SPD Reports 9-14-22


Officers with the Swainsboro Police Department (SPD) reported…

August 31

Officer observed a vehicle traveling 45 MPH in a 35 MPH zone, at which time he initiated a traffic stop. It was determined that the driver had a valid warrant for aggravated assault with a gun out of Vidalia. Officer had 911 verify the warrant and send a hit request to the agency and they did want to place a hold on offender. Offender was transported to EmCo Jail for Toombs Co. to pick up.

Officer was stopped by complainant at Enmarket asking about a report on stolen lawn equipment. Officer asked c/p if he had all documentation on the equipment with him and he stated he did not. Officer asked c/p if he knew who stole the property and he stated three males that he did not know. Officer advised c/p to get all documents for the property and take it to SPD so they could start a report. The following day, c/p took the documents to SPD and advised that his neighbor had video footage of the suspects on their ring doorbell but deleted it because he didn’t think anything about it, but described the suspects.

Officer was dispatched to North Racetrack St. in reference to complainant stating she heard gun shots that sounded like it was in her hallway. A bullet did hit her front door.

Officer was dispatched to WalMart in reference to offender skip-scanning on five prior incidents prior to her arrest totaling $331.36.

Complainant went to SPD in reference to a sack/bag of green leafy substance believed to be marijuana found in the parking lot of Mike’s.

September 1

Officer responded to SPD for a walk-in report. Complainant stated while at WalMart, she and a female got into an argument and she used her phone to record offender but offender walked away due to an employee pulling offender away. As c/p was walking out, offender walked in a pushed c/p’s head back and c/p then pushed offender back. Officer went to WalMart to look at video footage and will be taking out warrants for offender for simple battery.

Officer was dispatched to West MLK Blvd. in reference to a female subject stating her phone was stolen by a male subject who took off walking back towards North Main St. Officer asked is c/p wanted to press charges and she stated yes. Officers went to the residence and spoke with c/p who stated she and offender were getting ready to eat and he took her phone and left walking. C/p advised offender was at D&I and retrieved the phone from him. Offender asked if he was going to jail and was told yea and he took off running. Officer chased offender and tackled him and continued to give verbal commands to out his hands behind his back and he continued to refuse. Offender was placed under arrest and transported to EmCo Jail.

Officer attempted to conduct a traffic stop due to suspected driver having a warrant for his arrest. Driver observed officer getting closer so he fled and drove the vehicle off the roadway into the woods and exited the vehicle and fled on foot.

Officer was dispatched to SPD in reference to an incident that happened at WalMart. Complainant advised that he discovered offender skip-scanned $27.36 work of items.

Officer was dispatched to WalMart in reference to several incidents that happened. Complainant advised offender skip-scanned on nine prior incidents totaling $234.85.

Officer was notified that someone shot three vehicles with fireworks. Complainant stated they were rolling houses for Homecoming week. Officers went to a residence and spoke with a male subject about what was going on and he stated with an attitude that the ones complaining were trespassing, at which time he was advised that they were not trespassing and the male subject continued to argue. Officer advised the male subject to let kids know not to shoot fireworks at vehicles.

Officer met with complainant at SPD in refence to c/p getting her vehicle back from Goodfella’s and the engine having damage to it.

Officer responded to Church St. in reference to dogs being left outside without shelter.

Officer was dispatched to Moreland Ave. in reference to complainant wanting officers to assist with getting her car back from an auto shop. C/p stated her vehicle had been at the auto shop since Dec. 2021 and items were missing out of it.

Officer responded to EGSC to assist with a naked female in the pond. Officer observed offender submerged in water up to her neck. Offender was eventually gotten out of the pond and transported by EMS to EMC ER. Officer was later dispatched to EMC ER in reference to offender being combative and had hit one of the nurses in the face. Offender was transported to EmCo Jail for public indecency.

Officer observed a vehicle failing to maintain lane, at which time he initiated a traffic stop. The driver advised he was trying to get back to Wadley and it’s hard for him to see at night and that’s why he swerved. Officer advised the driver which way to go and to be safe, and he was observed turning the opposite direction. Appx. 45 minutes to an hour later, another officer pulled him over for failure to maintain lane and it was determined that the driver could possibly have Alzheimer’s or Dementia. Officer contacted the driver’s daughter and had her pick him up.

September 2

Officer was patrolling Kite Rd. and as he passed Swainsboro Ford, he observed a truck in the parking lot with its lights on facing another vehicle. Due to recent entering auto’s and thefts of catalytic converters, officer made contact with the vehicle and the driver was leaned over towards the middle front seat and appeared to be asleep. Officer recognized the driver and woke him up and asked why he was there asleep and he stated he was looking at vehicle and fell asleep. Officer asked offender if he was on anything and he stated no but due to the fact that he is known to be in possession of drugs and narcotics, officer asked if he could search the vehicle and he stated yes. A clear plastic bag containing nine different pills was found. Offender was transported to EmCo Jail for having controlled substances without prescriptions.

Officer got behind a vehicle and noticed the registration appeared to be expired and ran the tag to find that it was, so he initiated a traffic stop. Officer asked the driver for his license and he stated they are suspended due to citations from a crash. Officer advised offender why he was stopped and observed a beer bottle in the center console and asked if he had been drinking. Offender stated he and his wife are having some issues and he drank before he left. Officer issued a PBT on offender and he failed. Offender was transported to EmCo Jail.

Officer observed a driver known to have active warrants for her arrest for shoplifting from WalMart. Offender turned in to the 24-hour store before officer was able to initiate a traffic stop and made contact with her inside the store. Offender was advised she was being placed under arrest and transported to EmCo Jail.

