SPD Report 5-4-22


Officers with the Swainsboro Police Department (SPD) reported…

April 17

Officers responded to a report of disorderly conduct. The complianant called and stated he and his wife were arguing. When the officers arrived, both of them were intoxicated and stated everything was fine.

April 20

Officers responded to a report of an altercation outside of a local motel. There was pushing and shoving in an aggressive manner. One of the offenders kept yelling at the officer so he was arrested.

April 21

Officers responded to a report of dispute. The dispute was over a relationship, and the offender slammed a door on the complaints hand. The offender had left the scene and returned. When confronted by officers the offender ran. The offender was charged with obstruction to law enforcement officers and possession of marijuana less than an ounce.

A report was made referencing disorderly conduct. The complianant stated the offender owed him money and asked about it, when the offender got irate and started pointing fingers.

A report was made of a man laying in the street. When confronted, the man was heavily intoxicated. He was arrested.

April 22

A damaged vehicle was reported. The owner stated the vehicle would not start, so when she got out

to look around the vehicle, her rear bumper was damaged.

A report of harassing phone calls was made. An employee at a local fast-food restaurant stated he

kept getting threatening phone calls.

Officers were dispatched in reference to a report of harassment at a local bar. The complianant stated

her ex-boyfriend came to the bar because he knew she would be there and took her phone and wouldn’t give it back. He took her phone and put it on top of her vehicle. She stated it wasn’t the first time it had happened. He was arrested.

April 23

A report was made of a dispute. The offender came in for his check-in and was being loud and obnoxious about his screening questions.

April 24

Officers initiated a traffic stop due to a vehicle not having insurance. The vehicle was towed.

A report of a stolen Apple watch was made.

Officer performed a traffic stop due to a vehicle going 67 in a 45. When pulled over, the driver was

noticeably intoxicated and was given a test. He failed the sobriety test and was arrested.

Officer performed a traffic stop due to reckless driving. The driver wasn’t stopping at first but the

officers eventually got him to pull over, and he was arrested.

April 25

Officers responded to a report of a dispute near a local dollar store. The witness stated she heard a

loud verbal argument and saw a male pulling a female down the road by her arm. No bruises or

marks were seen.

Officers responded to a report of a wreck at a stop light. The complianant was rear-ended and carried to the hospital. The officer advised them that they needed a ride home when she was released because her license was suspended.

A report of a damaged vehicle was made at Walmart parking lot. The complianant stated they talked

with the offender, but the damage wasn’t discovered before the offender left.

A report of criminal trespass came in from a local business. The employee stated she locked the

front door when she left the night prior, and when she returned the next morning it was opened.

Nothing was reported missing at this time.

April 26

Officers responded to a report of a dispute at a local fast-food restaurant. A customer stated she saw

an employee take a picture of her debit card, but after reviewing the footage, the statement was

declared false.

Officers arrested a male due to him having warrants for his arrest.

A report of shoplifting was made from a local clothing store. The compliant stated while she was on

break, a couple came into the store and the male started asking a lot of questions about shoe sizes.

While the employee was in the back getting the shoes, the female was grabbing merchandise and

leaving without paying. This occurred three times before they left.

A report of theft by taking was made. The complianant stated that a bench and wrought iron was stolen out of her back yard.

A dispute was reported over the ownership of some items left in a deceased family member’s house.

The party was told to go to a magistrate court.

A dispute was reported at a local grocery store. The complianant stated the offender came into the

store and was cursing at her and sending threats. The offender left the scene before the officers