SPD Reports 8-10-22


Officers with the Swainsboro Police Department (SPD) reported…

July 25

Officer noticed the operator of a scooter did not have a helmet on, but noticed it was sitting on the floorboard of the scooter, at which time he initiated at traffic stop. The scooter pulled up to a gas pump and didn’t acknowledge the officer, and started walking towards the store. Officer exited his vehicle and advised offender to come back to the scooter. Once he was back, officer could smell a strong odor of green marijuana. Officer asked the driver for his license and he stated he did not have a license. Officer then asked for his name and DOB and at first, offender wasn’t wanting to give him the info. Officer asked what size the scooter was and he stated he did not know, that he was borrowing it. As officer was looking for the size of the scooter, he could still smell the strong odor of green marijuana. Once obtaining the information, he went back to his patrol unit to run offender’s info and request backup. Upon checking offender’s info, he found that his license was suspended. Once backup arrived, officer informed officer that he felt like once offender was told he was going to be placed under arrest that he was going to attempt to run. When officer approached offender, he began to explain that his license was suspended and offender asked if her was in trouble and officer advise that he was under arrest and offender took off running. Officers then gave chase. Officer heard backup officer give strong verbal commands for offender to get on the ground, and witnessed officer take offender to the ground. Offender was handcuffed and officer was able to still smell the odor of green marijuana on his person, but nothing was found. SPD K-9 unit searched the area where offender ran and jumped a fence and found a clear bag containing a large amount of green leafy substance laying just off the path that offender was running. Another bag was found about 20 feet from where the bigger bag was found.

July 28

Officer was dispatched to Lincoln St. in reference to a welfare check. Complainant reported that he lives in NC and his children live with their mother the mother’s boyfriend was beating the children with electrical cords. Officers observed that the address was an abandoned, burned down house. After speaking with neighbors, it was reported that the mother lived at a different address on Lincoln St. Officer made contact with the mother who advised she and c/p are married but have been separated for several years and c/p desires to reunite with her. The mother stated the children have a history of elaborating stories and making false statements to their father because they do see him very often. Officer asked to produce the children for visual inspection and she consented and allowed officer to enter the residence. A visual was done on all four children and no marks or signs of physical abuse were observed. Several attempts were made to contact c/p via the phone number he provided but no contact was made. Officer left a voicemail.

Officer was dispatched to Old Nunez Rd. in reference to a possible drive-by shooting. 911 advised the offenders were in a small sedan traveling south. Upon officers’ arrival, he observed witnesses in the front yard and asked if they heard gunshots and they both stated they observed three males standing near the corner of Old Nunez Rd. and Harrington ST. when a silver car pulled alongside and opened fire, then sped away towards the bypass. Officer immediately notified other units to be on the lookout. The car was located and a traffic stop was performed at Westside One Stop. Witnesses stated three males ran through his yard and gave descriptions, all early to mid-teen in age. Officer recalled prior dispatches to Sycamore St. with individuals matching the given descriptions. Officers knocked on the door at a residence on Sycamore St. and the individual that answered the door matching one of the descriptions was soaked with seat. The individual reported he had been inside but when asked why he was soaked in sweat and was being pressed for information, he finally admitted he was walking in the area but did not have any knowledge of the other two victims.

Officer responded to Roadway Inn in reference to a customer that lunched out the window to his hotel room. Complainant stated someone walked by and broke his window. After a brief investigation, it was revealed that the window was broken from the inside. Offender was placed under arrest for disorderly conduct.

Officer responded to Williams St. for an unwanted person. Four males were under a shade tree beside the house and officer asked offender to talk to him to see why he was at the house. Officer then asked if he could pat offender down for weapons and he stated yes. Officer was looking around where the males were standing and saw a bag with a powder net to a rock. Offender was searched and found two small blue bags with a small amount of powder inside.

