Taking action against illegal drug distribution


The Swainsboro Police Department and the Emanuel County Sheriff’s Department combined efforts to suppress the open-air illegal drug sales in Swainsboro. The Swainsboro Police Department's Drug Suppression Unit was formed by the Chief to take a proactive response to reduce illegal drug sales and reduce the criminal activity that results in relationship to illegal drug usage.

Thursday afternoon, March 2 officers detained several individuals in a raid of a known drug trade on Williams St. in Swainsboro. During the operations several arrests were made relating to illegal drug sales including Walter Kelly - Possession of dangerous drugs and possession of drug related object; Alfred Johnson - Possession of marijuana, possession of cocaine; Ronald Foots - Possession of marijuana.

Other arrests were made on individuals that had outstanding warrants for their arrest. Those arrested were identified as Felicia Ann Davis - Felony probation warrant; Alease Andrews - City probation warrant.

The operations were in response to numerous complaints of criminal behavior in the neighborhood, more specifically complaints of illegal drug activity.

More operations are being planned in the near future as the unit works on gathering intelligence on the location of targets relating to criminal activity from the sale of illegal drugs.