Three shootings within four-day timespan believed to be gang-related 


At approximately 11:27 p.m. on Tuesday, July 7, an officer with Swainsboro Police Department responded to the area of Lincoln Street and Gumlog Road after hearing what sounded like shots fired within close proximity to MLK Boulevard where the officer was on regular patrol duty.

Upon arrival, the officer came in contact with a male gunshot victim who was attempting to leave the scene by vehicle. Additional police units and emergency personnel also responded to the area. 

Further investigation revealed three houses and at least one vehicle were struck by gunfire during the late-night incident. Two handguns were seized by on-scene officers, and 47 shell casings were collected from the area.

These shell casings, according to police, were the same brand and caliber as other casings collected from two other crime scenes involving gunfire that took place over the Fourth of July weekend and Monday, July 6.

The scene at which the holiday weekend incident took place also involved one male gunshot victim. The location of this event took place outside of a Gumlog Road business setting known as Gilley’s, the same location at which 31-year-old JaMichael Walker was fatally shot in March 2019.

The Monday following the holiday weekend (July 6), SPD officers were dispatched to the area of Green Street in reference to two vehicles being damaged by multiple shots fired.

Swainsboro’s police chief, Randy Ellison, has addressed the recent situations with city council, Mayor Charles Schwabe, and the local district attorney’s office. 

In response to the nature of the crimes as well as concern for residents within the area, city council has suspended the business license belonging to the Gumlog Road business owner. 

“The mayor has an obligation to ensure that the citizens of Swainsboro are safe, as do I,” said Chief Ellison about the license suspension. “The license was not revoked, only suspended at this time in an attempt to ensure safety within the area.”

As of Wednesday, July 8, according to officials, the two male victims were reportedly in stable condition but are being uncooperative in providing details to law enforcement personnel, as are bystanders who were present during the shootings.

Based on information obtained thus far, officials believe the recent shootings are gang-related. Any members of the public are encouraged to relay any knowledge related to these events to law enforcement. 

“Whether it is a police officer, deputy, lawyer, or district attorney representative, we encourage any leads on the matter to be reported. Help us help you,” Chief Ellison stated.

Information can also be relayed through SPD’s anonymous tip line by calling 478-237-0800. 


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