SPD: January 19, 2022


Officers with the Swainsboro Police Department (SPD) reported…

January 11

Officer was dispatched to The Lucky Spot parking lot in reference to a vehicle that had an expired registration and no insurance. Vehicle was towed.

While on patrol, an officer ran the tag of a vehicle that was leaving Raco Gas Station. The vehicle came back with no valid insurance. The vehicle was towed.

Officer was dispatched to Swainsboro Wal-Mart in reference to theft by taking. Upon arrival the complainant reported that an employee had been documented stealing items from the store on multiple occasions, from September to December, resulting in a total of $2,143.54 worth of merchandise stolen. The offender was escorted out of the store and transferred to the Emanuel County Jail for booking.

Officer responded to Swainsboro Walmart in reference to a theft by taking. Upon arrival, the officer made contact with the complainant who stated that he observed the offender attempt to leave with $225.63 worth of unpaid merchandise. A total amount of $286.41 worth of merchandise was collected with only $62.58 paid. The offender was placed under arrest and transported to the Emanuel County Jail.

An officer met with an individual at Swainsboro Walmart who found a Queensborough debit card in the parking lot of the store.

An officer responded to a residence on Pine Street in reference to a report of a missing 24 year old male who had last been seen at Dollar General. While on the way to the location, 911 advised that the male had been located at The First Baptist Church and was highly upset. When the officer made contact with the male, the suspect began making unusual statements that led the officer to believe that he had an altered mental status possibly caused by narcotics or mental illness. The suspect informed the officer that he was not on medication or drugs and had no thoughts of harming himself. The officer tried talking with the suspect but he began walking away. The officer then asked the suspect to stop, which he did but then balled his fist up around a hoodie that he had in his hand. When the officer tried to take the hoodie, the suspect snatched it from the officer and ran away yelling, “You just want this power!” The officer then took the suspect to the ground which led to another officer grabbing the suspects arms in order to try and detain him. After being cuffed the suspect continued to try to fight the officers, kicking one officer in the ribs with his left foot three times. While the second officer went to his patrol car to get a pair of shackles for the suspect, the suspect attempted to grab multiple items off of the second officer's duty belt which resulted in the removal of one of the magazines from its pouch. After placing the suspect under arrest, the two officers took the suspect to a patrol car that the suspect refused to get into. While officers were trying to get the suspect into the back of the car, the suspect pushed away from it with his feet and fell face first into the pavement, busting his chin. After getting the suspect into the car, EMS was dispatched and met the offender and the officer’s at the Emanuel County Jail. The offender refused to walk into the jail and was carried inside by other officers and deputies. Due to his noncompliance, he was placed in the detainment chair. He was booked on obstruction charges and is currently being held for warrants. He received stitches for his busted chin.

An officer was dispatched to Walmart regarding a domestic dispute between two employees. Upon arrival the officer met with the victim who stated that a male employee had been threatening her. Claiming that he was going to attack her when she left work. The male employee had been under review by the store for earlier complaints and when he came into work he was taken to the back of the store where it was explained to him that he could not return until the investigation was over. Another employee witnessed the suspect make the threats and confirmed that the victim had been telling the truth. The suspect was gone on arrival of the officers.

An officer made a traffic stop of a vehicle on West Pine Street due to the driver going the wrong way on a one way street. The vehicle had no insurance and the registration had expired in May of 2021. When the officer made contact with the driver's side window the driver threw his hands in the air and stated “Do what you gotta do!” The officers noticed that the driver's speech was slurred, his eyes were glossy and the strong smell of alcohol was coming from his breath. The officer explained to him of the findings of the insurance and the registration. The officer then asked the driver for his license and registration in which the driver fumbled through his wallet looking for but ultimately did not have. The officer then gave the driver a sobriety test by taking a breathalyzer exam. The suspect refused to take the sobriety test and was placed under arrest. The suspect was booked with multiple citations.

An officer was dispatched to Zaxby’s regarding a dispute. Upon arrival, the officer met with the complainant who is an employee of the restaurant. She stated that while at work she was met by her boyfriend whom she lives with, and he stated that things weren’t working out between the two. He told her that she needed to pack her belongings and move back to Florida. A verbal dispute then ensued between the two. The male refused to give the complainant her car keys and cell phone and left the location in her vehicle. The officer gave the victim a courtesy ride to her home to see if the suspect was there with her belongings but he was not. She was then transported back to Zaxby’s.

An officer was dispatched to Swainsboro Middle School in reference to a break in. When the officer arrived he observed a door that had been pried open on a shed behind the school. Upon closer inspection he noted that items appeared to have been strewn throughout the building and a window was open on 7th grade hall. Contact was made with the school key holder. The school was cleared and no known items were taken.

