SPD: 5.24.23


Officers with the Swainsboro Police Department (SPD) reported…

May 11

Officer was dispatched to Enmarket and met with complainant who stated a male subject entered the store and asked for four packs of cigarettes and two packs of cigarillos and scanned one pack of cigarettes and put the other three packs and two packs of cigarillos is his pocket without paying for them. Suspect used his rewards card, so his name showed in the system. Officer searched the name through the cloud cop and found a subject that matched the one in the video.

May 12

Officer met with complainant at SPD in reference to forgery. C/p stated he recently received three letters form two different collection agencies in reference to charges that he was unaware of and did not make. One charge was for $219.54 from Jefferson Capital Collection Agency that represented the Affirm Finance Co. The company confirmed to c/p that the person that opened the account unitized given initials as part of the email address. C/p is unaware of what item was purchased but reported that the incident occurred appx. two years prior. The second incident involved offender signing c/p’s name to a hospital bill at EMC in May 2020 for their son. C/p and offender were divorced at the time.

Officer got info from SPD in reference to a stolen firearm. Victim stated his firearm was stolen from his vehicle on McLeod Bridge Rd. Victim stated he last saw his AR15 in the trunk of his vehicle May 7.

Officer responded to S. Main St. for shoplifting. Offender has shoplifted nine times and went in on this date on took $40.46 by skip scanning.

Officer responded to Thompson Rd. in reference to a report of harassing phone calls. Complainant stated that her ex-boyfriend has been calling and texting her son’s phone ad has been told repeatedly not to contact her or her son. C/p further stated she took out a TPO on offender in 2022 but did not know if it is still active. C/p stated she texted offender from her son’s phone and told him to lose the number and offender thought he was talking to c/p’s son and responded that he missed him and he did not need to tell his mom that he had contacted him. C/p then stated she texted offender form her phone and told him to stop calling and texting her son.

May 13

Officer was dispatched to Hwy 56 North and met with complainant who stated she has been having problems with the neighbor’s children going in her yard. They were seen on camera on the property h ear the pond and c/p stated she is worried that something would happen to them. Officer then went to offender’s house and offender stated the area her children was at was not on c/p’s property. Officer advised offender that they were seen on camera by the pond alone. Officer advised offender to keep her children away from the pond and off the property.

Officer was dispatched to South St. in reference to a damaged vehicle. Complainant advised a tree fell and damaged the vehicle.

Officer observed offender operating a vehicle, knowing she had suspended license. Officer performed a traffic stop and offender was taken into custody and transported to EmCo Jail.

Officer was dispatched to The Star Blazer in reference to an altercation with a gun. Contact was made with complainant who stated offender turned over a table and threatened a subject with a gun. Offender stated he was drunk and turned over a table but didn’t know anything about a gun. Offender was removed from the location and cited with disorderly conduct.

Officer observed a vehicle on Lambs Bridge Rd. traveling 56 MPH in a 35 MPH zone, at which time he initiated a traffic stop. Officer could smell the odor of marijuana coming from the car and noticed there were three or more people in the vehicle. Officer requested back-up and the passengers were asked to step out of the vehicle and they did not comply, at which time more back-up was requested. Once the second back-up officer arrived, all passengers got out of the vehicle. Officer asked the occupants of the vehicle if there was anything in the vehicle they needed to know about and they stated no. One occupant stated there was a handgun in the back seat under the car seat, but it was not his. One officer advised another officer that there were pink pills found in the back seat near the handgun and asked who the back seat passengers were. Officer grabbed one passenger’s arm to place hand cuffs on him and he snatched away and tried to run. Officer was able to grab him and placed him on the ground and he was hand cuffed. Another passenger was asked if he had anything on him and he stated he had weed in his front pocket. Officer found two clear bags of marijuana, a glock 45mm handgun, and a scale in a backpack that was on one of the passengers back. Officer had 911 to run the handgun to find it was stolen. Evidence retrieved was two clear bags of marijuana, 96.09 gr of marijuana, 45mm handgun with a 13 round magazine fully loaded with one in the chamber, $1,479 in cash, 9mm handgun with a 30 round magazine with 22 rounds in it and one in the chamber and 22 pink pills.

Evidence was turned over to detective.

May 14

Officers responded to N. Green St. in reference to a shooting. The possible shooting subjects were no longer on scene and the caller gave a description of two subjects. Officers spoke with complainants who stated one male later identified jumped into a vehicle to flee the scene. The rounds had entered the residence, damaging one side window and putting a hole in the kitchen wall. Officers were informed that multiple shots were fired. Multiple bullet casings were found in the road and pieces of lead form the bullet was found on the ground in front of the residence. While gathering info, c/p noticed offender walking in their backyard and alerted officers. Officers proceeded after offender and when he saw the officers, he started to walk in a faster motion. Offender was asked to stop and was very nervous, reaching in and out of his pockets while walking away and back towards officers. Officers asked offender if he knew anything about the shooting and he stated he was the one being shot at. Offender is wanted out of FL so he was placed in handcuffs. A small baggie of off-white hard rock like substance was found on offender. Offender was taken into custody for possession of crack cocaine.

Officer was dispatched to O’Reilly Auto Parts in reference to shoplifting. Complainant reported that offender was returning several items that he previously purchased for $62.98. C/p stated they laid the money on the counter for offender, at which time he threw $30 on the counter and walked out with them items.

