SPD Reports 10-26-2022


Officers with the Swainsboro Police Department (SPD) reported…

October 13

Officer pulled vehicle over for suspended/expired registration. Driver explained that the vehicle was not his and that his license was in his vehicle. Officer could smell a strong odor of alcoholic beverage. Driver consented to a breath test where a 0.09 was registered. After returning to SPD, he blew two samples of 0.08 and 0.079 BRAC. He was not charged with DUI, but was charged with operating an unregistered vehicle and no license on person.

October 14

Officer performed a traffic stop due to a strong odor of marijuana. A vehicle search was conducted where a bag of a leafy substance was found. A handgun was also in the backseat. Driver was arrested for possession and use of drug related objects, drugs- marijuana possession, and firearms: possession during a crime.

Officer and other patrol units made contact with offender at Mew Street in reference to 2 outstanding probation warrants. Offender was arrested and transported to Emanuel County Jail.

Officer responded to South Main Street for shoplifting. While enroute, suspect was spotted getting into a gray van headed to South Main. Vehicle was pulled over and offender confessed to skip scanning the items. Offender was transported to Emanuel County Jail and was charged with theft by shoplifting.

Officers met with c/p on South Main in reference to shoplifting that had already occurred, Offender stated that they had left the store without paying for consumable items adding up to $25.24.

Officer was dispatched to Moreland Ave in reference to threats made over the phone. C/p reported that he has the offender’s vehicle in his shop working on it. C/p reported that offender refuses to pay her bill and has been calling his shop making threatening comments to him and his workers. Offender made gang related threats as well.

Officer conducted a traffic stop for tag obstruction. The vehicle registration had been suspended and had no active insurance. Vehicle was towed and was impounded due to the items inside.

October 15

Officer responded to East Main St for someone threatening the caller. Upon arrival, c/p stated that a male came into the store and was yelling at her. She asked the man to leave and he cussed at her.

Officers were dispatched to South Main St in reference to a stolen bicycle. C/p stated that his bike was stolen after leaving it outside the establishment. He did not know make or model.

Officers were dispatched to S Main St in reference to a bike being stolen. Upon arrival, officers spoke with the victim and the c/p. C/p stated that the victim rode his bike from home back to work after lunch. The suspects stole the bike and replaced it with another one.

Officers were dispatched to North Racetrack St in reference to the caller stating someone had broken her windshield. C/p didn’t know who did it but a leaf rake was observed beside the vehicle with the rubber tip missing. The rubber tip was found inside of the window.

October 16

Officer responded to North Robert Street in reference to a domestic dispute the had already occurred. C/p and offender had gotten into a verbal dispute and then with offender hitting c/p in the face with a closed fist and pushing her into a wall. Offender also threatened to kill her. There were no visible injuries on c/p.

October 17

Officer located a driver’s license while working on an animal collision incident.