A report was made in reference to car damage that the victim felt had occurred while she was shopping at Walmart.

An officer was dispatched to a residence on Gumlog Road where he made contact with the victim. The victim stated that while inside his residence he received a call that the back window to his vehicle was busted. Upon closer inspection, the officer noted that it appeared as though an object had been thrown through the back window resulting in the damage but no object was found. Damage to the vehicle was major. No arrests have been made at this time.

An officer was dispatched to a residence on Washington Street in reference to an altercation that had previously occurred. On arrival, units made contact with the victim who stated that she had been jumped by two other females when they came to collect money from her. An officer noted that a bump was observed on the victim's forehead, she had a scratch on the left side of her face and some braids were missing from her hair. No arrests were made but the responding officer explained the warrant process through magistrate court should either party decide to press charges.

A report was made at the Swainsboro Police Department by a male victim who stated that after giving someone a ride, a $35 phone card was stolen from his vehicle.

A traffic stop was made due to there being no visible tag light on the vehicle. When the officer came into contact with the driver, the driver notified him that he believed his license was suspended because of missing child support payments. The license report was run on the vehicle and it came back suspended. The officer asked the offender to step out of the vehicle and he was placed under arrest. The owner of the vehicle was in the passenger side and was able to drive the vehicle home.

A traffic stop was conducted on a vehicle for speeding. When the officer ran the vehicle's tags it was noted that the registration for the vehicle was valid but that the owner of the vehicle had a suspended driver’s license. The driver was taken into custody.

January 12

A traffic stop was made on a vehicle traveling on Washington Street, due to a missing headlight. When the officer ran the tags it was observed that the driver had a suspended driver's license. The driver was placed under arrest and taken into custody.

January 13

An officer was dispatched to Haleigh B’s boutique in downtown Swainsboro in reference to a report of theft. Upon arrival, the officer met with the owner of the store who reported that a white female picked up a necklace and never put the item back. When the officer watched the security footage he observed the female in question pick up the necklace and drop it into her bag. The officer was not able to see her face due to the suspect having her mask on but they do have a name and phone number that was given to the owner of the shop by the suspect who requested a call back once they had restocked an item that was in her size.

A report was made at the Swainsboro Police Department in regard to a stolen item. The victim stated that while he was away from the halfway house, where he is currently living, someone broke into his room and stole a bluetooth speaker. The police have a lead in who stole the speaker but no arrests have been made at this time.

An officer responded to a residence on Gloria Street in reference to a domestic dispute. Upon arrival the officer observed an adult male and a juvenile boy standing in the yard of the residence. The officer made contact with the subject and the female complainant came to the front door of the residence and began arguing with the male. The officer asked another officer to stay with the male and he walked inside the residence to question the female subject. She told the officer that during an argument the male grabbed her around the neck and shoulders from behind while she was trying to walk away. She further stated that he pushed her down and that their juvenile son came into the hallway and told the suspect to leave his mom alone. At that point the suspect pushed the juvenile down and told him to stay out of it. Neither the juvenile or the victim had any marks on them but it was noted that the male suspect had a scratch on his hand and neck. He also stated that the female was the one who followed him down the hall and began an altercation with him and that he did not push the child down but did put his arm out in front of the child to keep him from getting involved. The female victim's mother witnessed the verbal argument but that she did not witness any physical altercation. No arrests were made and no charges were pressed.

An officer was dispatched to an apartment on Jerome Street, in reference to a female who had broken into the apartment. Upon arrival, the officer met with a female who was standing outside of the apartment and asked her what was going on. The female then stated that the problem was still in the apartment. The officer then knocked on the door of the apartment where he was met by the male resident who called the police. The resident then told the police that the person he was calling about was the woman outside of the apartment that the officer had previously spoken with. The officer then asked the female why she was there and she told him that she was doing a welfare check. When the officer asked her if she broke into the apartment the female became aggressive and was apprehended. The victim then further explained that the female came over and was trying to get into the apartment and when he refused to let her in she forced her way through the door. The officer then asked the victim if he wanted to press charges and in which he responded that he did not because she had kids at home. He just wanted her off the property. No charges were pressed and the suspect was removed from the premises.

An officer stopped a vehicle on North Coleman Street due to the driver not having insurance. The vehicle was towed.

An officer was waved down by an employee of Huddle House who stated that he wanted to file a report. The victim stated that while working someone called the restaurant and threatened to fight him. He said that the male asked to speak with him and when he picked up the phone the guy stated that he was going to cut his sister's tires. The employee told the suspect that if he wanted to come to the restaurant and talk about it that he could but no one showed up. The victim had no leads on who the suspect could be but he wanted to make a report on it in case something happened.

A report was filed at the Swainsboro Police Department of a lost or stolen tag.


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