SPD Reports 9-21-22


Officers with the Swainsboro Police Department (SPD) reported…

September 7

Officer responded to West Moring Street for damage to a box truck. The driver was going down the street and hit a low hanging tree branch with the truck. This caused a hole at the top left side of the truck.

Officer met with complainant at SPD in reference to a damaged vehicle. C/p stated that she spotted a dent on the right rear corner of her vehicle. She stated that she remembered viewing the undamaged vehicle the day before, but had gone to Walmart and parked in a handicapped spot.

September 8

Officer responded to Pine Street for a brother putting his stuff out side. C/p stated his brother is moving out of their home and told him to get his stuff out of the house. C/p stated that his brother was throwing his stuff in the yard, including a flat screen TV worth $279 and a PlayStation 4 worth $500.

Officer conducted a traffic stop on Mable Avenue. Offender was charged with possession and use of drug related objects, tags: removing/affixing tag w/intent, and operating an unregistered vehicle.

Officer was dispatched to KFC to report an irate customer. Upon arrival, officer spoke with c/p. Offender reportedly came through drive thru window when his card was declined. Offender then began to swear at employees and proceeded to leave and return into the building. offender then swore and threatened to hard employees. C/p wanted offender trespassed from the building.

September 9

Officer conducted a traffic stop for a tag being on the wrong vehicle it was displayed on. Officer brings K9 out due to driver acting nervous and jittery. Offender was charged with possession and use of frug related objects and possession of less than 1 oz. of marijuana.

Patrolling officer was dispatched to Lewis Street in reference to a vehicle being shot. Upon arrival, officer met with c/p who stated that he had recently moved back into the family home which caused conflict with his aunt. His cousin shot c/p’s truck and took off running. The vehicle showed a bullet hole through the passenger window and exit out the driver’s side.

C/p came into SPD in reference to fraud on her account. She stated that a check from her account was created at Walmart in the amount of $323.33. C/p explained that she has not authorized and checks to be cashed nor did she write any out. C/p froze her bank account transactions, debit card, and that the bank will refund her payment.

Officer responded to the intersection of Elmer Street and Industrial Blvd in reference to a vehicle fire. Upon arrival, officer observed flames coming from the driver door. Fire department was already on the scene and extinguished the fire. Owner of vehicle advised that he was driving and smelled something burning and then flames started coming up from the driver door panel.

September 10

Officer was dispatched to the emergency room at Emanuel Medical Center due to a walk-in gunshot victim. Victim was not giving any information in regards to what or where it happened. When officer asked victim what happened he stated that he had been friends with the victim for a long time and did not want him in trouble. After finding out who committed the crime, officers reported to his residence.

Officer responded to Emanuel Medical Center in reference to a female that had been left at the ER had been pushed out a window. Victim stated that offender was her step-mother, but would not put a label with a name. Officer reported to address given by patient and upon arrival found pools of blood and a shattered window. There were no signs of anyone at the residence.

Officer was dispatched to Enmarket in reference to shoplifting. Officer was advised that a white male had taken several items without paying for them in the amount of $24.76.

Officer responded to Walmart in reference to shoplifting. Upon arrival, officer made contact with c/p, an employee of Walmart. C/p advised offender bagged six items worth $36.14 without scanning them and then attempted to leave the store. Offender was transported to Emanuel County Jail.

September 11

Officer conducted a traffic stop. Offender was charged with operating an unregistered vehicle and no insurance.

September 12

Officer responded to Hall’s Minit Mart in reference to shoplifting less than $500.00

Officer met with c/p at SPD in reference to a damaged vehicle. C/p stated that she found a dent in her vehicle when exiting Walmart and could not recall the last time she viewed the undamaged portion.

Officer met with c/p at SPD in reference to a report. C/p advised that multiple houses on Williams Street had damage to the windows and front porches. She stated that she had recent evictions from those residences and that renters were angry and began damaging properties.

Patrolling officer responded to South Main Street in reference to criminal trespass two people. C/p stated that he wanted the two offenders trespassed from the Roadway Inn. Offenders stated that they were leaving and never coming back.

Officer responded to Lewis Street in reference to a report. C/p stated that he and his cousin had gotten into a verbal argument. Cousin cussed him and said she was going home to get a gun and come back and shoot him.

Officer met with c/p at SPD in reference to damage that occurred to her vehicle while parked at her residence. C/p stated that an unknown person struck her vehicle in the early hours of the morning.

September 13

Officer responded to Enmarket in reference to a shoplifter who had already left the location. C/p stated that offender stole some chicken wings and a chicken tender sandwich in total of $10.98.

Officer was dispatched to Walmart in reference to shoplifting that had occurred previously. Offender was charged with shoplifting under $500.00.

Officer was dispatched to Enmarket in reference to a report of shoplifting. Offender had entered the store, grabbed some alcohol from the cooler then proceeded to fake scan item on self-checkout and leave. Warrants were taken out on offender.

Officers responded to William Rountree Road in reference to a male screaming at and pushing a female. The female reportedly had brought her boyfriend, who had recently been released from jail, to live with her and the male. The female did not like this and just wanted her out.

September 14

Complainant met a man online and had been sending him money and he was finally paying her back. C/p received a check in the mail from Chase Bank for $8,920.76, which she deposited in her account. C/p received the minimum portion of the check while it was placed on hold due to the amount. C/p sent $1,620 to a cash tag name and now she owes that back to the bank. C/p was advised she is responsible for the money owed back because she deposited it in her account.

Complainant went to SPD to make a report about his brother taking a book that belongs to him and will not give it back.

Officer ran the registration on a vehicle to find the owner had a suspended license. Officer initiated a traffic stop and asked the driver for his license and he stated he did not have a license because they are suspended. Offender was advised of why he was stopped and stated he did not own the vehicle.

Officer observed a vehicle with suspended registration and no valid insurance, at which time he initiated a traffic stop.

September 15

Officer responded to N. Main ST. for a wanted person. Officer made contact with offender who had a warrant for her arrest and transporter her to EmCo Jail.

Officer responded to New S t. for someone taking a package.

Officer observed a vehicle without a tag, but it did have a drive-off tag. It looked as though someone used a black marker and wrote an expiration date on it. Officer conducted a traffic stop to find the driver did not have a license. It was also determined that the driver’s husband purchased the vehicle appx. one year ago in TX and never put a tag on it and it was uninsured.

September 16

Officer was approached by a vehicle with its bright lights on and never dimmed them, at which time he turned around and ran the tag to find it had suspended registration. Officer initiated a traffic stop and could smell a strong odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle. Offender was transported to EmCo Jail.