SPD Reports 8-17-22


Officers with the Swainsboro Police Department (SPD) reported…

August 6

Officer observed a vehicle traveling 50 MPH in a 35 MPH zone, at which time he initiated a traffic stop. Offender accelerated a couple times before stopping and took off running. Offender was spotted in a wooded area and detained. It was found that offender had suspended license.

Officer observed a male standing in front of the Flea Market who was known to have outstanding probation warrants for his arrest. Offender was detained and transported to EmCo Jail.

Officer responded to Lakewood Dr. in reference to a report of dogs at large.

Officer responded to S. Main St. for a lost card.

Officer made a traffic stop for a speeding vehicle to find the driver’s license are suspended.

Officer observed a female walking in the center turn lane and stopped to make sure she was okay. Offender stated she was fine and was told she couldn’t walk in the turn lane and she told the officer to give her a ticket and leave her alone, then started cussing and yelling. Upon being transported to EmCo jail, offender was kicking and headbutting the cage. Once at the jail, offender cussed at officers and jailers and was trying to pull away and she had to be placed in a restraint chair due to being belligerent and combative and threatening staff and officers.

Officer met with complainant at the SPD in reference to an incident that occurred on Anderson St. C/p stated she was playing the machines at Lucky Spot when offender entered the store and requested to speak with her and she told offender that she was busy but offender insisted they speak. C/p stated offender became angry and told her she would blow her head off and reached inside her purse before two witnesses separated the dispute.

Officer made contact with complainant who stated he was on William St. playing cards and someone stole his medicine out of his vehicle.

August 7

Officer observed a male subject at The Sunset Inn yelling and cursing loudly and he walked over to the officer and told him that the hotel owner would not let him in his room where his belongings were. The room was not in offender’s name.

Office made contact with complainant in reference to a theft report at The Roadway Inn.

Officer was dispatched to Center St. in reference to a domestic dispute.

Officer responded to the area of Gumlog Rd. in reference to two car loads of people and some people walking arguing and about to get in a fight. 911 advised that there was a crowed of males and females in the area of Racetrack St. that were about to fight and that guns had been reported to be involved.

August 8

Officer took a walk-in report where complainant stated she had been scammed through Facebook by buying three $100 Apple gift cards in exchange for money.

Complainant stated she went to Murphy’s to get gas and when she returned to her vehicle, she noticed $180 was missing.

Officer responded to WalMart in reference to a shoplifter.

Officer responded to W. Main St. in reference to unwanted subjects and a possible domestic dispute.

August 9

Officer was dispatched to Lewis St. for a report about damages being done to complainant’s AC unit.

Officer was dispatched to The Wash Station in reference to vandalism.

August 10

Officer was dispatched to Anderson Dr. in reference to an improperly parked vehicle.

Officer responded to Pierce Ave. for someone getting hit in the face.

Officer was dispatched to the area of Coleman St. and William St. in reference to graffiti being spray painted on the surface of the road.
Officer met with complainant at SPD in reference to financial transaction card fraud.

Officer responded to Anderson Dr. for a female calling and saying someone hit her.

August 11

Officers were dispatched to Enmarket for a subject who was criminally trespassed but was at the location.

Officers were dispatched back to Enmarket in reference to a person on the premises who had been criminally trespassed.

Officer met with complainant who stated she is being talked about and her name and character slandered on Facebook by offenders.

Officer was dispatched to Enmarket in reference to a theft by shoplifting.

Officer was dispatched to N. Main St. in reference to an unwanted female at the residence beating on the door with a baseball bat.

Officer responded to Sunoco in reference to an unwanted person who is an ex-employee that would not return the store keys.

Officer responded to Wrens St. in reference to a welfare check.