SPD Report 4-27-22


Officers with the Swainsboro Police Department (SPD) reported…

April 14

Officers responded to a report of theft. A gas station employee reported she seen a man steal the store's totes and drove away.

Officers performed a traffic stop due to a vehicle having a tag light out. When pulled over, the driver was noticeably under the influence. He was given a test and failed.

April 15

Walmart banned an offender for a year due to them shoplifting. They couldn’t press charges because there wasn’t sufficient evidence.

A custody dispute was reported.

A report of a damaged vehicle was made. The owner stated that she thinks she hit a coyote and it tore up the front end of the vehicle.

Officers responded to a report of disorderly conduct at a local restaurant. The offender stated she waited 45 minutes for her order to be done. After she asked about it, the owner stated he would give her a refund if she needed to go. She started fussing stating she didn’t want the money; she wanted the food. She then threatened to shoot him. She was arrested and banned from the establishment.

Emanuel County 911 dispatched officers to a residence in reference to a reported offender, beating on the doors and windows trying to get inside. Upon arrival, contact was made with the offender outside of the residence who told officers it was the complainant that needed to be locked up. The offender was detained until further information could be obtained. Contact was then made with the complainant inside the residence, who explained that she locked the offender out of the home because she did not want him there. Officers then returned to the offender and advised that he was under arrest for disorderly conduct. The offender was then checked for weapons and transported to the Emanuel County Jai.

April 16

A report of a damaged vehicle was made. The owner stated her passenger side door was hit by another vehicle, but she didn’t have the information in the driver.

A report of a damaged vehicle was made. The owner stated another vehicle left a dent in the back passenger door.

Officers responded to a report of shoplifting at Walmart. The offenders were caught taking items without scanning, and when confronted they got angry and threw the items down and walked out the store. When confronted by the officers, they smelled burnt marijuana in the vehicle. When asked what their name was, they both gave fake names. One of the offenders has warrants in 2 different counties. They were both arrested.

April 17

A report of shoplifting was made at Walmart. The Loss Prevention Officer stated that a male went out of the store with a buggy of items he didn’t pay for, and when confronted, threw the buggy and ran. He was with a female in the electronics section and she was putting items in her bag.

Officers responded to a report of a dispute. The complianant stated that a friend’s intoxicated husband refused to leave when asked, and requested a TPO on him.

A report of assault was made. The complianant stated that her husband came into the store, grabbed her by the arm and took her wallet. They were advised to stay separate until things calmed down.

Officers responded to a report of a dispute. The complainant stated her boyfriend refused to give her car back and had a gun in his lap. He didn’t threaten anyone. He left the scene and wasn’t located.

Officers performed a traffic stop due to a vehicle speeding. When pulled over, the driver was intoxicated and he stated he had a bottle in the back. The officer also noticed a marijuana odor from the vehicle. After arresting the offender, the officer found the marijuana.

Officers reviewed footage of a previous case, and couldn’t identify the shoplifter at Walmart due to a facial mask.

April 18

Officers performed a traffic stop due to a vehicle’s registration being suspended. When pulled over, the driver admitted to not having his license, but he was just taking a friend down the road. The officer still had to arrest the driver. Later it was discovered it wasn’t the first time this has happened, it was the third in the last five years.

Officers responded to a report of a dog at large. When on the scene, the complianant stated that this has become an ongoing problem, and does not wish to harm the dog. When confronting the owner about the dog, he threw a can at the dog aggressively, screaming get inside now. He was arrested for cruelty to animals and dog at large.

A report of a damaged vehicle was made. The driver stated their passenger side window was struck by a rock while someone was weed eating.

April 19

Emanuel County 911 dispatched officers to Walmart in reference to a shoplifting report. Upon arrival, officer was informed that three male subjects made separate visits to the shopping center on different days but were all using the same receipt. The complainant explained that offender one was seen with several items in the sporting goods department on April 17. It was further advised that offender one paid for some of the items, but that one voided item and a pair of boots offender one had taken after checking out are still not accounted for. Details were also given on offender two and offender three that visited the store at separate times on April 19. Details and supporting evidence given included offender two presenting offender one’s receipt to the door host after entering the store and gathering the same listed items and leaving without paying. The receipt was left with the store host. Offender three arrived at the supercenter approximately three hours later in the same vehicle offender two had left in. Offender three attempted to return items from the other two involved offenders and used a phone to show a picture of the receipt. The receipt presented was found to be the same receipt used by the other two offenders.

Officers responded to a report of robbery. The complianant stated that two men came to his house and asked if he could exchange two $5 dollar bills for a $10 bill. When in the exchange, the men took the wallet and ran off.

Officers were dispatched to the area of New Street and Hopkins Street in reference to a reported battery. Contact was made with victim, who gave the location and details on the assault that took place. Contact was attempted to be made with the alleged offender but was unsuccessful at that time.