SPD Reports 8-31-22


Officers with the Swainsboro Police Department (SPD) reported…

August 16

A woman came into Swainsboro Police Department to turn in a wallet that her brother had found. A phone number supposedly belonging to the wallet’s owner was called, but was found out that the woman no longer had that number. Wallet was placed into lost and found, nothing further at this time.

Officer was called to South Main Street by a detective to do a report. Officer made contact with detective and two women. One woman stated that she cleans houses for a living and a man called her to clean a house, she states he sent her a check for $3,950.00. She was told to go cash the check at the bank. When check was taken to the bank, they state that the check along with the counted it was supposedly linked to was not real.

Officer met with complainant at Swainsboro PD in reference to a walk-in report. C/p advised that while trying to maneuver under a sign on South Main Street, their vehicle sustained visible minor damage. Officer reported to said area and did not see any damage to a sign in this area.

Officer was dispatched to South Main Street in reference to a dispute. Complainant reported that her drive thru order came to $10 and some change. After giving the cashier $21, she received less than $1 in change back. Officer spoke to the general manager of this restaurant, manager stated that she took the payment in the amount of $11. Manager stated that after c/p started to argue about the change, she conducted an audit of the drawer, which matched with the sales for the day. C/p was denied a copy of this report and was told to consult the Magistrate Judge for a civil hearing.

Patrol units made contact with both offenders at their residences, both on West MLK, to threats being made. Allegedly a verbal altercation occurred at Mike’s Food Mart, which then led back to the residence. Verbal dispute led to a broken flower pot on one of the women’s front porch and allegedly someone was threatened with a hammer as well. Both parties were arrested for disorderly conduct and transported to Em. Co. Jail. Both parties were released on citation with approval from the chief due to cooperation.

Officer was dispatched in reference to a wanted person. Officer observed that offender was sitting on the porch of a house on Rentz Street. Offender had active probation and criminal warrants for his arrest. offender was then taken into custody and was taken to Em. Co. Jail.

August 17

Officer was patrolling area of Thigpen Drive and noticed a vehicle failing to stay in their own lane of traffic. Officer initiated a traffic stop and the tag was called out to 911. Both the officer and the detective assisting knew of the name of the offender due to past illegal drug possession charges. K9 was brought onto scene and alerted at the driver side door of offender’s vehicle. Detective located methamphetamine inside the vehicle. Offender was placed under arrest for possession of methamphetamine, possession of drug related object, possession of controlled substance, and failure to maintain lane.

Officer was in patrol in the area of South Main Street. He pulled into the Enmarket parking lot, and when leaving the store, a vehicle was seen parked at a gas pump with air condensing in the windows. Officer observed a woman asleep in the passenger seat. Car was reported to have been there for a while. Officer pulled behind the car to check on the passenger, and saw a woman in the driver’s seat slumped over the center console. Neither of the women would wake up when the officer knocked on the window if the car, until the dog in the backseat began to bark. The passenger awoke and then began so shake the driver to wake her up as well. They stated that they were tired and decided to pull in to rest. They were coming from the beach in Brunswick and were headed to their homes in Alma. Driver could not keep her head up or her eyes open, officer could not smell any alcohol on them, but felt the driver was impaired. She stated that she had taken a Percocet 10 a couple hours prior. After another officer arrived on the scene, the women were asked to exit the vehicle. The driver’s feet were very unsteady, and she was asked if they were any illegal narcotics in the vehicle. The offender said that there shouldn’t be anything in there. Driver then gave consent for a vehicle search. During the search, a few razor blades, some syringes, a couple marijuana roaches, a bag filled with a few prescription medications, one which was covered in white powder were found. After being asked what the white powder was, the women stated that they didn’t know and were placed under arrest. The white powder tested positive for Fentanyl, but when asked, the driver stated that she thought it was heroin. Officers started to feel weird after possibly injecting Fentanyl, and dispatched EMS to check on them. After observing that the driver was slumped in the back of the patrol car, she was taken to Emanuel Medical Center. Officer was advised to go home and decontaminate.

Officer was dispatched to Enmarket in reference to shoplifting. The employee working at this time stated that she was reviewing footage of someone possibly taking a lighter. While viewing the footage, a man placing a hat under his shirt without paying was also seen. She advised that a white female had entered the store with the alleged shoplifter, and white she was at the register he committed the act. The officer ran the plate number of these individual’s vehicle and called the number connected to it. The man who answered stated that is daughter had his truck on this day. The daughter stated that she gave her friend and his girlfriend a ride to Enmarket and that they both went inside while she waited in the truck. Offender was contacted, and agreed to turn himself in.

