SPD Reports 6-15-22


Officers with the Swainsboro Police Department (SPD) reported…

May 28

Victim reported an aggravated assault with a gun. She stated the offender didn’t like her because she was talking to a boy the offender liked, so she pulled a gun on her. After the victim got out of the vehicle, the offender turned the gun over to her friend, and started fighting. The victim stated she was also getting kicked by the friend while fighting. The fight was recorded and turned into the officers.

June 2

A report of a stolen firearm was made. The complainant stated he let his cousin borrow his gun, and it was stolen from her car when she was in the store.

A report was made of a male breaking the glass window out of another male’s truck. The offender was mad at the passenger for breaking up with him.

June 3

Officers performed a traffic stop due to a vehicle having a suspended registration. It was also discovered the driver’s license was suspended. He wasn’t aware either were suspended, so he was let off with a warning for the license, and a citation for the registration.

Officers were dispatched in reference to shoplifting. The store manager stated the offender has done this before, and he stole enough for a felony charge. The manager and the officers banned the offender from all Walmart stores for 10 years.

A report was made of a lost wallet at Dollar General.

A report was made of a dispute at Dollar General. The complainant stated the offender grabbed her by the neck and arm. She didn’t press charges she just wanted him trespassed from the property.

Officers received a call from a citizen stating she couldn’t breathe. Officers arrived and the caller stated she has COPD and it was hard to talk, and her phone had died while on the phone with the dispatch. She refused treatment from an EMS.

June 4

Officers responded to a report of a structure fire. When on the scene, the complainant stated she was coming to get her belongings when the offender grabbed her by the neck. The offender stated that he didn’t put his hand on her. The officer checked both parties and found marks on both of their bodies.

Officers were contacted due to a female sending threatening messages to the complainant. The threat included pictures of knives.

Officers responded to a report of a stolen wallet. The complainant stated the person that stole his wallet lived in an apartment building down the road. The offender stated she didn’t take the wallet, and did a lie detector test. There was no evidence saying she did take the wallet, so the officers said they could go into further investigation.

Officers responded to a report of assault. The complainant stated her and her ex-boyfriend got into an argument and he got mad and physical. When she tried to leave, he pulled a gun on her. She got to drive away. To report the altercation.

Officers performed a traffic stop due to a vehicle having a tag light out. When pulled over, the driver also had a suspended license. He was charged with a tag light violation and driving while having a suspended license.

Officers responded to a call referencing child supervision. The mother of the child dropped them off at a male’s house. He stated she didn’t leave formula with him, so he tried calling her for some and she didn’t answer. Officers tried to get in touch with the mother, but the person who answered the phone hung up. The grandmother took the child.

Officers responded to a report of simple battery. The complainant stated her husband met her in a parking lot and got into a physical altercation with her and damaged her car. She had a broken nail and her car did have visible scratches, but no dents. When the officers talked to the offender, he stated he didn’t lay hands on her, but he had a swollen lip. He did state he kicked her car but that was it. He then stated she had some marijuana at his house and did not want it there, and advised officers to take it.

June 5

Officers responded to a report of loud music. The officers arrived on the scene and told the offender to turn the music down. The complainant stated he moved in the house last year and the offender hasn’t been fair with him when it comes to rent, etc. He was told to reach out to a magistrate court for help.

Officers were dispatched to assist officers of Oak Park. The complainant stated her ex-husband came over to spend the night because he needed somewhere to stay overnight, but would not leave afterwards. She also stated he took some items that were jointly owned. They were advised to handle that in court. The offender left the scene.

Officers responded to a report of assault. When on the scene, the complainant stated the offender kicked down her door, took her phone while she was trying to call 911, and grabbed her by the throat. There were visible marks on the complainant. The offender was told to turn himself in, but never did.

Officers responded to the noise of gunshots fired in the area. They found casings but no evidence to who did the shooting.

June 6

A report of identity theft was made. The complainant was filing for unemployment, and found out someone had already filed under her name at the beginning of 2021. The offender even received $1539.45.

A fight was reported between 2 females. The fight started over Snapchat, and was carried over to Church Street. The fight had dispersed by the time the officers arrived.

Officers performed a traffic stop due to a driver not wearing a seatbelt. When pulled over, the officer noticed a small package of marijuana by the driver. She turned it over to the officer, and was given citations due to her being pregnant.

Officers responded to a report of burglary. The complainant stated the offender went into the house of someone that passed away a while back. The offender stated he went to go see the lady but the complainant stated he knew the offender knew she had passed. The offender was impaired and arrested for burglary.

A report of a scratched mirror was made. The complainant has no clue who could’ve done it.

June 7

Officers responded to a report of aggravated assault. The complainant’s father called and stated his daughter was jumped by a group of boys and a gun was pulled out. The offenders stated a gun wasn’t pulled. Both parties made death threats.

Officers responded to a report of disorderly conduct. The complainant stated she woke her son up, and he got up and punched the wall and broke a fan. He refused to explain himself so he was arrested.

A shoplifter was arrested for stealing items totaling $328.75.

A report was made of a stolen wallet from the Splash Pad. The complainant left her wallet in the dressing room and when she returned it was no longer there.

Officers responded to a call of a person collapsing from heroin. The complainant was arrested for interfering with an officer during the process.

June 8

A shoplifter was arrested for stealing 3 packs of gum.