July 29

Officer was dispatched to Market St. in reference to damage to a vehicle. Complainant sated she has been having ongoing issues with a female who believes she is sleeping with her boyfriend/baby daddy. C/p stated she is only friends and co-worker with the female’s boyfriend/baby daddy and nothing more, and this isn’t the first time offender has expressed the friendship being more with accusations of sexual relations. Officer observed c/p’s vehicle with a back windshield busted with a rock, three flat tires, the trunk and back bumper keyed, and the tag damaged and covering the rearview camera.

Officer was dispatched to New St. in reference to complainant wanted to make a report of someone damaging his vehicle.

Officer was dispatched to Swainsboro Apts. in reference to a maintenance issue. Complainant stated she has made the proper request to get maintenance on her upstairs toilet that is overflowing but has yet to get any services by the complex, and apparently the landlord has her blocked.

Officer noticed the front windshield of a vehicle cracked in the view of the driver, and initiated a traffic stop. As officer approached the river, he noticed he was extremely nervous, and called K-9 for an open-air sniff. Officer asked offender for his license and he stated he did not have them on him. Officer then asked for his name and DOB and asked him to step out of the vehicle. Offender was asked why he had a TN tag but GA license and he stated the car belonged to a friend. During the search, two blunts and a grinder were found. Offender was advised he was under arrest for possession of marijuana and drug related objects and transported to EmCo Jail.

Officer was dispatched to MLK Jr. Blvd. in reference to complainant stating dogs were in her yard trying to kill her cats.

July 30

Officer heard four loud bangs that sounded like gunshots coming from Lucky St. He then advised 911 and other units and began riding the area. Officer spoke with a few people who were sitting on their porch who stated they heard them also.

Officer spoke with complainant who stated he hit a deer on Kite Hwy.

Officers were dispatched to Swainsboro Supply due to someone who shoplifted. The suspect left in a truck and the tag display was given. Upon running the tag, it was found that the registration was suspended and had no insurance. The registration came back to a subject from Cobbtown. Employees stated that two males entered the store and began wondering around. One of the male subjects asked for the store Wi-fi password and was asked why he needed it and he stated he didn’t have any cash on him and needed to use Cashapp to pay for what he may buy. They would not give out the password and employees started noticing something was not right with the two guys. The two males were in the store about an hour and an employee knew one of the males put something in his pocket and walked out without paying. An employee walked outside and confronted the subject in the parking lot and told him to hand him what he put in his pocket. The male subject handed him two packs of AA lithium batteries and was told to never return to the store. As the employee was walking back to the store, another employee came out and stated the other guy stole a rechargeable flashlight and by this time, they male subjects were getting in the truck. When employees tried to stop them, they shut the door and took off.

Officer responded to New St. in reference to an argument with a fight.

Officer was dispatched to Shepard Dr. in reference to someone that had broken into the caller’s home while she wasn’t home.

Officer observed a female standing by a car with a bag that contained a green leafy substance suspected to be marijuana. Officer stopped and got out of his units and the female immediately put her hand down by her side and was obviously hiding something. Officer asked what was in her hand and she said “my smoke”. Officer could smell an odor of marijuana and told her to show it to him and she handed the clear bag to him. Offender was placed under arrest and transported t EmCo Jail.

Officers were dispatched to McLeod Dr. in reference to a guest that refused to leave and was causing a scene.

July 31

Officer observed a vehicle traveling 50 MPH in a 35 MPH zone and swerving in and out of the proper lane, at which time he initiated his emergency equipment to conduct a traffic stop. He turned around to catch up with the vehicle and was traveling 63 MPH before the vehicle came to a stop. Officer approached the vehicle and could immediately smell the odor of alcoholic beverage. The driver of the vehicle stated he did not have a license, but had an expired passport. Offender was not successful in completing any of the field sobriety test, and was placed under arrested for DUI.

August 1

Officer noticed a vehicle that did not have a working tag light, at which time she initiated a traffic. Officer approached the vehicle and explained the reason for the stop and asked offender for her license. Upon running the driver’s license, it was found that they are suspended. Offender was placed under arrest and transported to EmCo Jail.