Officer was dispatched to Swainsboro PD in reference to a report. Upon arrival, the officer spoke with a woman stating that she failed a license plate to her daughter in Alpharetta, GA on August 5th, 2022, through UPS. Woman advised that she sent it two-day shipping, and checked on August 9th and it was in Roswell, GA. She stated that the package had not been found and the last place it had been scanned was Roswell. She was advised to report to the Swainsboro PD if she found anything else out.

Officer was dispatched to South Green Street in reference to a report. Upon arrival, officer spoke to a woman stating that she was informed that damage was made to one of the state vehicles. It was discovered the damage was done by several dogs.

Officer was dispatcher to West MLK Blvd. in reference to a physical altercation. Officer greeted victim upon arrival, who stated that she had pulled up to her house with a friend who was a witness. After pulling in, her neighbor came around the truck to the passenger side and punched her in the face. There were no visible marks on her face. The two women were involved in conflict days prior and were both taken into custody. The victim stated that she just wanted the offender to leave her alone, and also wanted to press charges. A warrant for simple battery will be taken upon the offender.

Officer was dispatched by 911 to Walmart where he spoke with a lost and theft employee who stated the offender was skip scanning items and proceeded to leave without paying for them. The total amount that was not scanned was $98.49. All items were recovered.

Officer observed a vehicle in the roadway on New St. and as he turned onto New St., the vehicle was leaving. Officer then turned around initiated a traffic stop. Officer approached the vehicle and asked the driver for her license and explained why she was being stopped. Officer could smell a strong odor of alcohol coming from within the vehicle and called for back-up. Officer asked offended to step out of the vehicle and asked how much alcohol she had consumed and she stated one. Offender agreed to take a field sobriety and failed. Offender also gave consent to a breath test and failed. Offender was transported to SPD and gave two breath samples and due to the second one being less than the limit, it was agreed that offender did not commit a less safe act in officer’s presence and she was released.

Officer was dispatched to WalMart in reference to a shoplifter. Offender shoplifted several items by not scanning them and taking them past the last point of sale. The total was $174.21. Offender stated some of them items did not scan and the register stated to wait for assistance and then the message went away and she thought it scanned them. Offender was told to have someone pick up her two small children and she called her mother and father. After about a 45 minute wait, they finally arrived to get the children in which they have custody of. Offender was driving with suspended license for failure to appear. During a search of the vehicle, marijuana and meth were found.

August 18

Officer was dispatched to Dairy Queen for a person acting funny in the drive-thru. While talking to the driver, officer noticed she was moving all over the place and continued to move her arms back and forth as if she was dancing in the vehicle. Officer looked over at the passenger who was hunched over in the seat wearing shades and had his hat pulled way down looking down. After noticing the odd behavior of the two in the vehicle, officer approached his partners and advised them of his findings. K9 Unit was requested and detected something. Inside a clear bag, powder like substance was discovered.

Officer ran the tag and learned that the registered owner had suspended license and was able to verify that the driver was the actual owner of the vehicle. When the vehicle pulled out of the store parking lot, officer conducted a traffic stop. Offender advised officer that she paid her fines online the night prior. As officer was speaking with offender, he could smell alcohol coming from her person and asked how much she had consumed and she stated none. Offender performed a field sobriety test and gave a breath sample and she was positive for alcohol. Offender was transported to EmCo Jail for suspended license and DUI.

August 19

Officer was dispatched to SPD in reference to a complainant stating she used her food stamp card and noticed that after she left the store, it was used again. C/p called the store and was told that offender gave them her card number to use. C/p does not know how offender had her card number.

Officer was dispatched to SPD I reference to complainant stating her food stamp card was used at Harvey’s for $2494.64 and advised she believes offender used it because she had already done it before. C/p stated she confronted offender and she told her that she would say she paid her to use her card.

Officer responded to New St. for a window being busted. Complainant stated she took her kids to school and saw her front windshield cracked with a small area that had been busted causing glass to be on top of the dash.

Officer was dispatched to S. Main St. in reference to stolen property. Complainant reported that she allowed offender to borrow her vehicle to get food and offender was arrested for DUI near Oak park and the vehicle was towed but she did not know where the vehicle was located. C/p stated she did not authorize offender to take it anywhere except to get food. C/p also stated offender took her cell phone.

Officer was dispatched to Rodeway Inn in reference to a welfare check. 911 advised that victim was possibly being held against her will with an individual with a firearm. Officers were advised what room victim was in and after several moments, a male subject finally opened the door. Officer asked the male subject if anyone else was in the room and he stated no, but after speaking with him for several moments, they heard a female’s voice in the bathroom. Victim reported that offender began sending her messages claiming that the loved her and sent pictures of a firearm. Victim is afraid of offender and believes he is not in his right mind and witness allowed her to stay with him for protection.

