welcomed everyone and began the devotional service in lining hymnal “Come Ye That Love The Lord”. He prayed and then lead the congregation in singing “Jesus On the Main Line”. After the devotion, the Male Chorus sung a selection entitled “I Recommend Jesus”. The Book of Psalm chapter one verses one through six were read by Deacon Johnny L. Parker. After the reading of the scripture, Moderator Bell greeted the congregation with warm words of welcome and inspiration. Maddison Andrews and Kendan Ricks oversaw the collecting of the monetary funds for the offering and congregation sung “Thank You Lord”. Vice Moderator Adams prayed the offertory prayer. Thereafter, Vice-Moderator Adams call the roll of the Association leaders and various ministries.

Deacon Anthony Lloyd proudly introduced the speaker for the evening, Reverend Doctor E. Muriel Bell, Moderator of the Second Union Missionary Baptist Association, and the Pastor of the First Baptist Church of Stillmore. Before the Moderators’ Address, the Male Choir rendered a selection entitled, “God’s Grace”. Moderator Bell began his Address with a prayer. He read Jeremiah chapter twenty verses seven through nine and his subject was entitled, “The Day I Almost Gave Up”. After the Moderator’s Address, Vice Moderator Adams gave the Invitation to Discipleship as the Male Chorus sung “I ‘ll Be Alright”. A Love offering is presented to Moderator Bell as “One Night With the King” is sung by the congregation and Vice- Moderator Adam prayed a prayer. Closing remarks and the Benediction is given by Moderator Bell.

Other ministers in attendance were Reverend Doctor Elgin L. Dixon, 12th District President of the GMBC of Georgia, Reverend Earl Smith Sr., 12th District Moderators Coordinator of GMBC of Georgia, Reverend Jerry Armstrong, Reverend Allan Moss, and Reverend Alfred Cason.

For all three nights of service, music was provided by Robert Neal, keyboard, and Reverend Allan Moss, drums. It was truly three glorious nights of rejoicing in the Lord and the reviving of the soul for there were enormous amounts of angelic hallelujah praise that radiated off the four walls of the Association Center for the 125th Annual Session of the Second Union Missionary Baptist Association.