SPD Reports 9-28-22


Officers with the Swainsboro Police Department (SPD) reported…

September 16

Officers were dispatched to North Green Street in reference to a damage to vehicle report. Upon arrival, reporting officer met with complainant in her vehicle. The vehicle’s front passenger side had been pulled away from the vehicle and the middle of the hood had a dent in it. C/p states that she had left her vehicle in park and rode with her significant other in his truck and upon return found her vehicle like this.

Officer initiated a traffic stop due to vehicle not having active insurance. Driver stated that he had forgotten to pay insurance for the month. After running his license, it was also found to have been suspended. Driver was issued a citation and was served with an official notice of suspension.

Officer responded to Empire Expressway for an unwanted person. Upon arrival, officer made contact with offender and proceeded to go inside to make contact with c/p. C/p stated that offender was threatening victim before he got to work that morning. C/p stated that victim left work when she saw offender pull up to work. Offender was advised to leave, and if he returned, he would be criminal trespassed.

Officer conducted a traffic stop due to vehicle having a non-working passenger side headlight, non-working tag lights, and no tag being displayed. Driver stated that she had just gotten the vehicle. When other officers arrived, driver and passenger were asked to exit the vehicle, and K-9 was brought out. K-9’s behavior changed after approaching the passenger’s purse. After a search, two plastic bags of methamphetamine, a syringe with clear liquid inside of it, four used syringes, and one digital scale was found. Passenger was placed under arrest and vehicle was given back to the driver who stated that she would purchase a tag.

September 17

Officer responded to Walmart in reference to a shoplifter who was no longer on the scene. Upon arrival, officer met with an employee who advised that the offender was involved in fifteen different incidents where shoplifting had occurred. Transactions dated back to 7/31/22.

Officer responded to Longleaf Dr. in reference to a report of a stolen cell phone. C/p stated that she and the offender had gotten into an argument and that when she walked out of offender’s residence, offender snatched her phone and closed and locked the door. C/p stated that she ran to her daughter’s car and got into the car and locked the door. C/p is scared of the offender because he had beaten her in the past. She sent her daughter to ask for the phone, and if not returned, the police would be called. Offender cussed her and then left the residence on foot. Officer followed c/p to her residence for safety and warrants will be taken out on offender for theft by taking.

Officers were dispatched to Huddle House in reference to a fight in progress. Upon arrival, the fight had dispersed and the victim did not wish to press charges. While entering the establishment, officer came in contact with offender who had warrants for his arrest. Offender was searched and two bags of marijuana were found. Offender was taken to Emanuel County Jail and was booked for marijuana more than an ounce.

September 18

Officer was dispatched to North Coleman Street in reference to a dispute between neighbors. Upon arrival, officer met with c/p who explained that the neighbor was cursing at her after giving her several furniture items and wanted them back due to c/p spending time with a male acquaintance. Officer advised offender to keep her voice down and to avoid any further contact with c/p. Later that night, officers were dispatched back to the same location where c/p stated that offender continued to shout at her after officers left. Offender was placed under arrest for disorderly conduct.

Officer was traveling down North Main Street and encountered a van only moving about 5 MPH, then a red golf cart turned onto West Church Street and officer initiated a traffic stop. Offender appeared to be highly intoxicated and asked to give a breath sample which came back positive for alcohol. Offender was placed under arrest for DUI along with passenger being placed under arrest as well for a probation warrant.

September 19

C/p came into SPD to make a report about a dog at large. C/p stated that a brown pit bull tried to attack her on Canoochee Road. She stated she tried to ask her neighbors to keep it on a chain but no results are being shown.

Officer arrived at an accident scene on Calhoun Street where one person had been shot and was still breathing. While enroute to the location, they also received word that two people had been shot in the leg. Upon arrival, officers were doing chest compressions on the victim who had been shot in the back. Victim was pulseless and apneic. Compressions continued until EMS arrived. Other victims were transported to Emanuel Medical Center ER, then later transported to Augusta.

Officer was dispatched to Durden Road in Twin City for the purpose of assisting the ECSO locate an offender that fled on foot. K-9 was brought to track offender and located his trail going east. Offender’s trail was lost, meaning he may’ve been picked up by a vehicle.

September 20

Officer was dispatched to Braswell Boulevard in reference to the resident in the home not wanting the kids there anymore. Upon arrival, officer spoke with c/p who stated that his wife had passed a while back and he did not want the kids to live with him anymore because none of them do anything and one of them doesn’t go to school. He stated that their mother lived on Lee Street, but the kids were living with him and his wife and continued living with him after she died. C/p appeared to be intoxicated. The two juveniles were taken to their mother and the mother took charge of them.

C/p came into SPD to make a report in reference to a damaged vehicle. C/p stated that he had woken up and found his vehicle damaged and did not know who or what happened because he was asleep.

Officer was dispatched to Rodeway Inn. Officer met with c/p who stated that she wanted items she left in a room, but c/p did not have them because her mother had retrieved them. C/p stated that offender was harassing him via Facebook. C/p nor the hotel is responsible for lost items.

September 21

Officer found offender had a suspended driers license after initiating a traffic stop. Offender was arrested and issued a citation for driving on suspended license and turn over to Emanuel County Jail Staff.