September 3

Officer observed taillights in a sharp curve on Moring St. It looked like the vehicle was possible wrecked and when officer approached it, he could tell it was just stopped in the roadway on the curve. The driver pulls off approaching the four-way stop and proceeded without stopping when officer turned on his blue lights. The vehicle continued to accelerate speeds above 100 MPH until he attempted to turn and realized he could not make the turn and went to another road and turned into a neighborhood and slowed down to turn into a residence where he exited the vehicle and ran inside. Contact was made and offender came out. Offender was transported to EmCo Jail.

Officer was dispatched to South Main St. in reference to a gas drive-off. Complainant stated offender walked around the store for a little while acting suspicious and attempted to pay for gas with a card that was declined and he returned to his vehicle and left without paying for $20 gas.

Officers were conducting an approved license check and insurance check at which time it was observed that a driver did not have on a seatbelt and appeared to be fidgety and nervous. Driver advised that he did not have his license on him and gave his name and DOB. Offender was advised to pull over on the side of the road and as it passed officers, a strong odor of marijuana was coming from inside the vehicle. While officer was verifying the driver’s info, he fled the location, creating a danger to persons and/or property. Officer was advised that the driver came back with multiple warrants. Other warrants have been issued on offender.

Officer was dispatched to Sunset Inn in reference to criminal trespass.

Officer responded to Rose’s in reference to a shoplifter. Offender exited through the rear fire exit and dropped a backpack with an ID card and SS card inside. Also inside the bag was a cut straw and tin foil with residue inside.

Officer responded to Soloman St. in reference to a prowler report. Complainant stated her dog started barking and she looked outside and saw what she believed to be three males trying to climb her fence in front of her house. C/p stated she is concerned because her ex-boyfriend who is in prison sent her a letter stating he met some people in prison that have since gotten out and he was going to send them to kill her because she was not going to be free while he wastes away in prison.

Officer was dispatched to Wendy’s for a subject harassing an employee at work. Complainant stated offender was harassing her while she was on the job and stated it is an ongoing thing and she’s tired offender harassing her.

September 4

Officer were dispatched to The Moose Lodge in reference to a fight. While enroute, 911 advised that it sounded like everyone there was fighting. Several subjects were in the parking lot arguing and attempting to fight. Multiple people had injuries consistent with a fight. While getting the call under control, individuals were loaded and removed by parties on scene before info could be obtained. Parties advised it was a fight between a brother and sister that led to multiple people fighting.

Officer was advised of a call to 911 that a female stated her child’s dad was driving around with the child without a car seat.

Officer spoke with complainant via cell phone in reference to c/p hearing a loud knock at her front door. C/p opened the door and observed a piece of wood at the door but did not see or hear anyone around the residence and does not know who would have thrown the wood at her door.

Officer was dispatched to the courthouse in reference to a custody dispute. Complainant stated her ex had custody of their minor child and per court order, was due to exchange custody but he did not show up.

September 5

Officer was dispatched to 411 McLeod Bridge Road in reference to a dispute. The offender said he and the complainant was arguing with her over something she had said to someone or about someone. The offender was asked to leave for the night.

Officer was flagged down in Zaxby’s parking lot by a male and stated that he was in a relationship with child’s mother but the night before they had an altercation and he no longer wants to be with her but needed to drop the child with her. Mother was located in Zaxby’s and both stated that they were going their separate ways.

Officer responded to Walmart in reference to a shoplifter. The complainant advised the police officer the shoplifter came in and walked out of the store without paying for some items. The complainant said the offender was stopped outside and came back in and paid for the items,

Officer was dispatched to Walmart and upon arrival Walmart employee observed offender at self-checkout not scanning items and placing them in a bag. Total value of the items not paid for was $42.54. The offender was arrest and transported her to Emanuel County jail.

Officer was dispatched to 414 South Main Street in reference to two shoplifters who were actively shoplifting. Complainant trespassed both individuals and stated he wanted to press charges.

September 6

Officer was dispatched to 620 Ben Street in reference to a stolen ATV. Upon arrival officer observed the chain being tampered with and the pad lock was cut and the jack was moved to side of the house. 

Officer was dispatched to Walmart where complainant had more information about a previous shoplifting case that needed to be reported.

Officer was dispatched to Walmart where complaint had observed and unknown black female shoplifting. The defendant was approached, and she grabbed her purse and left the items and fled the store.

Office was dispatched to Walgreens in refence to an employee making treats. 

Officer met with complainant in reference to damage to her vehicle. Someone had run into the vehicle and left damage to the right-side bumper quarter panel and right-side mirror.

Officer was dispatched to 108 West Coleman Street where people were in a loud verbal argument and officer requested more units. Officer spoke with complainant who stated she was walking home from Lucky Street and offender started yelling out at her as she was walking. Defendant caught up to her and pushed her down on the sidewalk and began punching her. Defendant could not be found at the time and a warrant will be issued on offender for simple battery due to complaints injuries.

Officer was dispatched to Walmart in reference to a previously occurred shoplifting where the offender was no longer on scene. An unknown black male was seen stuffing food and men’s clothing into a bag and then pushed the cart out and then abandoned the cart when approached. All items were recovered by Walmart associates and the items came to a total of $205.79.

Officer made a traffic stop to learn the offender was DUI and he was transported to Emanuel County jail.

Officer conducted a traffic stop to find the driver had suspended license and transported to Emanuel County jail.