SPD Reports - Nov. 9, 2022


Officers with the Swainsboro Police Department (SPD) reported…

October 30

Officer was patrolling on East Pine and noticed a vehicle with no tag lights that was also failing to maintain their lane of travel. Officer conducted a traffic stop, where the vehicle was found have a suspended registration and the vehicle’s owner had a suspended license. Driver was arrested and transported to Emanuel County Jail for booking and housing.

Officer was dispatched to Gloria Street for a domestic that previously occurred. 911 advised the offender left walking down Youngblood Street. Upon arrival, the two parties were at the trunk of their shared car arguing, where the man was reaching into the car to grab his belongings and the woman was slapping them out of his hand. Both were placed under arrest for disorderly conduct, disorderly house, and interference with police officer after he also refused to comply with police officer.

Officer responded to Moring Street for an unwanted person. Upon arrival officers made contact with offender who was detained for further investigation. Victim did not want to press charges for being pushed by offender. After asking offender what happened, she stated that the daughter of victim was asked to not come to offender’s place of business. Offender received a call that there were a lot of people in her parking lot and when she saw who it was, she called the police. After investigation, offender was taken out of handcuffs and was advised to get a restraining order.

Officer responded to Advantage Lane in reference to people trying to take someone’s dogs. Upon arrival, officer met with c/p and offender who were arguing over some puppies. Offender stated that her dog had puppies and that c/p would not give her the puppies. C/p stated that she did not was offender back on her property and she was advised to call 911 if it happened again.

October 31

Officer was on South Main Street when he observed a vehicle with the passenger tail light not properly working. A traffic stop was conducted where two pills were found in the vehicle in a cigarette pack. Both the driver and the passenger were placed under arrest for possession of narcotics.

Officer was dispatched to SPD in reference to a report. Upon arrival, officer spoke with c/p who advised that she discovered that her vehicle had been damaged. Officer went outside and found scratch marks along the side of her vehicle.

Officer was dispatched to Harmon Park for a dog that needed to be removed. C/p stated that the dog had growled at him and had run away. Animal control arrived and was able to get control of the dog.

Officer was dispatched to Emanuel Medical Center in reference to a man who stated he was pistol whipped. Victim stated that he was at the store beside the liquor store on North Main Street when another male wearing a black hoodie and blue jeans came up to him ad demanded money. Victim told him he did not have any money and the man hit him in the head with a pistol, causing sever laceration to his head. Victim stated offender gave him $600.00 cash money. Victim smelled of alcohol, and stated that he did not want a report that he would handle it on his own, threatening the unknown offender. He was advised to inform local PD if he remembered anything else.

Officer was dispatched to the area of South Main Street and Lambs Bridge Road in reference to a sinkhole in the roadway. On arrival officer met with victim who stated that she hit the hole causing her back tire to go flat. Another vehicle hit the hole and help was called to fix it.

November 1

Officer conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle. Offender had a suspended license and was arrested for that along with failure to comply.

Officer was dispatched to SPD in reference to a report. Upon arrival officer spoke with c/p who stated that when he arrived home the night before, he had a missing firearm from his vehicle and gave a description of it.

November 2

Officer conducted a traffic stop where offender was arrested for driving with a suspended license, no insurance, and conceal or misrepresent tag.

Officer responded to Marion Street in reference to a dispute taking place and offender allegedly breaking windows inside the residence. Offender was drunk and attacked c/p physically and there were visible marks on the inside of c/p’s left arm but they didn’t appear to be fresh.

C/p walked into SPD to file a report on offender about an incident that took place back in August. C/p stated that him and his son took the victim’s vehicle to Goodfella’s to get his engine fixed around 1 year and 1 month ago. C/p also stated that where went to check on the vehicle the offender told him it was still being worked on. The offender tried to buy the vehicle instead of fixing it. The vehicle was towed and taken to another location where the transmission and engine were found to be missing. Offender said that he would get the parts back to him soon. He never contacted him and later stated he didn’t have the engine or transmission.

Officer was dispatched to Oak Street in reference to a domestic dispute. C/p reporter that offender became angry when his ex-girlfriend brought food to him at the residence. C/p reporter that the offender threw the food into the yard. Offender was asked to leave and called a relative to get her. Offender was transported to SPD to wait for relative.

November 3

Officer was dispatched to Moreland Avenue in reference to a damaged vehicle. Damage was made to a vehicle while parked according to c/p.

Officer conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle for no tag display. The driver did not have a U.S. license and spoke little English. Offender was placed into custody and vehicle was towed.

Officer met with c/p on West Pine Street in reference to a damaged vehicle. C/p thought his car was damaged while he was in Walmart, but it turns out his neighbor’s daughter had hit his car with a brick and left with the brick.

Officer was patrolling on North Coleman when man flagged him down. After pulling over, officer was advised that the man walking down the street had just shoplifted from the store. Man had a slur of speech, an odor of alcohol, and red, glossy eyes. Man was placed under arrest for criminal trespass and public intoxication.

Officer responded to King Circle Drive in reference to a dispute. Officer pulled up to a man and woman arguing inside of the residence. Both stated that the argument was just verbal.