The deadly virus


Covid-19 reared its ugly, satanic head and brought the world to its knees. The pandemic has turned into a global crisis with no end  in view. People aren’t having time to say goodbye to their loved ones as the virus takes its toll. 

The scientific community is taking one step forward, and two steps backward to find a cure, which doesn’t seem to exist at the moment. The best brains that the world has to offer are left scratching their heads as the virus spreads like wildfire.

Most of us have followed the rules of getting our shots, washing our hands more often, and wearing our masks as we venture outside from the safety of our homes while everyone feels like we are playing Russian roulette with a loaded gun that is pointed to our head, which at any moment, could go off, inflicting the deadly virus unexpectedly. 

As horrific as the virus has become, some of us have found a small silver lining, while we have found time to reflect on our situation. We have come to the conclusion that we are more alike than different. Laying aside our cultural differences worldwide, which have been handed down to us and never challenged, we find that we all are created in the image of God, and long-held beliefs and dogmas should never separate us as human beings from the unconditional love of God. 

Instead of preparing for war and building up an army to inflict pain on our fellow human beings, we should use those finances to help people in their time of need. There should be more water wells drilled into the dry deserts of the African plains. There should be more drought resistant seed and grains introduced to third world countries to alleviate hunger. And, there should be a coming together of minds from every country, rich or impoverished, to discuss climate changes, world hunger, and world-wide concerns that affect humankind globally. 

Let’s put our nation’s pride aside and realize we are not in competition with other people of this world. Everybody is the same, no matter the creed, color, or nationality. We want a world filled with peace, love, and respect for other people, no matter their nationality or beliefs, and if God willing, the pandemic will soon be over.

We must do our part to be more compassionate to our fellow human beings. Thanks God for Bill and Melinda Gates who are pouring millions of dollars into charity and research in this country as well as third rate countries to benefit mankind. No problem is solved through hate. Love is always the answer. It doesn’t cost you a penny!


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