Officer was dispatched to kind Cir. Dr. in reference to damage to property. Complainant stated his ex-girlfriend moved out and damaged his property.

Officers were dispatched to W. Church St. in reference to a neighbor shooting at the caller.

Officers were dispatched to KT’s in reference to female caller being jumped on by her husband. Offender has active warrants for his arrest through probation. Perimeter was set up to catch offender and offender called in a fake 911 call to force officers to break the perimeter. His phone was pinging in the area of his aunt’s home but she refused to allow them to search.

Officer responded to N. Anderson Dr. for blood being in the hallway. Complainant stated she was walking down the hallway when she saw the blood. The blood was tracked to a room where vim stated he fell outside. Officers asked if someone hit him and he stated they could have but he wasn’t sure. Victim stated he fell on the floor by his door but officer could not find anywhere victim hit his face on anything. Victim was transported by EMS to EMC for a deep cut on his face.

August 20

Officer saw an older man using a walker drop a glass bottle in the road and got out to help him and observed offender coming down the road. Officer asked offender if he had anything on him and he dropped his head and stated yes. A part of offender’s probation is he has a 4th amendment waiver that allows law enforcement to get out with him an search him. Offender had a glass pipe on him. Offender then began to assault officers and obstruct as he was being detained.

Officer was dispatched to WalMart in reference to a theft by shoplifting. Offender failed to pay for $113.44 worth of various items but paid for $135.15 worth of items, and bagged the ones that weren’t scanned and proceeded to exit the store.

Officers were dispatched to Rainbow Ridge in reference to complainant stating she and her child’s father had a fight and she was scratched up. C/p stated offender tore up her property and left.

Officers were dispatched to Gloria St. in reference to damage to a vehicle.

Complainant stated he was fussing with offender when she cut all four tires on his vehicle.

August 21

Officers were dispatched to N. Racetrack St. in reference to male subjects with guns and they looked like they were going to use them. One suspect stuck his hands in the air and when officer attempted to pat his waist, he took off and shoved his hand in the satchel he was carrying. No further contact was made with offender.

Officer was dispatched to McLeod Bridge Rd. in reference to a domestic dispute. Offender had left and complainant stated her husband hit her in the face with a closed fist and took off in her vehicle. C/p advised she is tired of it and wanted to press charges.

Officer was dispatched to WalMart in reference to shoplifting. Offender was scanning some items and then would skip scan other items. The total amount of skipped items was $201.17.

Officer was dispatched to Youngblood St in reference toa criminal trespass and theft by taking. Complainant reported she was out of state for several days, leaving her daughters at home, and her daughters left to pi ck her up from the airport in Augusta and when they returned home, they observed damage and missing items. The carport door was damaged, the interior door know was in the floor, and the exterior door knob and deadbolt was hanging loose, but no pry marks were visible.

Officer responded to Alice Cir. in reference to the caller stating someone shot the window and she had the bullet. Complainant showed officer the window and he observed a hole in it. Officer also observed a .45 bullet laying on the window seal.

Officer observed a vehicle with a headlight out and performed a traffic stop. Offender advised he didn’t realize his headlight was out but noticed it was dim. Officer then asked offender for his license and he provided them. Officer observed a female in the passenger side whom he knew well from previous encounters and was aware she had active warrants for her arrest through Toombs Co. Officer ran the tag display and found the driver also had an active warrant for his arrest through Emanuel Co. During a search of the vehicle, a loaded syringe and clear bag containing a crystal-like substance was located. Both were arrested for possession of meth.

August 22

Officer went to Roadway Inn and spoke with complainant who advised he did not want offender back on his property.

Officer observed a vehicle with no tag lights and initiated a traffic stop. Officer approached the vehicle and asked for the driver’s license and he stated he didn’t have them on him at the time. Officer then recognized the driver and he gave name and DOB and they returned suspended due to failure to appear. Offender was transported to EmCo Jail.

Officer observed a vehicle parked on the side of the road and when he approached it, the vehicle was unoccupied with all doors locked. Officer then ran the tag to find it had no valid insurance. Officer contacted the owner and she stated it was left due to no brakes and she was advised it would be towed due to not having any insurance.

August 23

Officer observed a vehicle without a tag light and brake light, so he initiated a traffic stop. Officer approached the driver and asked for his li cense and he stated he did not have them on him so officer asked for his name and DOB. It was determined that the driver’s license is suspended. Det. advised that there was an unrestrained child in the rear floor board asleep. Offender was transported to EmCo Jail.