Strobridge announces retirement


The regular monthly meeting of the Swainsboro Mayor and City Council was held Monday evening, May 6 at 6 p.m. at the Swainsboro City Fire Department building. Following an invocation and pledge of allegiance, minutes of the preceding meetings were presented and approved. In a change of process, time was made available for public comments. Subjects addressed by concerned citizens involved the suspension of work on the Community Action for Youth gymnasium project and the previously discussed possible future renovation of City Hall. No action was taken on either issue. Next council heard again from representatives of Allgreen regarding contract pricing increases for garbage waste management. Council voted for an increase of $1.00 per household and $1.00 per cubic yard for commercial dumpsters. Council then gave final consideration and approved the application for alcohol license for 202 East Main by Krishnaben Patel. Under new business, council was addressed by Fire Chief Mike Strobridge who officially made notice of his retirement date of July 12, 2024. The Chief received a standing round of applause for his many years of service to the City. Library appointments were next considered by council and David Morgan and Syvetta Young were appointed for new terms. Council also considered the selection of a city engineer for a new contract term. Turnipseed engineers was selected unanimously.

In the following action, council by consent passed eight items that were considered at the Workshop meeting of April 29,2024. The items passed are as follows: Amended pension ordinance, Door replacement at city auditorium, NPDES Permit, Game Room application for Loan Bui at 111 South Central St., Redistricting of Downtown District, hiring new Fire Department personnel, contracting with Georgia Chiefs Association for help in hiring new Police Chief, Agreement to new arrangement with Department of Transportation.

Council at this point voted to go into Executive Session. According to legal disclosure, property acquisition and client/attorney discussions were to be held. Council returned to open session and reported on three items considered. Without providing any explanatory information as to the nature of each item, the council deferred final action pending additional information on item one. In reference to item two, a motion to seek architectural assistance in preparing conceptual information and cost estimates regarding property renovation at City Hall was approved. On item three no action was taken. At this point the meeting was adjourned.