Officer was dispatched to S. Main St. in reference to a male standing by the road. Offender was not observed and 911 advised that offender saw SPD units and stepped inside Domino’s. Officer observed offender standing in front of the building attempting to speak to a car with occupants and officer approached offender and he could smell the distinct odor of alcoholic beverage coming from his person. Offender was slurring and was unsteady on his feet. Offender approached a parked vehicle with a family inside while officers were talking to him. Officer obtained offender’s arm and informed him that he was under arrest for public intoxication. Offender was transported to EmCo Jail. Appx. two hours prior to this incident, 911 advised that a caller dropped offender off at the SPD and left him because he was highly intoxicated and threatening him and his girlfriend. The caller advised offender left the SPD walking south. A search of the area was conducted but offender was not located at that time.

Officer responded to Hopkins St. in reference to a dispute. Complainant/victim stated he wanted offender removed from his residence and told not to go back.

May 15

Officer ran the tag on a vehicle to find it was suspended, at which time he initiated a traffic stop. Offender was asked for her license to find she had an active warrant through Candler Co. Candler Co. was contacted and wanted to place a hold on offender. Offender was transported to EmCo Jail.

Officer was dispatched to SPD in reference to a report where complainant stated he discovered damage to his vehicle. C/p stated the only place he went was to WalMart.

May 16

Officer observed a vehicle without a working headlight, at which time he initiated a traffic stop. As officer was calling the tag in, offender stepped out of his vehicle and was advised several times to go back to his vehicle, but he would not listen. Offender then started yelling at the officer and asking questions about why he was pulled over and that he had already been pulled over about the headlight and that he couldn’t fix it and continued to yell at the officer, so back-up was requested. Officer approached the vehicle and tried to talk to offender, but he would not let officer speak. Offender tried multiple times to talk over the officer as he tried to explain why he stopped him and called for back-up. Officer retrieved offender’s license to find that they have been suspended since 2022. It was confirmed that offender paid his citation but never went to his mandatory court date. Offender was transported to EmCo Jail.

Officer responded to Enmarket in reference to a shoplifting. Complainant showed officer a video of offender entering the store and grabbing a pastry and two fountain drinks and leave without paying.

May 17

Officer was dispatched to Lucky St. in reference to caller advising someone broke into his house and stole items. Complainant stated when he got home, he noticed the screen door was laying on the porch and one of his front doors was open. The front door looked to have been bashed in somehow. The deadbolt was still out and the door frame was damaged. C/p advised that his PS4 was missing, as well as a piggy bank that was sitting beside it. C/p stated some fake jewelry that had his name on it was also taken. As the officer walked through the house, he observed the sofa mattresses were strown across the room and flipped upside down.

Officers responded to W. Main St. in reference to somebody attempting to get into somebody’s residence. Offender stated he did go onto the property and tried to get in the residence, but nobody was home. C/p stated she was sitting in her residence when she heard somebody trying to get inside her back door. Victim stated she thought it was her husband until she looked outside and didn’t see his truck so she looked through the glass door and noticed offender. Offender noticed c/p spotting him and began walking. Offender was taken to EmCo Jail.

Officer responded to Fowler St. in reference to a stolen vehicle. Complainant was able to show officers where the vehicle was located through an app. It showed the vehicle was near Cowboy’s Pub in Statesboro. Officer advised dispatch to notify Statesboro PD and see if an attempt could be made on the vehicle. Shortly after, officer was notified that it was located and unoccupied. Officer notified c/p and advised her that her vehicle was recovered and where it was located.

May 18

Officer ran the tag on a vehicle to find it had no insurance, at which time she made a traffic stop. The driver stated she had proof of insurance and pulled up the app on her phone that showed there was no coverage on the vehicle.

Officer responded to Mary Ann St. in reference to an alarm. Complainant wanted to file a report about an unknown neighbor throwing trash in his yard.

Officer met with complainants at SPD in reference to a forged check. C/p’s reported they mailed a check for $80 and checked on the payment and saw it had been altered to $4,000 and her signature was replaced, and the name of the recipient was changed.

Officer was dispatched to Loblolly Dr. to speak with complainant about an incident that occurred. C/p stated a golf cart occupied by three females struck her neighbor’s car in the yard. C/p reported that after the collision, the three occupants left the area laughing and taking pictures and videos. C/p stated that her neighbors were out of town and provided the name and contact info for them. Officer proceeded to the location and observed the golf cart on scene and the vehicle had sustained damages. The three females were not on scene and the towing company was notified to pick up the golf cart. Prior to the arrival of the tow truck, the owner of the golf cart and the three female occupants arrived on scene. The driver of the golf cart stated she lost control of the golf cart and it struck the vehicle. The owner was allowed to remove the golf cart.

Officer ran the tag on a vehicle to find it had not insurance, at which time he made a traffic stop. The driver stated she had insurance and was advised that the vehicle would be towed. Later on, the officer was called to SPD to talk to the mother and father of the driver. The father showed that the vehicle did have insurance and the officer showed him where it showed the vehicle had no insurance. The father called the insurance company to check, and the officer asked for the VIN to find that the insurance company had the number wrong in the system. The citation was dropped due to the insurance company having the number wrong. The towing company was notified to release the vehicle to the owner.